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    Lessonswith Anita Lutsenko: how to remove the stomach and lose weight

    Losing weight with Anita Lutsenko is a popular complex of fat burning exercises that helps people who want to lose weight to achieve their goal.

    Anita's slimming program is very effective, because thanks to it, some people were able to get rid of 70-80 extra pounds.

    The secrets of losing weight from Anita Lutsenko ^

    Anita Lutsenko is the champion of Ukraine in aerobics and fitness, one of the best fitness trainers of the country.

    Popularity it acquired after the release of the television program called "Weighed and Happy".Now on the Ukrainian television channel is no less popular with the slimming TV program with her participation "Diets of weight loss with Anita Lutsenko."

    This competent trainer helps people who are overweight not only to change their appearance, but also to learn how to lead an active lifestyle in order to return to a normal life track.

    Training with Anita Lutsenko contributes not only to effective weight loss, but also correction of the figure. Fitness instructor believes that a person who has never been involved in sports will find it difficult to pump muscles in a short time.

    The only way to start the process of burning extra pounds - doing morning exercises with Anita Lutsenko. When the body is slightly adapted to physical loads, it is possible to begin to improve it by performing exercises for problem areas.

    Anita Lutsenko argues that performing only one charge is not enough. To achieve the desired result and consolidate it, you need to completely revise the lifestyle, as well as get rid of many habits that prevent weight loss.

    The secrets of successful weight loss from Anita Lutsenko are as follows:

    • It is necessary to control hunger after training. Naturally, after training, each person will experience hunger because of the rapid acceleration of metabolic processes in the body. You need to learn to give up temptation, so that the body begins to work on burning fat deposits.
    • You need to plan your day carefully. It is advisable to eat often, but in small portions, and also do short warm-ups several times a day, without taking into account the basic training.
    • You do not need to constantly look at the scales, but you should buy a centimeter. If the scales show less, this can be due to the loss of muscle tissue, rather than fat, as needed. It is important to control the transformation of its volumes.

    Anita Lutsenko: fat burning exercises for weight loss ^

    Anita Lutsenko: exercises, video training

    Twist gymnastics with Anita Lutsenko

    The complex of twist gymnastics will suit absolutely everything, as it has no contraindications. In translation from English, a twist means "twisting".The method is based on the principle of a spiral, so gymnastics is also called spiral.

    All exercises are built on twists of the spine and other parts of the body. Due to the fact that the muscles find themselves in an unusual position for themselves, their mobility and flexibility are improved. Anita Lutsenko offers the following exercises:

    1. It is necessary to sit on a chair, imagine a square in front of you and draw both hands to the upper corners of the represented square. First you should reach the upper right corner, then smoothly go diagonally to the lower left corner and go up to the upper left corner of the square. Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.
    2. It is necessary to turn the head to the right, then to the left 3 times. At the last turn to the right, you need to stay, look at the ceiling, and then lower your head down, repeat 3 times. Do the same by turning your head in the opposite direction.
    3. You should take the scarf in both hands so that it is parallel to the floor. It is necessary through the top to hold your hands with a scarf back and return your hands to their original position. Then you need to take the scarf diagonally and again try to hold it through the top and put your hands back down. Run for 10 repetitions.
    4. Put your right foot forward and unfold your arms first to the right, then to the left. Then turn to the right and bend down, rounding your back, and then slightly bend back. Repeat the same in the opposite direction. Run for 5 repetitions.
    5. It is necessary to put the feet on the width of the shoulders, hands to lower them and slowly with the body to take the palms to the right, then to the left. Then you need to describe the figure eight before yourself.

    Fitness with Anita Lutsenko: morning charge

    Charging, which is recommended daily, consists of the following exercises:

    1. Warm up. Before performing any physical exercises, it is necessary to warm up the muscles: to stretch forth your arms and alternately make them flies, lifting the opposite leg.
    2. "Jumping over".It is necessary to jump from one foot to the other, bending, for example, the right one in the knee, while the left one is set aside and vice versa.
    3. The legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders and reach out to the floor. Then you should jump, align, and then clasp your legs with your hands and close your hands over your knees.
    4. With dumbbells in your hands, you need to do sit-ups, straightening your arms up. The number of repetitions is 10.
    5. Having taken the emphasis lying with the dumbbells, one must turn out the right one and the left hand in turn.
    6. You need to put your feet together and relax your torso. Do swings back, pulling your legs alternately parallel to the floor.
    7. Should lie on the floor, the left leg straighten, and the right bend in the knee. Holding the dumbbell in your right hand, you need to bring it up, raise the body and stay a couple of seconds in this position. Do 10 repetitions.
    8. Perform 10 jumps in length.
    9. 5 minutes to jump on the rope.
    10. Return to 7 points and do 10 repetitions of the exercise, bending the left leg in the knee and lifting up the right arm.

    Losing weight with Anita Lutsenko for flat stomach

    Many women who are engaged in the process of restoring a figure after birth are interested in how to get rid of excess fat deposits in the abdominal area. Anita Lutsenko offers three simple exercises for a flat stomach:

    1. You need to get straight, put your hands at the abdominal level with the palms down. You need to start running in place for a minute, throwing your knees forward so that they touch your palms.
    2. From this position, you have to raise your straight leg up and move it to the side. Make 20 flops each leg.
    3. You need to bend your legs slightly and put your hands on your knees. After a deep breath through your nose you need to hold your breath and draw in your stomach, then exhale through your mouth. The number of repetitions is 10.

    To achieve the desired result, you can find a lot of videos from Anita Lutsenko for training different muscle groups. It is important to listen carefully to her explanations in order to perform each exercise correctly.

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    Reviews and real stories about losing weight with Anita Lutsenko ^

    Reviews about exercises from Anita Lutsenko only positive. Thanks to its complexes for weight loss, thousands of men and women were able to get rid of extra pounds and adjust their figure. Here are some responses from our regular readers:

    Maria, 27 years old:

    "After the birth, I did not get much better, but many folds appeared on my stomach. Once I watched the program "Everything is good" and drew attention to a set of exercises for a flat stomach. Decided to try. I did this complex twice a day for a month. During this time, my tummy has decreased noticeably. "

    Lisa, 23 years old:

    "I do exercises from Anita regularly to keep my body in shape. For a month of doing exercises in combination with proper nutrition, I was able to lose 4 kilograms. "

    Irina, 30 years old:

    "I started with the morning exercises from Anita Lutsenko. When I realized that it was easy for me to perform it, I found on the Internet a video in which Anita presents exercises for specific muscle groups. I've been doing these videos for two months already. During this time my waist has decreased in volume by 4 cm, hips by 6 cm. I am happy with the result, but I'm not going to stop. "

    The best fat-burning exercises from Anita Lutsenko ^

    Anita Lutsenko about nutrition, sport and self-care ^