How to prepare dill water for a newborn - instruction manual

  • How to prepare dill water for a newborn - instruction manual

    After birth, the gastrointestinal tract of each baby begins to actively adapt the digestive system to breast milk or a mixture. The result of this process is the appearance of intestinal colic, the cause of which is gas formation and bloating.

    Intestinal colic often occurs during meals or immediately after eating. The child starts to press his legs and cry very hard. To alleviate the torment of the baby can be by carrying out natural defecation and the withdrawal of gases. Any mom wants to somehow help her baby. To correct this situation it is possible with the help of time-tested means - dill water.

    Who is useful for dill water

    Dill water

    The most safe way to relieve colic is the dill water for babies, which was a rod for our grandmothers.

    Before starting the application, it is better to seek medical advice from a pediatrician who can answer all your questions: is dill water useful to a newborn, how much can it be given, and maybe even tell how to prepare dill water for a newborn.

    Please note! Dill has nothing to do with the healing infusions, because fennel is used for its preparation. This name was given to dill water, because fennel is often called "pharmacy dill".In general, it is the fennel, or rather its seeds, that will be needed in order to prepare the dill water at home.

    If you are preparing laziness or once, you can use a special ready-made infusion of fennel, the main advantages of which is the complete removal of spasm, the removal of gases and the elimination of colic. For the mother, dill water is no less useful: in addition to improving digestion and increasing lactation, this infusion has a soothing and antimicrobial effect.

    How to prepare

    Preparing dill water

    If a colick occurs, the child starts screaming, pulling up the legs to the abdomen and pushing. The manifestation of symptoms is characteristic of the evening time, the period of feeding or immediately after it.

    Before deciding that the child needs dill water, you need to make sure that this behavior is not a symptom of another disease. In this matter, a diary, in which a caring mother would write down the names of all the products that she had eaten before, can perfectly help. If the food has crept into a sharp, sour or gas-causing food, then the dill water is just what you need. Important indicators in this case are the frequency and nature of the baby's chair.

    Please note! It is often possible to cope with the problem of digestion of a newborn by adjusting the feeding of a nursing mother. Then the necessity of using any additional means will disappear by itself.

    If all of the above was tested and tried, but the problem remained the same, you can proceed to the use of dill water.

    It is not difficult to prepare dill water, it is just necessary to have necessary, and most importantly, fresh ingredients: essential oil of fennel seeds and purified water. The proportion is 1: 1000( oil to water).Storage of such a solution is allowed only in the refrigerator and not more than 1 month. The newborn child is recommended to use only freshly prepared infusion.

    Recipe for dill water for a newborn:

    • shredded fennel fruit - 1 teaspoon;
    • boiling water( 1 glass).

    To insist it is necessary within half an hour, and for straining of the received solution to use a gauze.

    As a newborn will drink dill water, parents must decide. Children usually like new tastes, and near dill water it is also quite pleasant. If the baby eats a mixture from a bottle, then further discussion is useless - he will also drink from a bottle and infusion of fennel. If the mother is breastfeeding, then a teaspoon is needed. By the way, dill water may not be to the liking of a child and he will regularly try to spit it out, then you can dissolve it in breast milk or a mixture.

    Recommendations for receiving

    Receiving dill water

    The intake of any medicine starts with the smallest possible amount, and dill water is no exception. For fennel, allergic reactions are characteristic, so start taking dill water with 1 teaspoon. By gradual increase, you can reach a volume of 3-4 spoons before feeding, 2-3 times a day.

    This remedy will take effect in about a quarter of an hour. In occasion of quantity or amount of dill water it is better to consult to the pediatrist.

    By the way, if the search for fennel fruits has not been successful, then you can use fresh fennel to make dill water. Greens need to be crushed well, and then pour boiling water at the rate of: 0.5 glasses of water per 1 tablespoon of dill. You need to insist for half an hour.

    Negative aspects of dill water

    Action can be unpredictable

    Parents should not forget that dill water is not a panacea, often the effect is short-lived or absent altogether.

    Please note! Rare, but still the opposite effect: dill water leads to the fact that the child begins to puchit even more. In general, to find out what action the infusion on the newborn's body will have, you can find out only after taking.

    Dill-water is by no means the only means of controlling intestinal colic, so there is no reason for the disorder.

    A few tips and tricks

    Tips for using

    Before you start preparing a solution at home, you need to make sure that your hands are clean and the dishes are sterile. This requires the presence of a newborn baby, whose immunity is still very weak.

    If you strongly doubt that you can do everything correctly, then it is better to buy the infusion in the prescription pharmacy.

    If after the dill water was drunk, the baby did not calm down, but you noticed that the emptying of the intestine began to occur much more often and the character of the stool changed, it is unlikely that the cause is colic. It's time to run to the doctor.


    How to prepare dill water from dill seeds: