Red acne on the face: how to get rid of the big red purulent subcutaneous acne, the reasons for the appearance

  • Red acne on the face: how to get rid of the big red purulent subcutaneous acne, the reasons for the appearance

    Our life goes on in an insane rhythm. Every day we expect a huge number of cases and solutions to various problems. We are always in a hurry somewhere to catch everything, both at work and at home. But here comes the long-awaited day off. Finally we can stop and look at ourselves. And that's what we see. On the once clean beautiful face red pimples are unsightly. Where did they come from? What caused them? What to do with the skin of the face?

    To answer all these questions, we will try to find out the nature of the appearance of red acne.

    Causes of rash

    The most common cause of red facial acne is the process of hormonal adjustment in the body. Naturally, in the adolescent period this can not be avoided, since at this time there is an increased activity of growth hormones. The process takes place deep inside the body, and outside its effects are observed in the form of a coarse voice, changes in the proportions of the figure and, unfortunately, the appearance of subcutaneous acne. It is extremely rare to get past the period of teenage blackheads.

    This state of the hormonal glands is also observed in women during pregnancy and a certain phase of the menstrual cycle. The cause of the appearance of large acne in mature people may be the presence of problems in the endocrine system. It should be noted that even newborn babies arrive in a condition similar to acne. In addition to all of the above, the factors of the appearance of acne can be contaminated air and the use of certain medications.

    The following types of acne

    • are distributed. Comedon, or as it is also called white pimple. In fact, it's just a sebaceous hypodermic plug that clogged the pore and caused inflammation.
    • Papula. It is already a ripe large pimple, in the phase of inflammation. It changes color when you touch it from pale to bright red.
    • Pustule, or red pimple. It is not only inflamed, but also filled with pus.
    • Nodular-cystic acne. They represent the most unpleasant form of acne. Acne connects and forms a vast, painful purulent area. In this case, you need to contact a beautician.
    • Lightning acne. This is the most severe form of acne, which is accompanied by severe pain and changes the composition of the blood. Such a disease must be treated in a hospital.

    Recommendations for disposal, as well as the re-emergence of acne

    Professional beauticians do not recommend yourself to remove pimples by squeezing. This will cause the appearance of new, more painful and complex acne, and also - can lead to the formation of ugly scars. The recommendations of the doctors are as follows:

    • It is necessary to change the nutrition system during the increased activity of the sebaceous ducts. This means that you need to completely withdraw from the diet of fatty and sweet foods. With sharp spices and dishes, you also need to be extremely careful.
    • Strictly observe the hygiene of the face and hands, which will help reduce the spread of acne. Do not touch the skin of the face with dirty hands.
    • In the care to use antiseptic agents that protect the pores of the face from the penetration of pathogenic bacteria into them. They are the main cause of severe inflammation in the skin.
    • Control the amount of clean water you drink during the day. It participates in metabolic processes and promotes the release of harmful substances from the body.

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