• Methods for treating retinal angiopathy in both eyes

    In our hard time, there are a lot of eye diseases. The surrounding world, we also perceive through the eyes. The computer and TV greatly affect our vision, as well as reading books with the wrong light fall, all our stresses, lack of sleep. And some diseases that arise because of these factors can lead to such ailment as angiopathy of the retina of both eyes. We can not always take care of ourselves, because noticing one particular disease, we are obsessed with it, but do not pay attention to others. And often they follow the chain one by one.

    The causes of angiopathy of the retina of both eyes

    In general, angiopathy of the retina of both eyes is a cardinal violation of the walls of the vessels. They can be less elastic, have other bends, which leads to spasms. Not rendered in time the help of an ophthalmologist can lead to irreversible pathology. The vascular system begins to crumble for good. The reasons for this are internal diseases.

    If you notice something wrong with your eyesight - there's nothing to pull!

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    This is important! If you are among those suffering from hypertension, diabetes mellitus or you have a spinal injury, then you are at risk!

    A person must know all of his insinuating illnesses from the very childhood. Because often people move, their illnesses( medical card) remain on the old residence permit, and we do not know what we can or can not do. So, everything depends on ourselves, and the causes of the diseases, too.

    Symptoms of

    The symptoms of angiopathy of the retina of both eyes depend directly on the underlying disease.

    In hypertension:

    • Vessels first become narrow, then their expansion is observed.
    • Haemorrhages are often seen.
    • The angle of curvature changes from acute to more blunt, leading to an increase in eye pressure.

    Diabetic lesion is characterized by exudates, as well as by the excision of lipids from the vessels. Subsequently, detachment of the retina can occur.

    If you notice these signs - it's worth visiting a therapist( this is for a start).Some simply exaggerate the illnesses and symptoms, and then are afraid that they necessarily have this disease. Do not panic, because in the clinic they will diagnose everything.

    Types of angiopathy

    1. Hypertensive. Vascular work can be disturbed by cardinal changes in arterial and intracranial( ophthalmic) pressure, at which time hypertensive angiopathy of the retina of both eyes appears.
    2. Diabetic. Here everything is much more complicated. Wrong treatment can result in loss of vision. Vessels greatly expand, other vessels may appear, and zones of ischemia appear.
    3. Hypotonic.
    4. Traumatic. The disease is associated with diseases of the spine and neck. Due to the fact that the blood begins to circulate incorrectly in the body, the auditory and visual apparatus is disturbed.

    How is this ailment treated?

    Treatment of angiopathy of the retina of both eyes should be directly administered by your personal therapist and ophthalmologist. In no case do you need to take action in advance. Only after the diagnosis is made, the doctor can begin the course of treatment. Do not engage in amateur activities, and if you still decided to turn to traditional medicine, then consult with specialists. Perhaps they will support this technique. But do not go to any sorceress or sorcerer - you just wait for the weather to come from the sea, and the treatment that would help you at your stage will have to be changed, because you have not been treated, but the disease has progressed.

    The most common hypertensive and diabetic angiopathies of the eye.

    There is no standard treatment, because the body that the main disease, all different.

    1. With hypertension:
      • Consult with the doctor who put you on a regular basis for hypertension. He must assign you an additional course, which will help reduce the pressure. You may be prescribed a diet( strictly observe them).To stabilize the pressure without tablets, there are special baths, the prescription of which is prescribed by a therapist.
      • For example, with ischemia of the vessels, prescribe dilating agents. They mainly affect the vessels of the eyes and the brain. These funds include: Xavin, Trental, Stugeron.
      • To equip blood with food, oxygen inhalation is done.
      • In the clinic, you can also be assigned infrared laser radiation
    2. In case of diabetes:
      • The most important thing is to resort to rapid treatment of diabetes so that all indicators are normal. If it is connected with the endocrine system, then you need to change the body weight to your norm.
      • You are lucky if you had time to the moment when the retina detachment began, because this process is not being restored. At the extreme, laser work is carried out, before this, of course, medical. After laser treatment, a course of recovery is performed by the introduction of inhibitors.
      • The most neglected stage is the treatment with vitrectomy( after the laser).
    3. In case of traumatic diseases:
      • First you need to be examined by an ophthalmologist who will refer you to a traumatologist or surgeon in order to eradicate the epicenter of the disease.
      • A traumatologist or surgeon doctor will prescribe medications for you to restore something related to the neck, spine. If this is not possible, the doctor ophthalmologist will be forced to intervene surgically, if the evaluation by the medicamental method is ineffective.

    What's the forecast?

    How much will any treatment help you, be it pills, injections, laser therapies? So you believe in your recovery! You should never give up. And the most reliable means is a consultation with different doctors.

    Someone will be able to add something or, conversely, refute to the records of other doctors. If you have a difficult case, do not be afraid of consultations, they will only help you, because different decisions will be challenged and put forward.


    Finally, it should be noted the rules for those who have not yet been affected by such serious diseases. Enjoy life, watch your health, namely - for pressure and changes in mass and body design. Do not be afraid to contact a specialist. Watch what you eat and what you pay attention to, because all quarrels and negative emotions lead to pressure drops and diseases of the heart, head, and all internal organs!

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