How to drive a man crazy - how to drive men crazy

  • How to drive a man crazy - how to drive men crazy

    The mystery that a woman loves with ears, and men perceive a beautiful sex, first of all, through the eyes, has long been disclosed. Women can take a long look at the details of clothing and makeup, and "aliens from Mars" can see the picture: a situation or an object in a general context. Clothes, hair, manicure and the appearance of the future woman should be harmoniously combined with her behavior, gait, the way a girl laughs or dances, communicates with the opposite sex or with her friends and so on.

    A man does not come to mind remember what jewelry or accessories were on the girl or what she was wearing. The general picture on the day of dating is the "avatar", which should appeal to him. He should have a desire to know the girl closer. Glamorous "outfit" or an extravagant image, able to cross out the natural appearance and femininity of its owner, rather, scare the man. He first of all evaluates the girl in clothes, and not the attire on the boutique rack. Knowing how to drive a man mad, any lady will always give priority to her femininity, capable of disarming a man still on the outskirts of her. This rule is useful even after a long marriage: the fashion changes, but elegance is the main attribute of the female arsenal, conquering a man always.

    What men want

    Men want their chosen one to be the mistress of the house in the kitchen, the lady - at the reception of guests and the "goddess" in the bedroom. And only the female cunning is able to combine all the roles, driving a man crazy.

    Way to the heart of a beloved man

    Way to the heart of a man

    As you know, the way to the heart of a man lies through one of the most demanding organs - the stomach! In the "candy-bouquet" period, he can assure that your skill or inability to cook for him does not matter, that he can do without breakfast, lunch and even dinner for the insanely spent day in bed. However very soon he will hint or demand a full "feed", otherwise he can declare a "boycott" because of sexual exhaustion.

    How to reduce a man with a crazy culinary delicacy? Strong sex - the creatures are special, they do not have enough, like women, vegetable salad, oatmeal, or even a slice of a high-calorie cake. Their main product is meat, since it is animal protein that participates in the generation of male hormones - prostaglandins. And no sausages and sausages will replace a natural product, and fish, dairy products and dessert are just a pleasant addition to the basic meat ration.

    Men are conservatives in eating! They can eat a favorite dish every day, and your zealous ability for culinary experiments may not be appreciated. Try using teleretseptov and culinary books to diversify the nutrition of your beloved, only gradually introducing new ingredients into the diet, flavoring them with various aphrodisiacs( nuts, honey, spices and so on).

    If you really love, so only the queen!

    Female Queen

    The primitiveness of men who need only one aspect of a relationship - an intimate affinity, is too exaggerated. Acrobatic flips in the bedroom, the image and the test of unearthly passion must remain behind the door of the bed. But in ordinary life, femininity and sexuality should take place, admire the people just up to the limit to please, but not be too frank. In a society of other people, your chosen one should see "his" lady, only remembering your emancipation and frankness in bed. If you decide for the first time to "hook" the chosen one with frank attire and catchy makeup, then it is hardly worthwhile to count on the duration of the relationship: such women, as a rule, are avoided by men choosing to be their faithful companions of life.

    The image of a lady in the understanding of a man is incompatible and with unnaturalness in appearance: ugly plucked eyebrows, radically altered hair color, tasteless accessories, silicone "delights". .. Before decorating yourself with such "masterpieces", ask the opinion of a man: unlikely to get approval. Take care of the skin, trying not to show it to your eyes during cosmetic procedures, please only the result!

    Behavior in the community, communication with his friends and relatives can only be affable, no matter what they seem to you. Some men are raised from the mat in bed, but God forbid you can indulge in obscene expressions in public! In addition, be careful in drinking alcoholic drinks: a drunk lady - an unpleasant sight!


    To reduce the man from the mind is not enough to study the Kama Sutra, you need to show interest in the intimate life, experiment with toys for adults, erotic underwear, playing costumes for different roles. Do not be shy of your desires, his suggestions to diversify your sex life, change the place, pose or try a new toy, answer with consent. Only if you do not like this experiment, warn him. Among the men there is a joke about the fact that it would be good for a woman to be equipped with colored light bulbs, so that when orgasm begins to break out, then it becomes clear that a woman is pleased that she wants a man and does not do him a favor. Praise him always, whirl his head compliments, uttered in a whisper. Use the enveloping scent of perfume with pheromones, avoiding the sharp smell of cheap toilet water.

    The strong sex really likes half-hints, bewitching game, unexpected seduction in crowded places, but calculated only for the "center of the universe" - his beloved one. In the heroine Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" it worked out perfectly!


    How to communicate with a man

    Along with women's self-confidence( not to be confused with self-confidence!) It is necessary to show a sincere interest in a beloved man. Curiosity should extend to his hobbies and views on life, his opinion about situations and other people. Avoid idiotic inquiries about the number of his former mistresses, the presence of children or the amount of his earnings. From such annoying ladies, men try to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

    Appreciate the men in women and a sense of humor, laughter, as you know, brings together. However, do not irritate them with loud and unpleasant "neigh".Interested "burning eyes" and a pleasant timbre of voice, affectionate look, soft smile and fervent laughter, compliments and gentle kisses are appropriate before driving a man crazy.