• Neurodermatitis symptoms

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    Neurodermatitis is a disease from the group of itching dermatoses, which is considered as a kind of trophic neurosis in persons with a functionally unstable nervous system. In the development of neurodermatitis play the role of metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, helminthic invasions, etc. How to treat folk remedies this disease look here.

    There are limited and diffuse neurodermatitis.

    Limited neurodermatitis is more often localized in the neck, neck, elbows, popliteal pits, inguinal folds, on the inner surfaces of the hips, in men - on the scrotum, in women - on the external genitalia. Beginning with itching, the skin process gradually leads to lichenification, i.e., the enhancement of the skin pattern, in which the dermal grooves become deeper, the dermal fields protrude to form nodules of pale pink color, covered with small scales. As a result of scratching, plaques covered with bloody crusts are formed. Uneven distribution of the pigment can be observed on the sites of the neurodermatitis.

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    Diffuse neurodermatitis is predominantly localized on the limbs, less often - on the skin of the trunk. The skin is compact, dry, cyanotic red, with a grayish-brownish hue. Skin pattern is pronounced. Nails, plates with a neurodermite are shiny, as if polished, drained along the free edge. Sometimes there is a lesion of the entire skin with the attachment of a secondary infection. An excruciating itching affects the general condition of the patient.

    Treatment should be directed to the cause or accompanying diseases that worsen the course of the neurodermite.

    Indicated in IV infusion of 10% calcium chloride solution per 10 ml, 10% sodium thiosulfate solution, in / m injection of vitamins B1, B6;

    inside - antihistamines( dimedrol, suprastin, diazolin), tranquilizers( elenium, trioxazine), glucocorticosteroid hormones( prednisolone, dexamethasone, triamcinolone), plasma transfusion.

    Diet with restriction of carbohydrates, salt, unloading days.

    Locally: glucocorticosteroid ointments( prednisolone, synalar, fluxin), naphthalan oil, antipruritic agents containing menthol, anestezin, dimedrol.

    Sanatorium treatment( Sochi - Matsesta, Naftalan), sea bathing, physiotherapy( UFO, ultrasound).