• What is the norm of sugar in the blood?

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    From time to time, each person should check the amount of sugar in their blood. It is very easy to do this - take tests or buy a glucometer. Even if a person feels fine, the blood sugar should be checked periodically.

    Symptoms of increased sugar

    There are certain signs that you can understand even without testing that the blood sugar level has shifted to a greater or lesser extent. The main symptom is a constant thirst. Also should alert the increase in the amount of urine, itching of the skin, mucous membranes of the genital organs, dry mouth. Many people with high blood sugar also complain of general weakness, fatigue and boils. If a person notices one of these symptoms, and even more, a few, one should not postpone for tomorrow and urgently visit a doctor. There, the norm of sugar in the blood is determined on an empty stomach.

    That's interesting! Officially in Russia, more than two and a half million people with diabetes mellitus have been registered.90% of people have type 2 diabetes. Control and epidemiological studies have shown that more than five million people simply do not yet know about their problem.

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    Risk groups and rate indicators

    After forty years of the World Health Organization, each person is advised to check the sugar level at least every three years. There is a certain risk group that should do this more often. It refers to people who are overweight or whose relatives are sick with this disease.

    Normal blood sugar level( blood from a finger on an empty stomach):

    • Regardless of age, the norm is 3.3-5.5 mmol / l;
    • At rates of 5.5-6.0 mmol / l, a person is diagnosed with latent diabetes or prediabetes;
    • 6, 1 mmol / L and higher is an indicator of the development of diabetes mellitus;

    If blood is taken from the vein for analysis, then diabetes is diagnosed when the sugar level is equal to or above 7.0 mmol / l.

    Many medical centers also offer to pass an express analysis for diabetes. It is carried out with the help of a glucometer. This is also a good way, but for better reliability it is still better to give blood

    Is it possible to avoid diabetes

    If there are some symptoms of this disease that are listed above, then for diagnosis of the disease, as a rule, just one check that will reveal the normal sugar contentin the blood or not. If the symptoms are absent, at least two tests must be done on two different days in order to diagnose diabetes.

    Often to confirm the diagnosis, a special analysis with "sugar load" is carried out. To begin with, a person's blood sugar is determined on an empty stomach, and then they give you a drink of 75 grams of glucose syrup. After a few hours, samples are taken again. At the same time, the analysis of abnormal sugar in the blood is up to 7.8 mmol / l. Prediabet is diagnosed if the index is 7,8-11,00 mmol / l, and above 11,1 mmol / l is already diabetes mellitus.

    It is recommended not to eat anything before carrying out tests. Also within a few hours between two analyzes it is forbidden to smoke, drink and eat. It is extremely undesirable during this period of physical activity( it lowers the level of sugar), as well as complete passivity. All this can affect the accuracy of the results and distort them.

    That's interesting! Most people who suffer from diabetes suffer from excess weight. Doctors advise to reduce weight by at least 10-15%.This will help the patient to significantly improve his state of health. To determine the normal body mass index( BMI), you need to divide the body mass by the height in squares in square meters. The indicator 18,5-24,9 will be considered the norm.

    Contraindications to the delivery of blood sugar tests:

    • Any diet, failure of sweet;
    • Acute conditions( colds, heart attacks);
    • Pregnancy( other diagnostic criteria);

    What to do if the pre-diabetes

    is revealed The very beginning of the violations of carbohydrate metabolism is called prediabetes. This is a signal to the fact that a person has already set foot on a dangerous path. It is necessary to begin to monitor yourself and your health. Firstly, it is to get rid of excess weight, and secondly, to decrease blood sugar levels.

    A person with this diagnosis should try to limit himself to eating. Per day an acceptable dose of calories - at the level of 1500-1800 kcal. Also, you should completely abandon the sweets and cakes, any baking. Cooking is recommended only for a couple, useful also boiled or baked food. Oil must not be used. To lose weight is not so difficult. You can start by replacing sausages with boiled meat or chicken fillet. Instead of mayonnaise and fatty sour cream salads can be filled with low-fat sour cream or sour milk yoghurt.

    Very positive for your well-being will be affected by sports. Suitable for any sport - from swimming to simple walking. If a person is at risk, he has high blood pressure and cholesterol at this stage of the disease, he is often prescribed and drugs that can lower sugar.

    If you pay a little attention to your health, then many ailments, including diabetes, can be avoided.

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