• Causes of retinal angiopathy and correction of visual impairment

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    Aniopathy of the retina is not an independent disease, it becomes only a symptom of the diseases of the circulatory system throughout the body, specifically, the blood vessels in the ocular retina.

    The causes of angiopathy of the retina are the violation of nervous regulation. In modern medicine, this violation is given great attention, because it can cause sad consequences for the entire body, reaching the loss of vision. Angiopathy can affect both the adult and the children's body, but mostly it is diagnosed at the age of after thirty years.

    Reasons for the formation of a pathological condition of

    The causes of angiopathy of the retina can be correlated with a variety of environmental factors or in the case of abnormalities in the functioning of internal organs. Thus, the main reasons can be attributed:

    • Various injuries and their consequences.
    • Cervical osteochondrosis.
    • Intracranial pressure too high.
    • Smoking.
    • Pathology of the circulatory system.
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    • Disturbance of nervous regulation of tonus in vascular walls.
    • Diabetes mellitus.
    • Labor activity in harmful production.
    • High blood pressure.
    • Old age.
    • Poisoning of the body.
    • Systemic diseases - autoimmune vasculitis.
    • Congenital anomalies in the structure of the vascular walls.

    The causes of retinal angiopathy in children coincide with the reasons for the development of this deviation in an adult.

    Varieties and signs of angiopathy development

    The following types of retinal angiopathy are known in medicine:

    • Hypertensive form.
    • Diabetic form.
    • Hypotonic form.
    • Traumatic form.

    Hypertensive angiopathy develops due to the manifestation of hypertension. For this form of the disease is characterized by an uneven decrease in the lumen of the arteries in the eye day zone, the widening of veins, hemorrhages in the form of dots in different places of the eyeball, branching of the channel of blood vessels. If this type of disease has been started, the tissue on the retina begins to change, and when the angiopathy is stopped, the fundus acquires a healthy appearance again.

    In the absence of proper treatment for diabetes mellitus, a diabetic form of angiopathy develops.

    Two types of this condition can be formed: microangiopathy and macroangiopathy. Microangiopathy is a thinning of the capillary walls, which provokes a hemorrhage into nearby tissues and a violation of the total blood flow.

    Macroangiopathy is characterized by the damage of large vessels of the eyes. These can be the causes of angiopathy of the retina of both eyes. The manifestation of diabetic angiopathy is accompanied by an increase in the thickness of the basal membrane, clogging of the vascular walls, so their lumen greatly narrows and eventually can completely overlap.

    These pathological changes significantly reduce the microcirculation of blood in the body, which provokes tissue hypoxia. When the pathological condition starts, numerous hemorrhages begin and a noticeable impairment of the work of the organs of vision.

    With the hypotonic form of the disease, there is a pulsation of veins and a strong expansion of the lumen of the arteries. All this is complemented by the tortuosity of the vessels.

    Traumatic angiopathy of the eye can develop because of unexpected strong pressure on the chest, due to neck and brain injuries. This correlates with the damage of the vessels in the cervical region and the rise in intracranial pressure.

    Symptoms of the development of the pathology

    1. Deterioration of the functioning of the visual organs and opacity in the eyes.
    2. Bleeding from the nose.
    3. Loss of vision.
    4. Dystrophy in the retina.
    5. Moss in the eyes.
    6. Progression of myopia.

    Treatment of pathology and correction of disorders

    In the process of implementing therapy for a diabetic form of angiopathy, in addition to medicinal products, the specialist prescribes special nutrition, which implies the refusal to eat any foods high in carbohydrates. People with this diagnosis are recommended to perform feasible exercises, because they help the body consume sugar and restore the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

    In the treatment of hypertension, the main role belongs to the recovery of the pressure index, and the normalization of cholesterol concentration. Treatment is usually done by a therapist or cardiologist. Improve the condition of patients is obtained through the additional use of physiotherapy methods.

    The normalization of patients with angiopathy is effectively achieved by laser irradiation. In the treatment of the disease, not only ophthalmologists, but also other doctors of related specialties participate.

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