Symptoms of vitamin deficiency - signs of vitamin deficiency

  • Symptoms of vitamin deficiency - signs of vitamin deficiency

    Nutrition of modern people is very difficult to call balanced. This is due to the fact that many products are subjected to a rigid heat treatment and are saturated with artificial components, which contribute to an increase in the shelf life. Thus, after all the operations conducted in the production process, practically all the products are completely deprived of useful substances and vitamins. According to experts, this fact has served to the fact that with each subsequent year the incidence of the adult and children's population increases by about one and a half to two times.

    As a rule, many people do not associate their illnesses with a deficiency of vitamins, because they believe that their ailment is connected with banal fatigue, stress and other circumstances. However, it should be noted that it is the lack of the proper amount of useful substances that adversely affects both the general condition of a person and his latent chronic diseases.

    Very rarely the human body suffers from a deficiency of any one vitamin, because all life processes are interrelated, and, consequently, the necessary components affect the cellular system exclusively in a complex. Thus, if a person has obvious deficiency of vitamin A, then most likely the body also needs vitamins such as D and E.

    To find out whether your body needs to be recharged with useful substances is simple enough. To do this, one should observe the external changes in your body and draw the appropriate conclusions.

    So, let's look at some symptoms of vitamin deficiency that can be detected by a simple external examination.


    Skin has become dry

    Skin is the largest human organ, changes on which it is quite difficult not to notice. As a rule, the deficit of incoming vitamins affects the outer cover not in the best way. The skin in this case can often peel off or simply be excessively dry. In addition, because of the shortage of nutrients on the human body, sometimes rough scales of the epidermis may appear, which immediately disappear when combed.

    Especially worth paying attention to the condition of your lips. If they all the time crack and unreasonably flake, then, most likely, the body is very much not enough nutrients.

    In addition, many people with vitamin deficiency symptoms can manifest themselves as sudden acne, ulcers and cracks in the corners of the mouth, skin inflammation in some areas of the body, unusual reactions to metal jewelry and synthetic clothing, and the appearance of large bruises even with a slight impact.

    It is commonly believed that with such symptoms, the person lacks vitamins A, B2, B6 and B1. These components can be found in products such as fish, meat, eggs, cottage cheese, liver, cereals, etc.



    For sure, many representatives of the fair sex had such situations, when their marigolds were always broken and did not give them a chance to do a beautiful manicure. However, this fact should serve as the first call that in the body of a woman or a man there is a clear deficit of vitamins and trace elements.

    In addition to fragility, the symptom of lack of useful substances is the pallor and dullness of the nail plates, as well as the appearance on them of white spots, streaks and small dents.


    Hair becomes brittle

    Almost always with vitamin deficiency hair follicles lose the necessary recharge, which subsequently leads to a partial loss of luxurious curls. However, this is not the only sign of a lack of vitamins, because there are symptoms such as brittleness, cross-sections, the appearance of heavy dandruff and early gray hair, as well as pimples, sores and intolerable itching of the scalp.

    It is also worth noting that all of the listed signs are further aggravated by the fact that many women regularly subject their hair to chemical staining. That is why, with significant changes, it is necessary to stop these procedures for a while and use all sorts of nourishing masks and vitamin complexes to restore ringlets.

    With these symptoms a person should definitely pay attention to products that are rich in vitamins A, E and D.


    Eye Problems

    The most important and essential sign of a lack of vitamins in the body is a significant decrease in vision, especially in twilight. In addition, the deficiency of nutrients is almost always accompanied by swelling and redness of the eyelids, constant itching, purulent discharge and frequent inflammatory diseases.

    Quite often, a consequence of a deficiency of vitamins in the body becomes intolerance of glare, bright light, a split image in the eyes and even the initial stage of cataracts.

    With such symptoms, the body especially requires vitamin E .It can be found in products such as vegetable oil, seeds, nuts, various cereals, sprouted wheat, etc.

    Oral cavity

    Sensitization of teeth

    Signs of a lack of useful substances in the human body sometimes become such symptoms as increased bleeding gums, ulcers( stomatitis) in the tongue and cheeks, sensitive teeth that are prone to loosening and subsequent loss. In addition, with a deficiency of vitamins, many people complain of a swollen tongue, covered with a touch or altered in color.

    It is also worth noting that almost always the lack of vitamins is accompanied by a sharp decrease in immunity and causes inflammation in the human body. In this period, the patient may experience discomfort in the throat( mainly in the morning).

    As a rule, with these symptoms, a person urgently needs supplemental supplementation with such vitamins as B2, B12, C and B9 .These substances are found in cereals, fish, liver, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese and citrus fruits.


    The problem of swelling

    A person should be especially alarmed that he periodically has swelling of the hands, face and lower limbs. Of course, such signs should be sudden, and not be a consequence of the use of alcohol, marinades and salines. In addition, often enough vitamin deficiency manifests itself in the form of unexpected swelling of the joints, numbness of the fingers, seizures, muscle pain and poor coordination of motion.

    Often such signs indicate that the body of a person lacks vitamin B1 .It can be scooped from cereals, pork and products made from coarse flour.

    Nervous system

    Sleepless nights

    Practice shows that almost all people who feel shortages of useful substances experience such psychological changes as constant insomnia, apathy, depression, irritability and inability to concentrate their attention on certain activities.

    In addition, this list is sometimes supplemented by a significant decrease in appetite, lack of energy, partial loss of taste and smell, as well as a complete lack of sexual desire.

    With these symptoms, needs to pay attention to products rich in vitamins B12, B2, B6, C and B1 .

    Digestive organs

    Weight gain

    Particularly vividly react to malnutrition in the digestive organs. In such periods, a person may experience constipation, an unreasonable weight gain, changes in taste, nausea with vomiting, increased cholesterol in the blood, and poor absorption of nutrients in the intestine.

    As you know, such unpleasant symptoms can occur against the backdrop of deficiency of vitamins E, D and C , as well as fiber and other components that contribute to the normalization of microflora in the intestine.

    Thus, having noticed at least some of the above-described signs, one should immediately take a number of measures to eliminate them. To do this, it is necessary to immediately change the usual diet for dietary and healthy food, rich in all of the listed vitamins.

    It is generally believed that to restore the body it is enough to just start using vitamin complexes purchased at the pharmacy. However, in order to achieve the desired effect, it is not enough to take synthetic drugs. They need to be supplemented with healthy diet and regular exercise. Only in this way you can get rid of all the symptoms of vitamin deficiency and forget about your illnesses forever.