• Cleaning the face at home

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    Cleaning the facial skin at home helps her breathe and look fresh

    Facial cleansing is one of thethe most important cosmetic procedures that need to be performed from time to time, because small amounts of dust and other contaminants are constantly deposited on the skin, as well as the processes of aging and accumulation of harmful substances.

    Why to clean the face skin ^

    Facial cleansing is necessary for the following reasons:

    • The procedure allows cleaning the pores - as a result, the skin will "breathe" and look fresh;
    • During the cleaning process, the dirt is removed from the deep layers of the epidermis to the surface - this improves the metabolic processes in the cells, positively affects the complexion and the health of the skin as a whole;
    • Cleansing treats those inflammations that are on the skin( pimples, boils, etc.) and reduces the likelihood of their further appearance;
    • This process makes it possible to provide for a time to neutralize the body from microbes - accordingly, the probability of getting infection and strong inflammation decreases;
    • Cleaning allows you to stimulate blood circulation even in the smallest vessels and strengthen their walls - as a result, the skin is renewed faster, released from harmful substances, and the probability of contamination entering the blood decreases;
    • Finally, cleaning can significantly improve the protective properties of the skin.

    As with any procedure, the frequency of face cleansing is individual and depends on the skin condition and some other factors. In general, according to the reviews of girls, it is optimal to clean about once a month. But, for example, in the presence of serious skin diseases( such as purulent pimples), this process is necessary, and its frequency is set by the doctor depending on the degree of complication of the disease.

    When deciding whether it is possible to do face cleansing, it should be borne in mind that among the problems with the skin are those that can not be used to cleanse the face. These include:

    • Increased dryness;
    • Allergy to chemicals;
    • Dermatitis;
    • Eczema;
    • Psoriasis.

    However, even if there are no special problems and cleaning is done more for prevention, it is still advisable to consult with specialists about how it should pass and how often it should be done. According to many girls, it is better to seek advice from a doctor, as cosmetologists are interested in more frequent visits to the salon by clients and therefore are not always objective in their recommendations.

    Home facial cleansing: rules of procedure ^

    Cleaning the face of the house requires particularly careful consultation, within which funds will be selected that can be used to make the result positive. However, not all ladies have the opportunity to visit the beauty salon in order to regularly clean the face. For this, there is an alternative in the form of implementing this process at home.

    First of all, it is necessary to prepare the skin for further action. Before cleaning the face, you need to determine your skin type, on which the intensity of all subsequent actions depends( dry facial skin requires maximum careful care, and more time and effort is needed to bring the oily skin to normal condition).

    After this, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of the face with a special milk or gel, designed for washing. This is necessary in order to remove from the skin a layer of dust and prepare it for further stages. The next step is applying a scrub, massage the face for several minutes and rinsing it with water of a comfortable temperature.

    In this case, can come up as bought, and prepared self mask - a scrub for cleaning the face. The main condition - exfoliating particles should be small to avoid mechanical damage. Alternatively, facial cleansing gels, most of which contain skin softening oils, can be used.

    The following is directly cleansed:

    • If the face is cleaned at home, a herbal decoction is prepared. At the same time, different purposes of purification require a different composition of the preparation - for example, cleaning the face from black points on oily skin requires the use of chamomile or horsetail, and cleaning the face from acne on dry skin implies that the composition should be wormwood or yarrow.
    • The container, which is filled with cooked hot broth, should stand on the table. To conduct cleaning, you need to tilt your head over it and cover yourself with a towel so that the air is not accessible to the face.
    • After 15 minutes, the skin is prepared for cleaning( it is steamed and the pores are open), and it is necessary to remove the black dots with disinfected hands - the mud will simply come out of the pore.
    • To get rid of acne, you need to use various face cleansing masks, the most frequent components of which are different kinds of cosmetic clay, honey and lemon juice. They are applied to the skin for an average of 15 minutes and gradually solve the problem of rashes on the skin.
    • At the end of the cleaning procedure, to return the pores to their normal state, you should wipe your face with a tonic with a little alcohol and apply a moisturizing cream to completely restore the skin. Of course, facial cleansing is not a pleasant procedure, and in some cases may be painful, but adherence to the above recommendations will minimize discomfort.
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      Skin care after face cleansing: helpful advice and feedback ^

      In addition to regular facial cleansing procedures, it is necessary to follow and take care of the skin after it, as this process is stressful for the epidermis.

      In order for the skin to regenerate faster after the procedure, it is necessary to use moisturizing creams( especially for dry skin), as well as nutrient formulations. They should be applied after a preliminary cleansing with a means for washing( milk, gel or tonic).

      Reviews and useful advice of cosmetologists for skin care:

      • The recovery and skin condition between cleansing is seriously affected by such factors as nutrition and the amount of fluid consumed.
      • You need to eat more fruits and vegetables, and also drink green tea, which removes harmful substances from the body, thereby affecting the skin condition and simple water( at least 2 liters per day).
      • In case cleaning is carried out in the summer, it is necessary to use sun protection within a week after it.

      Thus, the facial cleansing can be carried out both at home and in the salon - the main thing is to observe the measure and choose what suits the features of the facial skin.

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