• How is honey used in diabetes mellitus?

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    In diabetes, you have to be careful when using products and take them selectively, since many of them have a high glycemic index and can cause an increase in blood glucose. One of these products is honey, but there is no consensus - you can eat it with diabetes mellitus or not - in the medical environment there. Why are there disputes on this issue? Is honey useful or harmful for diabetics? The answer is in this article.

    Characteristics of honey as a product

    There is an opinion that with diabetes in general one can not eat sweets. But this statement is true in part, since the sweet sweet variety. Let's understand why? It is known that honey has a much sweeter taste than sugar, and it contains more calories with carbohydrates. Both sugar and honey are products that include simple sugars( monosaccharides).But sugar and honey have not only similarities, but also differences.

    Sugar is produced on an industrial scale, having undergone complex processing from raw materials( sugar beet or reed) to the final product. The main and only component of sugar is sucrose - quickly digested carbohydrate from monosaccharides, for the assimilation of which you need an insulin hormone.

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    The basis of honey is fructose and glucose - fast-digestible carbohydrates, but fructose and glucose are mostly found in the form of natural products and are found not only in it, but also in berries( fruits).But the main thing that distinguishes fructose and glucose is the fact that they do not need an insulin hormone for their assimilation.

    In addition, this composition includes small amounts of sucrose, as well as amino acids, minerals, vitamins, a group of enzymes. These substances are very useful not only for diabetics, but for all healthy people. Chromium, which is a part of honey, well regulates and reduces blood sugar( affects carbohydrate metabolism).

    Honey and diabetes

    It would seem, at first glance this product and diabetes are incompatible concepts, but this is only at first glance. The characteristics of honey as a product allow you to look at this product from a different point of view. The presence of many useful products and the assimilation of most monosaccharides contained in it, without insulin makes this product really indispensable.

    Honey with diabetes can not only be taken, but also necessary. But it should not be used by all diabetics, and also adhere to certain rules:

    • First, the severity of the course of the disease depends on the level of glucose in the blood( after taking sugar-reducing drugs or insulin).There are mild forms of the disease, when with the help of medicines or even with the help of a special diet you can adjust the amount of sugar. In severe cases, the sugar level remains high, causing many complications of diabetes. Of course, in these cases, the reception of honey as a treat to the patient is useless.
    • Secondly, it matters how much to use this product. On the scale, this product has a sufficiently high glycemic index( more than 70%) and refers to products that must be eaten with restriction even to those who have an easy form of diabetes mellitus. Therefore, honey for type 2 diabetes should be taken in small amounts, adding it to other foods( 1-2 tablespoons a day).After all, it is well known that everything pleasant should be in moderation.
    • The quality of honey - here opinions also diverge, because using it, bought on the market, is also dangerous for diabetics, as well as eating sugar. It's no secret that many manufacturers simply dilute honey with sugar, seeking the benefits of selling a more expensive product. Therefore, honey can only be consumed by the one whose producer you trust.
    • The use of this product in diabetes mellitus - it is best to use this delicacy together with honeycombs, since natural wax can reduce the rate of assimilation of fructose and glucose in the blood. Wax is a kind of cellulose honey that allows carbohydrates to be absorbed into the blood gradually.

    Treatment and therapy

    In no event can it be argued that honey can cure diabetes mellitus! Unfortunately, diabetes mellitus is a disease in which life-long drugs will have to be taken to reduce sugar.

    This product can not completely cure diabetes, but it creates that favorable background, which results in a comprehensive approach with increasing body resistance. It is the useful properties of honey as a product that make it indispensable in an integrated approach to the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Not casually this dainty enters practically in all means of national medicine.

    Treating diabetes with honey can help prevent complications and improve quality of life. Therefore, it is very important to get advice on this subject from an endocrinologist, from whom you are being treated and trusted. Only a doctor will be able to assess your condition, track how honey affects the sugar level, adjust the rate of honey that can be taken a day and assess the dynamics of the disease.

    Many doctors, monitoring the state and dynamics of the disease, noted the improvement of many indicators from the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as the work of the digestive system and urination with the use of sick honey. This effect is achieved due to the fact that honey contains a large number of nutrients that can participate in the regeneration of cells.

    There are different sources of honey - it is known to receive pollen from different flowering plants. The most useful varieties are acacia, buckwheat, lime. It is best to eat honey, filling them with different salads or spreading a tablespoon in a glass of warm water. People with hypersensitivity or allergies this product can not be consumed.

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