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    How to use hydrogen peroxide for weight loss: can I take inside

    Hydrogen peroxide is used not onlywith the purpose of disinfection and healing of wounds, but also for weight loss, because it helps to effectively fight fat deposits and positively affects health.

    Hydrogen peroxide for weight loss: myth or reality ^

    Many people do not know that you can lose weight with hydrogen peroxide, because this caustic alkaline liquid is mainly recommended for external use only and when ingested, can burn, damage the mucous membranes of internal organsand cause severe poisoning.

    To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to dilute peroxide with water, and then it will only achieve a positive effect.

    Can hydrogen peroxide be taken orally when losing weight

    This question was answered many years ago positively by Professor IP.Neumyvakin, who published many works on losing weight and cleansing the body. From his words, it is necessary to use a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide when losing weight several times a day. In addition, such a drink helped Neumyvakin cope with atherosclerosis and just strengthen his health.

    Due to what is losing weight with hydrogen peroxide:

    • Restoration processes are started;
    • Normalized blood sugar: as is known, it is the leaps of glucose that cause an increased appetite;
    • The hormonal background stabilizes: from hormones not only well-being depends, but also health and mood of the person;
    • Fat burns more actively.

    It should be noted that clinical studies on the efficacy and safety of the use of diluted peroxide inwards have not been carried out, so it is necessary to conduct such treatment with caution and strictly follow the instructions.

    Weight loss with hydrogen peroxide: pros and cons

    The technique of correcting weight with hydrogen peroxide has a number of advantages:

    • Thanks to it you can not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body, because this solution has disinfecting properties;
    • Drink with peroxide reduces craving for food, so you manage to control your appetite;
    • Peroxide has an antioxidant effect, so it allows you to rejuvenate the entire body and in particular the skin.

    It is not without its drawbacks:

    • If you do not comply with the dosage, you can get severe burns and poisoning;
    • The method is effective only if the diet is followed, otherwise the body weight will decrease very slowly or at all will remain at the same rates;
    • There are contraindications.

    Does the bath with hydrogen peroxide for weight loss

    In addition to oral administration, peroxide is also effective when added to bath water. To do this, it is enough to dilute 0.5 liters of perhydrol in water and take a bath for 15 minutes. Follow the procedure three times a week.

    How to drink hydrogen peroxide for slimming ^

    Hydrogen peroxide: safe dosage for ingestion for weight loss

    Taking hydrogen peroxide inside for slimming: indications and contraindications

    In addition to the indications given in the peroxide instruction, it is recommended to use it in a diluted form with obesity orpoisoning with potassium permanganate. As for contraindications, it is prohibited in the following cases:

    • Individual intolerance;
    • Any gastrointestinal diseases in acute form.

    Hydrogen peroxide for slimming on Neumyvakin: treatment scheme

    This scheme is the most popular, and it should be used as follows:

    • Day one: we plant 1 drop of peroxide in 1 tbsp.l.water, drink 2 hours after a meal or half an hour before. We use three times a day;
    • Day two and more: in 10 days, bring up to 10 drops in ascending order, then drink another 10 days - in descending order.

    In the future, you need to make a three-day break, and then continue to drink the solution, but you should start with 10 drops. More than 30 drops per day can not be consumed.

    How to take hydrogen peroxide for weight loss: the second method

    You can use another method: dilute 2 drops of peroxide in 250 g of water and take the drink three times a day. Duration of treatment - up to 20 days.

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    Hydrogen Peroxide and Weight Loss: Benefit or Harm, Feedback ^

    When choosing a drink with hydrogen peroxide to fight excess weight, do not forget that without maintaining a diet, it may not give the desired effect. To lose weight, you must adhere to certain rules:

    • Do not eat fat and high-calorie food;
    • Increase physical activity;
    • Strictly adhere to the dosage, otherwise side effects are possible: poisoning or burns of internal organs.

    Hydrogen peroxide for weight loss: reviews of doctors and patients

    Valentina, 34, gastroenterologist:

    "With proper intake, hydrogen peroxide is absolutely harmless, but those who suffer from diseases of the stomach and other digestive organs are better off.it can provoke an exacerbation. In all other cases, if the instruction is followed, it only affects the body positively. "

    Zinaida, 39, gastroenterologist:

    " I would question the harmlessness of peroxide when ingestion: do not forget that it is an alkaline substance and can cause harm to the health "

    Julia, 43 years old:

    "I drank dilute water peroxide according to the scheme of Neumyvakin, and the result was satisfied: for the entire course I threw off 11 kg. Of course, I had to follow the diet, because without it, no means will not help. The taste of a beverage with a peroxide is quite unpleasant, but for the sake of a slim figure, I think it's worthwhile to suffer, besides, if you drink it fast, then no bad sensations arise. "