• How to get rid of burrs - remove burrs

    Sometimes a little trouble literally poisons existence. Everyone knows the sensation of a pebble in shoes, the soreness of fresh water corns, rubbed with new shoes or irritation, which causes a tiny burr on the little finger. Such a trifle seems to be stirring constantly, clinging to clothes and delivering a lot of painful sensations during inflammation.

    When deciding how to get rid of burrs, reconsider your attitude to hand care, even if you are a harsh man, with a disdainful perception of cosmetic means.

    From what it can appear

    Burr is a thin strip of skin that breaks away from the cuticle when it dries and traumatizes. Cuticle is a thin strip of "dead" skin, which grows at the base of the nail and covers its sensitive growth zone. If this thin and fragile peel regularly dries up, it can crack and break off, moving to the zones of the living skin around the nail.

    If you tear off a burr, there may be a purulent inflammation of
    Note! If you tear off a burr - accidentally or specially - you can damage the skin, exposing the sensitive living flesh. It is very painful in itself, besides it carries the threat of infection when any dirt gets in contact with our hands constantly. Infection can affect only the zone of a ragged burr, and can also hit the nail rollers, causing a painful and dangerous purulent inflammation - panaritium, which, in turn, can cause problems with the nail. If the process is started, surgery may be necessary until the nail is removed.

    Burrs most often occur in people who are constantly in contact with water, detergents, various aggressive liquids and solutions. People with thin, dry skin who do not use hand creams are especially prone to burring. Burrs often form in a child( or an adult), who has a tendency to gnaw nails. Also, the appearance of burrs can cause an incorrectly made manicure or the use of unsuitable or dull instruments for it.

    Often formed in those who gnaw nails

    If the burrs appear constantly, it can be a symptom of a lack of vitamins, some minerals or evidence of a treacherous disease - dysbiosis.

    Timely removal of burrs can for some time get rid of the problem, but to say goodbye to burrs, you need to completely change the principles of their care of hands.

    Methods for disposal of

    Burr cut as close as possible to skin

    To eliminate burrs, they must first be carefully trimmed. To do this, use very sharp tools, best special cutters.

    Please note! Trim the burr as close to the living body as possible so that the remaining piece does not bulge and does not continue to break away.

    The next step is the treatment of burrs. If it is fresh or not inflamed, it is carefully lubricated with iodine, zelenok, alcohol or any other suitable disinfectant. Do this until the wound is fully healed. Since all disinfectants tend to dry more dry and sensitive hands, it is recommended that more attention be paid to care. You can replace the usual hand cream for a more greasy and nutritious, put on hands masks of pork lard, butter or vegetable oil.

    Use oil hand masks

    Infected burr wounds must first be cleaned to protect themselves from further development and spread of the infection. Best in this case, help hot baths with sea salt. They perfectly remove the purulent contents and promote the purification of wounds, as well as stimulate their accelerated granulation( healing).As a bonus after the course of salt baths you can significantly strengthen the nails.

    After cleaning the wounds, they need to be quickly healed. To do this, they need to apply funds that accelerate this process. It can be as a drug preparation, for example, Synthomycin emulsion or Levomekol, as well as folk medicine.

    Ointment Levomekol
    Please note! Excellent healing effect has aloe juice or Kalanchoe, honey and propolis. These substances should be applied overnight, under a film and bandage.

    Getting rid of painful and dangerous burrs on your hands, it's too early to rest on your laurels. Burrs can safely return, it is only to forget about them and to weaken the care of hands and cuticles. That is why an important stage in getting rid of burrs is the prevention of their occurrence. For this purpose, several different methods of action are used.

    Preventing the appearance of

    Simply removing the burrs is not enough - it is necessary to eliminate the very possibility of their reappearance. To do this, you need to regularly perform two operations - humidification and nutrition.

    Moisturize and nourish the skin of the hands

    Since the main cause of burrs is dry, cracked skin and cuticles, the increased care of the hands can save this problem for a long time, if not forever. To do this, you need to buy a good moisturizing hand cream and use it every time after washing your hands or working with aggressive media. At night, it is worth buying a greener, nourishing cream that can be applied under special gloves. With a very dry, chapped skin with "pimples" and cracks will help a special liquid that has disinfectant properties. To create it you need clean water, glycerin, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Mixing all the ingredients, you will get a solution with a sharp enough smell, but with excellent wound healing and softening properties. This tool will be especially appreciated by people associated with working on the ground or those who in the course of work constantly suffer from minor injuries, scratches and abrasions. With the use of this remedy, all these injuries heal immediately without suppuration. All components can be purchased at any pharmacy.

    Care for the cuticle

    Care of the cuticle is very important. On sale there are many special products and oils, which are easy and pleasant to use. It is enough to lubricate the cuticle at night to get a good effect - it will stop drying and tearing, which means that the burrs will not form.

    At first glance, the care of hands seems troublesome and time-consuming, but you quickly get used to it and you soon cease to perceive it as a duty. The reward will be healthy, beautiful and well-groomed hands without the slightest signs of burrs.


    See video for caring for the cuticle. This will help avoid burrs: