Why a man lies to a woman - why do men lie

  • Why a man lies to a woman - why do men lie

    Every woman wants to believe that her loved one has never deceived her! And each of us, hastening to disappoint you, is mistaken: there is not a single man who would not once deceive his girlfriend, bride or even his wife. True, situations are different, and to explain why a man lies to a woman and is often insincere, you can only on the basis of certain facts.

    "Holy lie"

    Hanging out with friends

    Most often, men deceive their loved ones only so that they do not become upset. So half a liter turn into half-cups, night gatherings - in an hour of communication with friends, easy flirting with a colleague at work - in a purely business relationship, a prize issued at work, loses a certain percentage.

    Is it worth it to condemn a man or, conversely, you need to assess the degree of his caring for your beloved? Think for yourself: a woman, of course, can guess that a banquet at work or a meeting with classmates can not do without a festive table. But why in advance or after giving her a full account of everything that was eaten and drunk there - she can once again worry about the health of an expensive man.

    Let's say a man knows that it will not work for a friend for half an hour - he will necessarily want to talk heart to heart, and such a conversation, as you understand, takes time. Tell your wife about this in advance - her mood may deteriorate due to the fact that they spend the evening of the day off with her husband separately. It is much easier to call her from a friend and explain that the problem is in your personal life or at work, and now you can not leave him alone! A humane act in relation to a friend will be regarded by his wife, even as some moral feat, because the husband for the sake of a friend refused, for example, from marching with his wife to the cinema or theater.

    And, finally, metamorphoses with a premium: is it not offensive whether the wife would find out that her husband still wants to have their own personal money that has nothing to do with the general family budget? To the credit of men, it must be said that sometimes they resort to such tricks not for selfish reasons, but, on the contrary, in order to make the wife a surprise - to give perfume, jewelry or something else.

    As you can see, the "holy lie" can be justified, and if the woman is wise, she simply will not notice it!

    Male treachery

    However, not always everything is so harmless. It happens that the answer to the question of why a man is lying to a woman and how he manages not to betray himself is beyond morality. It seems, why deceive a woman if love has passed? Why build relationships that no longer have sincerity? However, any cynical liar considers himself right! Most often, with a woman whom he lies, he is connected by something serious - something that he is afraid of losing. Sometimes he does not want to lose the woman herself: she is happy with everything. And the fact that he has a double life is already his own business.

    The most interesting thing is that women in such situations often do not feel at all deprived or offended - they do not suspect anything of their husband! And the thing is this: if a person cheated accidentally or out of good motives, then his conscience may torment him and he will hand himself out, that is, he will tell the whole truth. An experienced liar will not stumble on anything - you can not take it with your bare hands! Since he often lies, he always has an "alibi" in his stock. And even if the wife manages to convict him of adultery or deceit, he will be able to convince her that it was only a "dream"!I must admit that these men still have one plus: they are rarely taken away from the family. Also they will be insincere and with their mistresses, if any of them appear in their lives.

    Stupid deceivers

    There is another type of men prone to deception: only they do not think about anything in advance and do not come up with anything. Their lies are absolutely naive. Moreover, often they themselves become victims of other deceivers: they are easily influenced! They are seduced by women, they are enticed by money comrades - how can they later admit to their beloved that their kindness and naivety were taken advantage of by the people they trusted? It's easier to lie to your wife: the role of a victim for a man is by no means honorable, so it's better to imagine all a few in a different light. So there are legends about the passion of the fans, who were ready to part with life, they did not pay any attention to them;myths about childhood friends who do not mind giving everything to the last penny, because the bonds of such friendship are almost stronger than the bonds of kinship.

    By the way, to some women this type of deceivers is very nice. If they believe him, then they are proud of him. If, however, they have for a long time seen through and know the true value of all his stories, then they feel sorry for them, and they like it even more: he is such a defenseless in life!

    Provocation of fraud on the part of the woman

    Positioning on the part of the woman

    In relation to men, it would be dishonest not to touch upon another reason for them to lie. Some women literally provoke them to such steps! They pester the suspicions and jealousy of their loved ones - the latter have to justify themselves in what is really not. Tell a man such a wife the truth about the fact that on a business trip for several days he goes with a female colleague, scandals in the family can not be avoided. Admit to helping the neighbor fix the car - you can collect things!

    As you can see: untruth untruth disagree. .. And if one day a dear man will be caught in a lie - a woman should not make hasty conclusions and immediately part with it: any deception can be, if not forgiven, at least understand.