• Gynecomastia: surgery and all stages of surgical treatment

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    Many men are familiar with a problem like gynecomastia. Specialists engaged in the study of this problem, allocate a false gynecomastia, in which the breast increases due to excess fatty deposits in this zone, and the true - its development occurs due to the growth of glandular tissue. Most often there is a so-called mixed gynecomastia, in which the mammary glands become larger due to both these factors.

    Unfortunately, gynecomastia brings a lot of inconveniences and feelings to a man. But modern medicine is ready to offer people with this problem a very effective method - removal of gynecomastia through surgery. Of course, there are also conservative ways of treatment, but they are not so effective in neglected cases. Determine how to cure gynecomastia can only a qualified doctor.

    What do I need to know?

    Surgical treatment of such a pathology as gynecomastia has been used for a long time and is widely recognized as a standard. True, it is not always performed - in the early stages there is enough and conservative treatment. If a gynecomastia appeared in a teenager, then within two years the operation is not done, since during this period the manifestations of this disease often disappear.

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    The purpose of surgical intervention is to restore normal breast contours, excision of glandular and fatty tissues. If an older person suffers from gynecomastia, then it may be necessary to remove excess skin. And here to people young, a skin at which else is in a good tonus, such procedure is usually not required.

    What to do with gynecomastia?

    It should be noted that the most effective method of treating such a pathology as gynecomastia is the operation price, which may differ slightly in different clinics. If a man has detected symptoms of gynecomastia, then he needs to get advice from such specialists as a surgeon and an endocrinologist. Also, you will have to pass tests for the content of hormones in your blood and pass an ultrasound examination of both mammary glands.

    After receiving all the results, the doctor should explain in detail the patient what kind of operation he is going to have and what results should be expected of it. Also, the surgeon is obliged to perform an examination of the mammary glands in order to determine what is the ratio of glandular and adipose tissue. It is from this that the method of surgical intervention will depend. To get rid of false gynecomastia, liposuction is also enough, but the solution to such a problem as true gynecomastia is surgery to remove breast tissue through a very small parareolar incision.

    Preparation for operation

    If the doctor has determined that the only way to get rid of such a problem as gynecomastia is an operation: the cost of which is high enough, it is necessary to properly prepare for it. First of all, you need to start taking vitamins, try to eat right, include in your daily diet products such as meat, vegetables, fish and fruits. For a couple of weeks before surgery, smoking should be ruled out.

    Some time before the operation it is necessary to pick up and purchase compression underwear, which will have to be worn about three weeks after it. Since surgical intervention requires general anesthesia, the patient's stomach should not have any liquid, no food, no medicine. So, on the day of the surgery, you can not eat or drink anything, and you are also forbidden to take medicines and, of course, smoke.

    On the day of surgery the patient should be washed using antibacterial soap. Then the doctor determines the parameters of the breast and photographs it. Then the surgeon applies markings to the skin with a marker.

    In general, with such a problem as gynecomastia in men: surgery - the price, which can differ in different clinics, is sometimes the only method of treatment. That is why, in order to get a good result, the patient should be treated as responsibly as possible to the preparation stage.

    Surgical procedure

    The operation lasts about an hour and a half. First, the operating field is treated with alcohol, and then superimposed with special surgical linen. After that, the surgeon starts to work.

    Liposuction is performed by puncturing with a diameter of just two millimeters. To remove excess skin, the nipple is moved upward, excess skin is cut off, and in the area of ​​the nipple there is a barely noticeable scar. If the cause of gynecomastia is glandular tissue, the operation is performed through a paraareolar incision. Thanks to this method, it is possible to avoid the formation of

    scars on the skin. After operation

    As a rule, the gynecomastia disappears after the operation. To recover was quick, you must follow a few simple rules:

    • do not smoke for at least a couple of weeks;
    • do not take medications that dilute the blood for about 14 days;
    • three weeks you need to wear compression clothes;21 days do not go in for sports;
    • for about 7 days do not raise your hands high.

    The pain is usually poorly expressed, analgesics will help to get rid of it. If everything is all right, then the next day a man can be discharged from the hospital. Complications are extremely rare, usually only in elderly patients. Sometimes it is possible to reduce the sensitivity of the nipples or some asymmetry of the mammary glands.

    One of the most important aspects of choosing a clinic for such treatment as surgery to remove gynecomastia is price. But it is worth paying attention to the reputation of doctors, their experience, as well as the feedback of people who have been treated in this clinic. Only with this approach can you expect that gynecomastia will no longer cause any concern.

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