• Giardia Symptoms

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    Lamblia( Lamblia intestinalis) is a small flagellar parasite that causes lesions of the small intestine and liver . For the first time lamblia were described by the Russian scientist D.F.Lamblius in 1859 year. Lamblias are a purely human parasite, so lambliasis develops only in humans. These parasites in the human body can exist in the form of a vegetative( active form) and cystic( inactive) forms. How to treat folk remedies look here.

    • a violation of fat absorption leads to a violation of absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and K, vitamins C and B12.- symptoms of beriberi occur;
    • impaired glucose uptake - hypoglycemic conditions with irritability, fainting, etc.;
    • impairment of protein absorption - cachexia and disruption of the formation of immune bodies).

    For precise definition of lambliasis, specific diagnostics and serological methods are used. Also use additional methods - general clinical, coprological and biochemical.

    Specific diagnostics:( fluorescent microscopy of faeces and duodenal contents) - this method is the most reliable.

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    Serological methods are aimed at the detection of specific immunoglobulins IgG and M in the blood serum. It is also a specific and sensitive method and is mainly used by RNIF, RFA and ELISA.If an "M" is detected, then the process is acute, in full swing. If "G" - says about the chronic or the passing of the disease.

    General clinical methods:

    Coprogram: the presence of undigested fiber, muscle fibers, starch, neutral fats and especially protozoa - will speak not only about infection, but also about malabsorption syndrome.

    Biochemical assays: hypoproteinemia, the presence of lipase and trypsin in duodenal juice will also indicate malabsorption syndrome, but this symptom can be caused by many other diseases not associated with infection with lamblia.

    The course of treatment includes:

    General preventive measures are the same as for other intestinal dysfunctions: detection of infections in decreed persons, also in children's and closed institutions, adherence to sanitary and hygienic rules. Specific prophylaxis of Giardiasis at the moment has not been developed.

    Follow the rules: