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    Kima Protasov's diet allows you to lose weight, cleanse and get rid offrom craving to sweet.

    The diet of Kim Protasov, a well-known Israeli nutritionist, often called Israeli or "protracted", gained widespread popularity in our country relatively recently, in 1999, after the publication of his sensational article in the newspaper "Russian Israelite" with the intriguing title "Do not make from the food of the cult. A thin cow is not yet a gazelle. "

    The author of the technique, with his inherent originality and humor, describes his diet as a pleasant, uncomplicated and, moreover, completely invisible to the surrounding system of food.

    That is, no one will guess that you are losing weight and are following a diet, but will only see an amazing result. According to Protasov, his diet system allows for 5 weeks( this is the length of the diet of Kim Protasov) to lose weight exactly as much as it is useful for the body.

    The essence of the diet of Kim Protasov ^

    Kim Protasov's diet program is low-carbohydrate and low-calorie, as it is based on fresh vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

    And, notice, dairy products for the Protasov diet should be precisely low-fat( 5% fat), and not completely fat-free, as fats are vital for the body to function properly. Otherwise, because of their absence, skin, heart and hormonal system suffer greatly.

    Unqualified advantages of Brawling include the fact that you do not need to limit the amount of food and time of intake, that is, you can eat how much it will fit and even "after six", which is usually strictly forbidden in other weight-loss systems and is a great psychological problem for most slimming.

    The selection of the approved foods on the Protasov diet is not accidental and well thought out:

    • Dairy products provide the body with a natural milk protein that is digested for a long time and therefore contributes to satiety, as well as calcium and lactose, which provides good fat oxidation at the cellular level.
    • And vegetables are known to be a storehouse of useful vitamins, minerals and fiber needed for good bowel function and prevention of constipation.

    That's why Protasists do not have problems with the chair - frequent companions of many popular mono and express diets. The prebiotics contained in fermented milk products help to multiply the useful microflora in the intestines, which contributes to the strengthening of immunity, the disappearance of multiple allergies and the improvement of the general state of the organism.

    In addition, the lack of light dietary carbohydrates with a high glycemic index allows you to "pacify" the pancreas, normalize the metabolism and get rid of excessive cravings for sweets, which is very important for slender girls striving for harmony.

    But, like any other dietary method, the Protasov weight loss system has contraindications for people with health problems. For example, it is contraindicated for those who are allergic to dairy products or have metabolic disorders.

    Patients with the same hypertension, cardiovascular and renal diseases Kim Protasov's diet system is not prohibited, but requires reduction of the intake fluid in order to avoid high blood pressure.

    Therefore, in order not to harm yourself, before meeting the diet of Kim Protasov, be sure to consult a doctor beforehand.

    Stages and diet menu Kim Protasov ^

    The basis of the diet menu of Kim Protasov, as already mentioned, are non-starchy fresh vegetables and low-fat, from 3% to 5% dairy products( cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk, yoghurt, granular house cheese).

    But keep in mind that all kinds of curd cheese curds and fruit curds, despite the appropriate fat content, can not be consumed, since they contain starch and sugar, so before buying, carefully study their composition on the label.

    First and second weeks on Protasov

    The first and second weeks are the most stringent:

    • In addition to vegetables and milk, it is allowed to eat one boiled egg and three green apples a day, which if desired can be baked in the oven.
    • It is necessary to drink a lot of clean water( at least 2 liters per day) and tea( preferably green).
    • Coffee( without sugar) is also allowed.

    Some losing weight, striving for the best effect as much as possible to limit the amount of food intake, eat in the first days of the week exclusively milk products, neglecting vegetables. This is not necessary, since in this case the diet is obtained by overloaded protein and fats and deprived of carbohydrates, which not only does not contribute to weight loss, but also seriously harms health.

    In addition, despite the fact that the amount of food you eat is not limited, make sure that the daily intake of fat does not exceed 40 grams.

    So, for the first two weeks, eat the whole day vegetables in any way you like, for example, cut a large plate of salad from different vegetables, add the sliced ​​egg and sprinkle with grated cheese;or dip into yogurt tomatoes and Bulgarian peppers;or just gnaw fresh cucumber, sprinkled with cheese( 5%).

    According to the author of the technique and numerous Protasites, by the beginning of the second week you will completely lose the desire to eat something other than vegetables, cheese and apples, and many lose weight even refuse a boiled egg, which they eagerly ate in the first stage. In addition, there is an extraordinary pleasant lightness throughout the body.

    Third, fourth and fifth weeks of the diet according to Protasov

    At the beginning of the third week, you need to reduce the consumption of cheeses and yogurts by adding a piece of roast lean meat, poultry or fish( 300 grams per day) instead of them. In the rest, during the third or fifth weeks, still lean on vegetables, the amount of which you do not need to reduce, in contrast to dairy products.

    Given the large number of them in the diet, sit down on the program of losing weight from Protasov is most expedient in the summer, when there is a large selection of ground vegetables.

