• Bags under the eyes: the causes of appearance and treatment

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    Puffiness, swollen eyes and bags under the eyes is a problem familiar to each of us.

    All of us wish to look beautiful, at work to remain fresh and vigorous. However, bags under the eyes can spoil even the most flawless appearance.

    We will tell a little about our anatomical features. So, from the eye socket, the eyeball is separated by a layer of fat, it has cushioning functions. From the skin of the eyelids, the membrane is separated by the membrane or an orbital septum, which keeps the adipose tissue in the orbit.

    Bags under the eyes are usually noticeable in the morning, they almost pass or decrease in the evening. Gravity acts, blood circulation is stimulated, thus, excess fluid escapes from the upper part. For some people, the problem remains for a long time because of genetic predisposition.

    What they come from and how to deal with them, we learn in this article.

    Causes of bags under the eyes

    A defect in appearance may appear for various reasons. And not always this extra liquid, having drunk the night before. Let us single out the main provoking factors that contribute to the appearance of bags under the eyes:
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    1. 1) Bags under the eyes may appear due to the use of bad, overdue cosmetics.
    2. 2) The problem can arise when you are addicted to alcohol.
    3. 3) Stressful situations and depression can also cause such a disease. If you can not cope with any life situation, contact a psychologist, go to church. Love yourself, treat everything with gratitude, and health will pay you harmony!
    4. 4) If you have eaten a lot of salty foods overnight, the appearance of swelling or bags under the eyes is a perfectly understandable thing.
    5. 5) Swelling often occurs in people who smoke.
    6. 6) If puffiness appears in childhood or adolescence, most likely the cause is genetics. There was a proliferation of fiber, and this problem is probably worried about your parents.
    7. 7) Such diseases of the body as rhinitis and conjunctivitis, diseases of the kidney and urinary system, cardiovascular system, acute respiratory infections, inflammation of the nasal sinuses can also cause bags under the eyes.
    8. 8) Often, swelling occurs during normal fatigue and prolonged sitting at the computer.
    9. 9) Improper nutrition with an abundance of acute and fatty foods also provokes swelling. In addition, on hand this cosmetic defect can be overweight.
    10. 10) Ultraviolet can be the culprit of the problem. If you prefer sunbathing without creams and sunglasses, then do not be surprised if you find bags under the eyes in the mirror.
    11. 11) Hormonal changes in some women associated with fluid retention, can also lead to edema.

    Note that the special cause of bags under the eyes is the age of the person, when the time begins to grow and sag under the skin of the lower eyelids. Visually, this looks like the appearance of regular puffiness and an increase in the problem.

    Regardless of the cause that caused the bags under the eyes, sometimes there is an increase in pigmentation of the lower eyelids. Externally, the pigmentation looks even more unattractive because of the presence of bags, creating a darker shade under the eyes. Sometimes people suffer from a translucent capillary mesh, this is due to the influence of the individuality of the skin. This also provokes visual dark circles.

    The reasons listed above do not apply to you? Your motto is a healthy lifestyle? Then you should consult a doctor to find out the real factor of the disease. The doctor will determine whether it is heart failure, an allergy or problems with nasal breathing. Thanks to the competent treatment of the underlying ailment, the circles under the eyes will pass with time.

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    Treating bags under the eyes

    Getting rid of bags under the eyes begins with changing your lifestyle and eliminating the influence of negative factors. At the beginning of treatment, try to reduce salt in your diet, remove alcohol and get rid of smoking.

    In addition, you should sleep well, allow the eyes to relax and do not abuse the sun baths. If the doctor has discovered the disease, start with his treatment. Most people start to run for super expensive cosmetic products, although sometimes the problem can be solved much easier.

    A simple way to get rid of bags under the eyes, it consists of 4 steps:

    1. 1) In the morning, wash with cold water, directing water jets over your eyes.
    2. 2) Put a slice of potatoes or cucumber in a freezer for a couple of minutes. Then, drink green tea, it will cheer up, improve the outflow of fluid. After pull out a slice, lie down on the bed, attach it for ten minutes to the closed eyelids.
    3. 3) After the compress is done, rinse your eyes with warm water. Then use a special cream under the eyes with parsley extract, horsetail or coffee. The tightening characteristics of such a tool will help you look 100%!
    4. 4) Then perform a light massage. It should be done with the middle and ring fingers, starting to move from the eyebrows and lowering clockwise to the line of the upper part of the cheekbone.
    Now apply makeup and go about your business!

    How to get rid of bags under the eyes?

    Following are the popular cosmetic procedures that will help get rid of bags under the eyes in beauty salons:

    • a special peeling with the use of moisturizing ingredients.
    • lymphatic drainage procedures.
    • microcurrents.
    • mask.
    • mesotherapy.
    • laser infrared.
    • blepharoplasty.
    If you prefer the folk remedies, then try to remove the bags under the eyes using the following methods:

    • masks with pull-up components.
    • natural compresses from tea brewing, chamomile.
    • ice cubes from natural sequential broth, marigold, chamomile, oak.
    Do not neglect competent cosmetic procedures. You should get a suitable cream from circles under the eyes.

    How to treat bags under the eyes at home

    If you prefer to use folk remedies, home masks will help to perfectly cope with this problem:

    1. 1) Cucumber and milk. Grate the cucumber mixture on a grater, put it on your eyelids, and from above attach a wadded disk, soaked in milk.
    2. 2) Circles under the eyes will leave you if you use herbal infusions. Brew a teaspoon of any herbs: turns, ovaries, chamomile, mint, lime-colored. After the tincture has cooled slightly, apply a warm compress with a cotton disc over your eyes. Now hold this mask for several minutes, the result, believe me, will not keep you waiting.
    3. 3) Sour cream and greens. Take two spoons of sour cream, chop the parsley into it, apply to the skin around the eyes.
    4. 4) Mask of potatoes. Cook the vegetable, grate a small amount on a grater, attach a mixture of cotton wool to the eyes. In addition to the wonderful pull-up effect, the potato mask also rejuvenates the skin well!
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    Be sure to monitor your health: take a sufficient amount of fluids during the day( up to 2 liters), walk more outdoors, do not overwork or overwork.

    Choose the right position for sleep. Those who sleep on their sides or on their stomachs have much more risk of sacks.

    The daily ration should include porridges, watermelons, pumpkin, whole wheat bread, helping to remove excess fluid from your body. It is also important to eat more foods containing B vitamins. This is fish, dairy products, mushrooms, fresh vegetables.

    Do not be nervous over trifles, use positive affirmations of Louise Hay, because much of our health is being diluted due to negative thoughts! And be healthy!

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