• Bursitis of the shoulder joint: symptoms, causes and treatment

    All movements in the joints are accompanied by friction of the articular surfaces against each other, this process is mitigated by the liquid that accumulates in the bursa( articular bag that forms part of the joint membrane).

    Inflammation of the bursa can cause active sports or similar movements, which leads to the development of the shoulder joint ailment.

    According to statistics, this is not such a rare pathology, for diagnostics it is important to seek help from a specialist, because under the mask of bursitis of the shoulder there may be other diseases, for example, arthritis.

    Causes of bursitis of the shoulder joint

    Why develops bursitis of the shoulder joint, and what is it? The bag begins to become inflamed, first of all, due to injury of the capsule or tendons, the same physical stress can also cause the development of the disease. Contusions, abrasions or minor injuries do not pass without a trace for the shoulder joint. The infection can get to the capsule with blood flow. The cause of bursitis of the shoulder joint may also be arthritis or gout.

    Bursitis can develop as an organism's response to an allergen, intoxication, a variant of an autoimmune process( the organism perceives its tissues as strangers) or due to a metabolic disorder is possible. In most cases, everything can develop for no apparent reason.

    Symptoms of bursitis of the shoulder joint

    Symptoms of shoulder bags are not so pronounced. Bursitis is accompanied by pain in the retraction or rotation of the arms, the shoulder is smoothed, and the deltoid muscle is evenly enlarged.

    On the outside of the shoulder, a slight swelling may be noticeable, palpation is painful. The exact diagnosis will help to establish only a specialist, because such a clinical picture can be in other diseases.

    The process can go from acute to chronic, the cause in this case may be repeated trauma or repeated acute bursitis.

    The wall of the joint thickens, calcium salts are deposited on it, this form is called stone or calcareous. With a constant increase in the load, the joint is permanently damaged, and prolonged immobilization in the absence of adequate treatment can become a causative muscle atrophy.

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    An experienced specialist can easily recognize the bursitis of the shoulder joint, as a rule, the clinical picture is quite enough.

    From the additional survey methods, the classic X-ray comes to the fore( it will help to recognize a deep process or a stone variant of the disease).The ultrasound will give information about the presence of liquid in the bag. A puncture is also performed with bacteriological and immunological examination of the contents.

    If the case is complicated and incomprehensible, you can perform both magnetic resonance imaging or, more simply, MRI.There is no specific laboratory investigation of the disease at this stage.

    Treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint

    During the treatment, the doctor pursues several main goals, which are aimed at:

    1. 1) Reduction of inflammation and soreness.
    2. 2) Increased mobility of the affected joint.
    3. 3) Prevention of recurrence of the disease and the release of a person to disability.
    Often used conservative treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint, in the absence of effect from which the operative is applied.

    Conservative treatment begins with complete immobilization, which can be achieved with a soft fixation bandage. Anti-inflammatory pills or ointments will help relieve pain syndrome. Antibacterial drugs are necessary in the case of the infectious nature of the disease.

    You can inject corticosteroid hormones into the affected joint bag, but it is only worth doing in severe cases. On the positive side, physiotherapeutic procedures, such as ultraviolet irradiation, UHF, photophoresis, proved to be effective, and compresses with alcohol at night( alcohol should be diluted 1: 1 better not to burn or use vodka) help to enhance their therapeutic effect.

    Restoration is simply unthinkable without performing special gymnastics. For example, you can perform jiggle, gradually increasing the amplitude of motion. Due to this, the recovery is accelerated, and the shoulder gradually begins to function normally. If we do not perform physical therapy, this will lead to progression of the disease and weakening of the movements.

    Successfully applied acupuncture acupuncture and acupuncture massage, in practice they proved their effectiveness in practice. The correct method of therapeutic physical training and massage, which is successfully used to treat bursitis of the shoulder joint, will help to select only a specialist, because injuries can aggravate the disease.

    In the purulent or chronic variant of the course of the disease, surgical treatment is indicated. The bag cavity is opened and its contents are removed. In the case of a purulent variant, the cavity should be adequately drained and antibacterial preparations used in combination.

    Prevention of bursitis of the shoulder joint

    The first thing to begin with is to minimize injuries, and during sports exercises use special bandages. In case of joint damage, the wound should be treated with antiseptic solutions and a bandage applied, this is important for prophylaxis of subcoracoidal( place near the beak-shaped scapula of the scapula), this place can be especially often injured.

    With infectious diseases it is also worthwhile to lead a merciless struggle( the doctor will effectively help in this), so the percentage of complications of bursitis of the shoulder joint or other pathology will be much lower.

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