    In addition, some experts argue that women sit on low-carb diets best in the first half of the menstrual cycle, because during this period it is easier to cope with the lack of carbohydrates and hold on without the chocolates and other carbohydrate delicacies. Since the end of the third week of the diet, the most intensive weight loss occurs.

    The exit after the diet of Kim Protasov ^

    The correct way out after the Protasov diet is an important stage of losing weight and should be gradual and careful. In no case can not immediately attack the fatty and sweet food, as this can lead not only to a rapid return of weight, but also to indigestion and an attack of pancreatitis.

    Expansion of the diet and return to the usual menu should be carried out in several directions:

    • the introduction of vegetable fats is carried out by replacing them with animal fats from dairy products. To do this, dairy products start to use completely fat-free( 0.5 - 1% fat), and vegetable salads fill with vegetable oil( no more than 3 tsp per day).
    • Do not forget to consider the daily fat content, which should not exceed 35-40 grams and consider its presence in other products. For example, a lot of fat contains olives( 1.5 g in three pieces) and almonds( 1.5 g in three large pieces), so if you ate olives or nuts, you must reduce the amount of vegetable oil in the salad accordingly.
    • part of the dairy products, replace gradually with chicken or lean meat, fish, bringing their total amount to 400 grams per day.
    • expand the assortment of fruits - leave one of the three allowed apples, and replace two with any not very sweet and non-starchy fruits, such as kiwi, pears, forest berries, gooseberries or currants.
    • enter into your menu cereals - for breakfast cook on the water a variety of cereals( 2 tablespoons cereals for the same amount of water) with a total serving volume of up to 250 ml.and eat them with low-fat cottage cheese and vegetable salad.

    Kim Protasov's diet recipes ^

    To some people Kim Protasov's food system may seem too fresh and monotonous at first, but this is a deceptive impression, as on close examination you can see that from the allowed products you can come up with a variety of delicious and varied dishes.

    Popular recipes of Kim Protasov's weight loss method allow you to significantly diversify the menu and make the process of losing weight quite comfortable and ungainly, without changing the cardinally familiar power scheme, as many "fast" mono-diets require, but only slightly correcting it.

    Kim Protasov's diet recipes: salads

    • Finely slice tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and radish. Gently mix, add salt, pepper, vinegar and greens. You can add a boiled egg.
    • Rub grated radish, mix with sliced ​​cucumbers, salt, season with lemon juice, top with yogurt and sprinkle finely chopped greens and fresh onions.
    • Mix the grated cheese, garlic, greens, add a little lemon juice and yogurt. Then put the resulting mass on the cut circles of tomatoes, resulting in delicious mini-sandwiches.
    • "Kocheshki" Brussels sprouts cut into strips, add grated carrot, a spoonful of fresh green peas, salt, pepper, cumin. Top with yogurt.
    • Tomato, cucumber and cheese, finely chop, squeeze garlic, season with yogurt or yoghurt.
    • Slice the medium pieces of cheese, egg, celery, tomato and sweet pepper. Add a little sauerkraut and a red onion soaked in lemon juice rings. Then mix everything and season with fresh tomato juice.
    • Tomato, cucumber, green beans and sweet peppers cut and season with lemon juice.
    • Cut the greens and mix with the cottage cheese and grated melted cheese. Pour the received mass of Bulgarian pepper and put it on the refrigerator for several hours. Before use, cut into rings.

    Kim Protasov's diet recipes: meat dishes and desserts

    • Meat, chicken or fish roll in spices and put in a frying pan, without covering with a lid and adding a little water. Meat is fried, as in sunflower oil.
    • Bake meat with spices in the oven or simmer with any vegetables in the pan, adding water.
    • Sturdy home-made pie can be prepared from any products allowed in the third week. For this, meat( or poultry), as well as any vegetables, cheese( or cottage cheese) and onions, twist in a meat grinder and mix well. The resulting mixture can be stuffed with peppers, tomatoes or simply spread on a cut cucumber length.
    • Dessert for lovers of sweet. Take it?a glass of boiling water, add 1 tsp.cocoa powder( without sugar), 1 tablet of sweetener and 5% cottage cheese. Stir well and add the cinnamon.
    • Peel the apple from the rind, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake in the microwave. Stir with cottage cheese or yogurt.
    • Make your home curd( from 5% milk) and add a grated apple to it.
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    As you can see, from the allowed products of the Protasov diet you can come up with a lot of delicious recipes, show imagination, boldly experiment and combine.

    Results, reviews of thin and doctors about the dietary method Kim Protasov ^

    Since the diet Protasova, in addition to losing weight, helps to cleanse the body( like rice and oat mono-diet) and the removal of stagnant slag, it is useful to spend once a year to all people, even whenabsence of excess weight.

    The results of the diet Protasov simply impressive - for 5 weeks, according to the weight loss, not only lose extra pounds, but it is easy and flexible, and, importantly, the pounds continue to go away after five weeks of weight loss.

    This is due to the fact that with the Kim Protasov's food system the metabolism is fundamentally restructured and the taste preferences are replaced by healthier and more useful ones.

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