• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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    Chronic fatigue syndrome - this term is used to identify a group of symptoms that includes, among others, severe and persistent weakness and exhaustion. Fatigue must be strong enough to interfere with normal daily activities and should persist for at least six months. To establish the diagnosis, it is also necessary to identify other diseases that would explain fatigue.

    If you work too much, sleep a little and also get nervous, most likely, by the end of the day you are in a completely broken state. Even a night's sleep does not bring you the desired rest. You toss and turn from side to side, you can not fall asleep for a long time, when you finally fall asleep, the ringing of the alarm clock tears you from the sweet embrace of sleep. Or maybe you wake up in a cold sweat watching one of your nightmares?

    After not getting enough sleep, in a bad mood you go to work, where you realize that you are absolutely incapable of working. You can not concentrate, scraps of thoughts are in your head, then appearing, then disappearing without a trace. You just can not remember something very important, and when you remember, it turns out that it's too late( for example, the birthday of your mother-in-law).Your head often hurts: either from lack of sleep, or from irritation, or simply from magnetic storms, about the existence of which you previously did not suspect. Sometimes he suddenly starts to break the bones and twist the joints. You say to yourself: "Probably, to the rain."But you have never felt like a barometer before.

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    When you come home, you have one desire - to go to bed as quickly as possible. And the family seemed to have conspired: they harassed by talking, asking, too loud sounds.

    Finally you get to the coveted bed, but only you put your head on the pillow, the dream evaporates.

    In the morning you feel so tired, as if you were doing active physical exercises all night long. Although from nighttime physical exercises you have long and successfully evaded. The wife goes puffed up and furiously cleans the apartment or disappears somewhere in the evenings. But you do not have any desire to find out where all these "old school friends" come from and why she often goes "to my mother".Your only desire is to bury yourself in your pillow and not get out of bed all day.

    If you experience something similar, and for a long time, know: most likely, you suffer from a serious illness - a syndrome of chronic fatigue( or fatigue).Of course, an accurate diagnosis can only be made by a specialist. However, if you find yourself experiencing the symptoms of this disease, hurry to the therapist and get busy with your health.

    The causes of chronic fatigue are very difficult to establish, so this disease becomes fertile soil for building questionable theories and using charlatan remedies. There are no treatments for this disease;however, in most cases, the symptoms are initially amplified, and then gradually go away on their own.

    The causes of this disease have not been thoroughly studied, there are various theories: infectious;overstrain of the immune system;chronic intoxication, etc. It is established that most of the patients suffering from this syndrome in the blood have a high content of melatonin hormone, which affects the diurnal rhythms of the body, and a lack of serotonin, which is extremely necessary to maintain an optimistic outlook on life. Every second patient with chronic fatigue syndrome suffers from depression, one in four adds to her other mental disorders.

    In the event of a breakdown, you must first pay attention to how you eat. The food should be balanced, i.e.include all three nutritional components - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Fats are absorbed by the body slowly, so they can not give an explosion of activity. For this purpose, carbohydrates are ideal, which burn quickly. However, if you only have breakfast, you can provoke an increased production of insulin, which will lower the blood sugar level, causing even more weakness. When the breakdown is a consequence of the diet, it is useful to take multivitamins and mineral supplements. They are able to compensate for poor nutrition, but they do not have to wait for the immediate influx of energy and they do not have to.

    Dehydration can also cause weakness. Therefore, on the eve of the alleged physical activity, especially in the heat( sports competitions, hiking, visiting with the children of the recreation park), it is recommended to drink a considerable amount of water,

    The sudden decline in strength( the so-called "roller coaster effect") will be reduced by using less caffeine. Of course, the morning cup of coffee will give you energy without negative consequences, but the continuous absorption of coffee throughout the day will necessarily lead to energy failures.

    Often the cause of the decline of power is too short or, conversely, too long a dream. Sleep should be 7-9 hours a day in a well-ventilated room. If you can not get enough sleep at night, even 20-30 minutes, cut out for sleep during the day, can help to remove fatigue. Studies have shown that the best way to be always toned is regular exercise. Fast walking for 30 minutes, jogging or going to the pool 2-3 times a week is quite suitable. But even here there is a danger of overdoing it. To prevent this, the main thing is to listen to your body. Do not forget that spiritual power can also give strength. For example, Garry Kasparov before decisive fights for the chess crown with Anatoly Karpov, as well as cosmonaut Georgy Grechko, during the moments when Depression was coming up during a long flight, listened to Vladimir Vysotsky's songs. Probably everyone has their own favorite music, which at the right moment is able to mobilize forces, to start, to give a charge of energy.

    When it is necessary to overcome the decline of strength, the psychological state is as important as the physical state. Positive thinking, the search for motivation and self-confidence will help to fulfill any task. It is known that many professional sports teams have a full-time psychologist, whose duties include maintaining the fighting spirit of the players. Even if the season comes to an end and the forces are almost gone, the psychologist sets the athletes to the fact that they are in better shape than their rivals, that they can win, and this is bearing fruit.

    It's very difficult to overcome the decline of forces if your apartment is dark and dull.

    More sunlight, bright colors, and you will feel differently. Changing the interior( for example wallpaper), you need to consider how different colors affect the internal energy of a person. So, the red color can cause a brief burst of activity, and green - to maintain your strength for a long time, helping to focus and not lose attention.

    It is customary to distinguish between active and passive rest.

    If you feel tired after physical work, rest will bring you a good healthy sleep, relaxed lying on the couch in front of the TV or with a book in hand.

    But when your physical fatigue is associated with muscle overstrain caused by sedentary or standing work, performing repetitive

    movements, etc., for a full rest you need to learn to relax those muscle groups that experience the greatest stress during the day.

    You are engaged in mental work - physical activity will make you feel really rested. You can do any active sport or just switch to physical work.

    You are tired of monotony and everyday life - arrange a holiday entertainment. It could be a trip to the other end of the world, a trip to the outskirts of your hometown, a visit to an exhibition or a museum, and a trip to the cinema, to the stadium where your favorite team plays, to a concert or to a park. Encounters with friends, fun parties, socializing with children also contributes to switching and resting the nervous system.

    If you like risk, adventure or gambling, your vacation is extreme sport, extreme travel, when your physical( and often mental) abilities are tested, or a casino where your character and wallet are checked for strength. In any case, the thrill, and therefore the release from the sensation of monotony of life, you are guaranteed.

    If your life is full of fuss, you get tired of meeting people and the abundance of impressions, go alone or with your closest friends( with those who understand everything without words) into the forest, the river or the lake. Do not violate the conversation with the living voices of nature: the singing of birds, the sound of wind in the foliage, the murmur of the water helps to relax. Contemplation, peace and tranquility are just what you lack in the turmoil of a big city.

    When choosing the type of rest suitable for you, listen to your desires and remember: there is no single recipe for good well-being, and rest is not a specific occupation, it is a change of activities and impressions. From anything a person does not get tired so much as from the monotony of life. Make interesting and enjoyable every day of your life - and you will never know what distress, neuroses and depression are.