Cream "Kora" from couperose: reviews on whether the cream helps to cope with this skin defect

  • Cream "Kora" from couperose: reviews on whether the cream helps to cope with this skin defect

    KORA company specializes in the production of therapeutic and prophylactic cosmetics for pharmacies. Manufacturer - Russia."Bark Cream is a capillaroprotector for skin prone to couperose. Correction of tone. Protective and strengthening action ».Such information is provided by the manufacturing company about its products. It is immediately understandable that the drug strengthens the vessels, smooths the tone of the face and removes redness.

    Reviews for Corn's cream from couperose are very diverse and very contradictory. Some of them are presented in our article.



    "It's getting a little better after the cream. On the cheek formed a red spot, with which she decided to fight with the help of Cora. Packing with a dispenser is very convenient to use. Cream of yellow color with some particles. If applied in a thin layer, the tone of the face is leveled and the skin is slightly moisturized. But, if you overdo it, the face will shine and shine like a Christmas tree.

    Used a month. Smeared twice a day - in the morning and before going to bed. My red spot became less noticeable, but it did not disappear anywhere! "


    " The cream does not get rid of couperose or gram. The skin moisturizes, the tone levels, and the couperose for six months of use has not gone anywhere. There are no new manifestations, probably because of him. This is already encouraging. Pleasant smell, which quickly disappears. The face looks fresh in the morning! "

    " The cream has become my favorite. But not because of its properties of getting rid of couperose. I have problem skin from adolescence. I got rid of pimples and badly damaged. There were red spots and oily shine. So, Cora perfectly corrected all these defects. I use a year instead of a usual cream for the night. Good products, if not used for the intended purpose! "

    " Maybe Cora helps out of something, but not from couperose. He complicates the situation even more. At me the acquired kuperoz - has burnt a skin an unsuccessful cream. On the face after the product appears greasy shine, I want to run and wash. A red rash appeared and my face burned. I stopped using - my skin calmed down. If this is an allergic reaction, then I want to warn everyone about it! "

    " Not a cream, but some kind of misunderstanding. Buying it, I did not expect miracles and did not think that it would save from the already existing red blood vessels on the face. I thought, will prevent the emergence of new ones.
    At first the yellow color alerted. Probably, in this way the manufacturers decided to level the tone. The skin, fortunately, did not become yellow, but the tone did not even out. The second point is the luminous particles. Why they are there, for me remains a mystery. The skin moisturizes, but does not save from peeling, as well as from couperose. Vessels continue to appear. Effect from it any! "


    " I use the cream in the winter. Kuperoz occurs against the background of unfavorable weather conditions. The product perfectly moisturizes, removes peeling and removes redness. After two weeks of use, the skin is again beautiful and smooth. In winter, this is my salvation. Always at hand! »

    Does the cream help against couperose

    Manufacturers point out one thing, in practice it turns out quite different. Concerning the effectiveness of this remedy there is no single answer - 50/50.So it turns out that some he relieves couperose, others do not.

    Perhaps manufacturers should specify from which couperose it saves - light or heavy, just appeared or outdated and so on. And also to clarify what to expect from the means - complete disposal of the defect or partial. Then it would be possible to avoid all misunderstandings. The buyer would not be misled, and the producers would not receive a negative response to their products.