• Priapism

    Priapism is a condition of excessive erection, which predominates over sexual attraction. Acute priapism - a sudden arising sexual arousal, which is not satisfied with anything. Most often, it is caused by thrombosis of deep pelvic vessels, less often - leukemia or a tumor, compressing the roots of the spinal cord.

    Increased erection problems with age.

    The diagram of the survey of men and women( about their partners) in Finland( 1992) clearly shows that with age the frequency of impotence increases. At the age of over 70 years, every second man has a problem with potency. Obviously, some men try to hide their problems.

    Treatment of impotence:

    A. Mutual understanding, sensual and gentle relationship of partners to each other are very important for achieving a successful treatment outcome. At the first stage, partners should learn the practice of getting pleasure from mutual caresses without a steady erection in a man( without resorting to "penetration").Even if an erection occurs during this period, then no special attention is paid to it.

    B. Only after about two weeks, when an erection in the process of mutual caresses arises easily, an attempt is made to perform sexual intercourse. The partner takes the position of "woman on top" and implements the introduction of the penis. If the erection weakens, the sexual intercourse stops and the penis caresses hand;Attempt of intimacy is carried out again

    Intra penile implants. If impotence can not be cured, then surgical methods of treatment are used. Semi-solid silicone rods( A) can be inserted into the body of the penis, which makes it possible to insert the penis into the vagina. Disadvantage: the penis is constantly in a semi-excited state. Currently, a hydraulic prosthesis( B) is also used, which consists of tubes placed in the penis, a pump in the scrotum( 1), a reservoir with fluid in the abdominal wall( 2).To cause an erection, the man injects liquid into the cylinders, and to stop - opens the valve in the pump, returning the liquid to the reservoir.

    Unlike the usual erection with priapism of not the entire penis is straining, so it is arched, the head is soft, not tense. Strong and prolonged erections can be accompanied by painful sensations. Erection does not remove either urination or sexual intercourse.

    As a rule, emergency surgery is required to eliminate. One of the ways of treatment is drainage: piercing the penis with a special needle and draining blood from the cavernous bodies of the penis.

    Chronic priapism occurs mainly due to mental disorders. Most often it develops during the period of gradual extinction of sexual functions. The course of the disease is long, wavy. In such patients, a deep distortion of the sleep formula is observed, a deep sleep in this case suffers. Most often, this condition occurs in people who have had short-term sleep disturbances during their lives.