How beautiful to make an offer to a girl - offers hands and hearts

  • How beautiful to make an offer to a girl - offers hands and hearts

    Make an offer to your beloved is, of course, a responsible step for every guy. All - both romanticists and pragmatists - are at the same time worried the same way, striving to impress and get the desired "Yes!" In response. But many do not know how to make a beautiful proposal to a girl. And there are many ways.

    Popular tricks

    How to make an offer in the restaurant

    Such tricks, of course, have already become traditional, but from this they have not lost their popularity. Many girls would like to hear the sentence this way.

    Invite your chosen one to dinner in a nice cozy place( cafe, restaurant).Prepare appropriately: a fashionable suit, chic bouquet or a magnificent rose( according to preferences), a ring in a box for engagement. Say a touching speech( this is always like girls), stand on your knee and hand the ring. You can agree on a certain music, which will be delivered or played at this moment. This music will always be associated with a wonderful event in your life.

    Take off the hotel room, prepare it for the meeting. Sprinkle rose petals, light candles, pick up beautiful music. Create a romantic mood. It is possible from the entrance to the place where you will have dinner( light dinner surely in the room!) To place the balls puffed up with helium. On each of them make different inscriptions. For example: "You are the best", "I love you", "I always think about you" and other various compliments. Let the balls be bigger. And the last, at the place of dinner, should say: "Marry me!".You from the threshold will start handing the girl one ball( they will be under the ceiling), the beloved will read various compliments and thus approach the "treasured" ball. Handing the main ball, put a ring on your finger, symbolizing the engagement.

    Original offers

    Romantic offer

    Such proposals usually make romance. If your girl lives in a high-rise building on the upper floors, you can arrange for a couple of hours about a car with a basket-lift. The view should be perfect, you should have flowers, champagne, a ring. In the basket-lift you climb to the right floor, knock your beloved in the window. She peeps out, you make an offer, open the champagne and hand the ring. In this case it is important to anticipate in advance which window is open.

    Offer under the

    window You can put candles on the heart or the offer under the windows of your chosen one. It is advisable to do this at sunset, the effect will be better. To do this, take small candles in metal candlesticks( they are in many stores).They need about 100 pieces. Buy the same number of clear plastic cups. They will be useful, that candles do not blow out. Half a glass filled with water( so the glass does not fall), on top - lit candles. This may be a troublesome moment, but very romantic. For the solemnity you can invite a violinist. The girl will come down to you.

    It will be original, if you, for example, on You Tube download a video with a suggestion. You can send the girl a link with a suggestion to watch a good video. But it's better if you look at it together as if "accidentally".And then you will present your favorite ringlet.

    Public version of

    Public offer of hand and heart

    Public offers are popular. And more and more guys think how beautiful it is to make a proposal to a girl publicly. In this case, you can use different TV shows. Apply. Perhaps you will be selected to participate in such a show, then certainly such an offer will not be forgotten.

    Public offers can be made in the theater after the performance with a romantic content. During the bow of the actors, you can go on stage and pronounce the words of recognition and make an offer. All with joy will support your initiative with stormy applause.

    Ways how to make an offer, a lot. But remember that it is important to take into account the nature of your beloved, her preferences. And if she does not like unexpected surprises, then it's better not to make experiments. In any case, to hear an offer from a beloved man is a momentous event. Be happy!