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    Diet Nedelka: reviews and resultsweight loss

    Diet Nedelka is an effective diet for those who do not want to fatigue themselves with long hunger strikes, but want to quickly get rid of several kilos of excess weight.

    Diet Nedelka: essence, benefit or harm, features ^

    The essence of the diet Weekly is that during the week it is necessary to alternate the use of protein and carbohydrate products, i.e.every day provides certain dishes or drinks.

    Thanks to this principle, the effect of the Nedelka diet is achieved: the body has to constantly rebuild, and due to the low calorie content of products - to look for energy in the stored fat reserves. Also throughout the period, excess fluid is removed, and fiber, contained in vegetables and fruits - they are also present in the diet - improves the functioning of the intestine.

    Are the volumes on the diet Nedelka

    Certainly, when removing excess fluid and eliminating body fat, waist, hips, legs and hands are reduced, but only if all the rules are observed and abstinence from food not provided for a certain day's menu.

    Pros and Cons of Fast Diet

    Weekly The main advantages of this technique are:

    • Fast effect;
    • Pretty easy portability;
    • The minimum number of contraindications.

    Regarding the last point, the diet should not be used by pregnant and lactating mothers, hypertensives, diabetics and those who have diseases of the digestive system.

    How much can I lose on a diet? Nedelka

    On average, for 1 day of diet per week the weight is reduced by 1 kilogram, therefore for 7 days it is possible to throw off up to 7-8 kg.

    Diets for weight loss for a week: menu, recipes, rules ^

    Diet Nedelka: detailed menu for every day

    Diet rules:

    • It is forbidden to eat any dishes not provided for in the menu of a particular day;
    • It is necessary to drink a lot of liquid - from 1.5 liters per day.

    Diet Nedelka: detailed menu for the week by day

    Diet Nedelka: the first day of drinking

    • We drink any liquid: kefir, milk, compotes, juices, decoctions, tea and coffee without sugar;
    • Hard food is prohibited.

    Diet Nedelka: second day of vegetable

    • We eat raw vegetables in unlimited quantities;
    • Only water and green tea are allowed from drinks.

    Diet Nedelka: the third day of drinking

    • Follow the same rules as in the first day of

    Diet Nedelka: the fourth day of fruit

    • We eat absolutely any fruit, and their quantity is also unlimited;
    • We drink tea or water.

    Diet Nedelka: the fifth day of protein

    • We use protein products: cottage cheese, fish, meat, kefir, eggs;
    • We leave the drinks the same.

    Diet Nedelka: the sixth day of drinking

    • Here we repeat everything the same as on the first and third days.

    Diet Nedelka: the seventh day of the transition

    Here the menu is more diverse:

    • We have a couple of boiled eggs, any fruit. We drink unsweetened tea;
    • For lunch we eat buckwheat soup or chicken broth;
    • For a mid-afternoon snack - a fruit;
    • Supper with a salad of vegetables in olive oil.

    Diet Nedelka from Peta Wilson

    Actress Peta Wilson for weight loss uses her own menu:

    • Day one: we eat boiled potatoes without salt( 5 pcs.), We drink 1,5 l of low-fat kefir;
    • Day two: instead of potatoes we eat 100 g of chicken boiled breast, leave the yogurt;
    • Day three: we eat 100 g of any meat, we drink kefir;
    • Day four: instead of meat, cook fish, use kefir in the same amount;
    • Day five: we eat vegetables and fruits, drink a sour-milk drink;
    • Day Six: only 1.5 liters of 1% kefir;
    • Day seven: we use exclusively mineral water in unlimited quantities.

    Buckwheat diet Weekly

    This diet is also used for a week, during which it is allowed to eat only buckwheat without any restrictions, but it is necessary to cook it according to this recipe:

    • At night, pour a glass of cereals 400-500 g of boiling water, cover with a lid;
    • We insist until the morning, eat during the day. Rice diet

      This option is considered easier than buckwheat, becausein addition to steamed rice, it is allowed to eat nuts, apples and vegetable salads if you consume 60 grams of porridge three times a day.

      Sample menu:

      • We have a breakfast of rice and a glass of kefir;
      • We have dinner with boiled fish and rice;
      • We are having dinner with vegetable salad and porridge.

      Diet Not on water

      It is allowed to eat any low-calorie food, but observe two rules:

      • Half an hour before a meal, it is very slow to drink 200 g of non-cold purified water;
      • After 2 hours after eating, repeat the same, but with a moderate speed.

      Summer diet Weekly

      In summer, it is easiest to get rid of extra pounds, becauseat this time on the shelves full of fresh fruits and vegetables - they are the basis of this menu:

      • For breakfast, we drink a glass of low-fat milk with a couple of slices of rye bread;
      • For lunch we eat oranges, apples or pears;
      • We have lunch with raw vegetables and mashed potatoes( 300 g);
      • We have a salad from any vegetables, except potatoes;
      • For dinner we eat low-fat cottage cheese( 100 g);
      • Between meals you can have a snack with fresh vegetables and all fruits, except grapes or bananas.
      We also recommend that you read the article Strict Diet.

      How fast to lose weight on a diet Nedelka: reviews, results, real stories of losing weight ^

      Nutritionists are wary of fast diets, as they can adversely affect the body. To avoid this, it is recommended to use the "Weekly" maximum 3 times a year, and to maintain weight, spend unloading days and do not eat fatty foods with a high content of calories.

      The output after the diet The week is simple: on the first post-day day you can eat meat broths, and starting from the third gradually increase the number of calories per day by 200 Kcal.

      Diet Nedelka: results

      As confirmed by the reviews about the diet for weight loss, left by our subscribers, for 7 days, really can get rid of extra pounds:

      Larissa, 50 years:

      "For me, the fight against excess weight lasted about a year,until I learned about the diet for a week: it was during this time that I managed to throw almost 8 kilograms, who would have thought! I used the buckwheat diet, and therefore suffered without much hunger. "

      Maria, 43:

      " It's very good that I learned about the Week last month, otherwise I would not have got into a dress bought for my daughter's wedding. It was enough for me 7 days, in order to lose 6 kilos, as I wanted! Of course, willpower came in handy as well, but without it there would not have been such a result. "

      Alina, 34:

      " I dropped 8 kilos on the Nedelka diet, although I tried a lot of methods before, did not help! Now I calmly buy things 1-2 sizes smaller, and before that I could not even dream about it ยป