How to get rid of oily skin - get rid of the greasy shine of the skin

  • How to get rid of oily skin - get rid of the greasy shine of the skin

    This is a fairly common problem today. Especially unpleasant is oily skin in that an acne appears on its background. The appearance of this problem is associated with a transitional age: the failure of the hormonal background of the body leads to more intensive production of sebum - the pores are clogged and acne appears. Most often with the end of the transitional age, the skin becomes normal, and people forever say goodbye to the problem of oily skin. However, in some cases this problem does not leave people.

    Do I need to call an ambulance?


    A shiny chin, cheeks, forehead do not add a good mood and do not increase self-esteem, so the oily skin needs to be treated and masked. Before you start, make sure that you have really oily skin. There is an easy way for this. You need to wash your face thoroughly, soak your face with a towel, and then lean a small mirror to the areas that are most affected if the skin is oily. If there are traces on the mirror, then the fat content of the skin is increased. If you are unlucky, and the skin is oily, below are some tips that will help to bring the skin into a normal state.

    Treat oily skin in four steps

    Treat oily skin

    Face cleansing Step one. Cleansing. Oily skin needs more care and cleansing. For such a skin, gels for washing on a daily basis, which do not contain alcohol and have a neutral medium, are suitable. For cleaning, you can use a scrub gentle action.

    Do not get carried away with frequent washing, as this will only aggravate the problem and cause dry skin: paradoxically, the skin will be both dry and oily at the same time.

    For facial skin care, buy a special brush. The massage produced by this brush will allow deep cleansing of the pores, and the subsequent cauterization of acne with salicylic acid or toilet water will minimize the possibility of further development of inflammation. In addition, to combat the attendant problem - acne - you need to get rid of the habits squeeze pimples and once again touch your hands to the face. Touching the face, you enter microbes and dirt, which, penetrating the enlarged pores, cause inflammation.

    Steam bath for the face Step two. Care. Those who have oily skin, can not use creams with a high content of oils and other fatty substances. They are more likely to hold steam baths, steam out a face, thereby clearing the pores. Spend time for this procedure a couple of times a month - the skin will become smooth and refreshed.

    In the improvement of oily skin, home remedies are effective. Their dignity is naturalness and the ability to control the entire cooking process. How to get rid of oily skin without using masks? Perhaps, in any way. However, masks to eliminate fatty shine can not be used more than once or twice a week, so they very dry the skin. Usually the main component of masks is lemon juice, boric acid or yeast. For example, effective means - before bedtime, wipe face with fat-free yogurt or apply a mask of egg white and lemon juice. Solves the problem of oily skin with lemon juice with yeast and milk. A good natural remedy is carrot and cabbage juice, which must be applied with a cotton pad on the face before going to bed.

    Do not rely too much on advertising, as many of the tools that often appear on TV screens, matt the skin well, while seriously clogging the pores. This gives only a temporary improvement, with subsequent deterioration of the skin, the appearance of acne.

    For the care of oily skin, you should always have in your arsenal moisturizers, for example, a moisturizer. The skin will look healthy with the regular use of products containing jojoba oil, aloe vera and seaweed extracts.

    Basics of make-up Step three. Fundamentals of makeup. The main desire of the owners of oily skin: to achieve the effect of haze, at least with the help of cosmetics. If the skin is oily and problematic to achieve such an effect is difficult, but possible. Remember, the special harm to oily skin brings the use of foundation and powder. The facial cream closes the pores, and the powder, which is applied over the foundation, aggravates the problem, clogging them tightly. It's unpleasant, when diligently applied makeup after a couple of hours begins to shine, mascara spreads, it is clear that the skin is oily. To prevent this from happening, you need to buy a mineral powder( it does not clog pores), clay mask, moisturizers and matting tonic.

    If you have oily skin, discard the foundation, and matting and masking effect is achieved with the help of powder. The powder, used without a foundation, will not only disguise skin imperfections, but also absorb excess sebum, after which the skin will look matte. Tone cream, on the contrary, can cause greasy shine.

    Internal Treatment

    Internal Treatment

    The reasons for the appearance of a greasy shine are quite complex. Remember, to permanently get rid of the problem you need to fight it not from the outside, but from within. For this you need to find out what are the reasons. Poorly reflected on the skin, the transferred stresses - they increase the work of the sebaceous glands. The problem can be associated with unfavorable external conditions - heat, frost;malnutrition, the consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates and fats, beriberi.

    Of course our face reacts to what we eat. Most often, the problem is aggravated after consuming fried, buns, sweets, chocolate and other sweets. In addition, the use of alcohol, soda, coffee negatively affects. Only by eliminating all of the above, you can achieve remarkable results. And if you still drink at least two liters of water a day, then you can get rid of the problem forever.

    People suffering from high fat skin, should advise to change their diet - and in addition to increasing the amount of pure water, increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

    All these above procedures will not take long - only about half an hour a day, but the skin after that will look much better.