• Prevention and treatment of hypothyroidism by various methods and means

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    If the thyroid gland can not provide the body with enough hormones, then this syndrome is called hypothyroidism. This is not a disease in itself, although, such a state delivers a strong discomfort to a person. There are several main forms of the development of this disease. Depending on them, a specific treatment is prescribed.

    It should be understood that the treatment of hypothyroidism should be under strict doctor control. Because hormones - this is not the thing in the body with which you can joke.

    • Primary hypothyroidism is an inadequate amount of the gland hormones caused by various pathological processes in the gland itself. This form is found most often( up to 95% of cases);
    • Secondary hypothyroidism is characterized by an inadequate function of the gland due to impaired formation of the hormone adenohypophysis;
    • Tertiary hypothyroidism - deficiency of the thyroid hormone is provided by hypothalamus damage;

    Etiological treatment and substitution therapy

    In the question of how to treat hypothyroidism, the etiological treatment is the least suitable. Because it turns out to be ineffective.

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    Positive effect is achieved in very rare cases. For example, modern anti-inflammatory therapy can lead to the restoration of pituitary function.

    Primary, tertiary and secondary hypothyroidism is most often treated with land-based therapy. The body is injected with hormones or drugs that hormones contain. The most commonly prescribed types of drugs:

    1. Dried thyroid gland of animals or thyroidin. The drug is available in tablets. It has a large enough iodine content, also T3 and T4.The specific content depends on which of the thyroid gland of which animal this preparation is obtained from. The most effective are swine glands, because of cattle and sheep;
    2. Sodium salt, available in tablets( L-thyroxine).The effect of the drug manifests itself in a day or two, the period of excretion from the body is a week;
    3. Triiodothyronine is also available in tablets. It begins to work after four hours, but is effective only for several days. Completely eliminated from the body after ten days;

    Treatment of hypothyroidism in women and men is based on the same principles:

    • Throughout life, substitution therapy with thyroid medications is carried out. An exception is the transitional form of the disease;
    • Selection of the doses of drugs should be carried out exclusively by a doctor. He also determines the degree and duration, intensity of treatment. The more the stage of the disease is launched, the more acute the organism will react to taking new drugs;
    • If the patient is already in old age, then the dose of drugs should be minimal. Large doses of the drug can cause ischemia;
    • After the full effect of the previous dose, the following doses can be administered. Only so and nothing else.

    With prolonged therapy, hypothyroidism in men and women can go to a lighter degree. In connection with such a favorable development, it is possible to reduce the doses of the drug. However, medical supervision should continue to occur regularly. When an overdose of a drug containing hormones is possible, such side effects as hypertension, tachycardia, epigastric pain.

    Hospitalization - only for severely ill

    As for dispensary observation of patients at any stage of the disease, it occurs for life. This process is important in order to select an adequate and well tolerated dose of the drug used.

    For mild to moderate illness, treatment will be performed on an outpatient basis. As for direct hospitalization, it is relevant for patients with a serious course of the disease, as well as all sorts of complications.

    An endocrinologist and therapist are required to examine the patient at least three to four times a year. During the examinations, patients should take a blood and urine test, ECG.It is also necessary to constantly monitor the patient's body weight. When selecting subsequent drugs for treatment, the indicators of all analyzes, the general condition of the patient, are taken into account.

    During the dispensary observation, doctors also decide on the person's further ability to work. With mild and moderate severity of illness, labor can soon be restored. True, you will have to avoid heavy physical labor, as well as work that requires a constant stay on the street in the cold season. With severe hypothyroidism, work capacity is very low. In particular, this applies to people who are engaged in intellectual work.

    Treatment should be performed only and strictly under the guidance of a physician. Otherwise, there is a chance to hurt your health even more. The doctor will help to prevent the development of serious complications, will appoint all the necessary tests in order to pick the maximum correct and correct method of treatment and a drug that will have to be taken throughout life. An overdose of such a drug is also very dangerous. You must constantly be alert and watch your health.

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