• Does massage help in the treatment of glaucoma?

    Eye diseases occur quite often, one of the most common is glaucoma. With such a pathology as glaucoma, the intraocular pressure constantly or periodically rises due to the fact that the outflow of watery fluid from the eye is disturbed. Gradually, as the disease develops, visual defects and atrophy of the optic nerve are manifested.

    As a rule, glaucoma is bilateral, but asymmetric( with different pressure levels on the right and left eyes).This disease requires compulsory treatment, which can be prescribed only by a qualified ophthalmologist. Some experts are convinced of the effectiveness of such a method as massage with glaucoma, but it is not worth it to conduct it alone without consulting an ophthalmologist.

    It should be noted that the patient's eye pressure in glaucoma may persist. In some people, eye pressure at the onset of the disease does not rise above the 22 mm Hg mark, which greatly complicates the diagnosis. Glaucoma is usually divided into hypertensive, and also normotensive, which is extremely rare.

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    Exercise for increased eye pressure

    Light eye massage for glaucoma, which is performed with index fingers, is very effective at increased eye pressure. To perform the massage, you need to close your right eye and put a finger on your left hand near the bridge of your nose.

    Then, with this finger, move the eyeball rhythmically in the direction of the temple, while pressing the finger of the right arm in the middle towards the upper eyelid. Movement should be alternated. This massage is done for about 30 seconds on each eye.

    Exercises to improve blood flow

    Some eye exercises for glaucoma are designed to improve blood circulation in the area where eyeballs are located. To start one of these massages is with light stroking movements that need to be conducted from the central part of the forehead, gradually moving towards the temples.

    Then you need to grind the two temporal areas with your fingertips, applying some force. Then you need to make gentle patting movements on the entire surface of the forehead for about a minute and a half. Do not exert excessive effort. Such a massage promotes the inflow of blood into the frontal region, and, consequently, to both eyeballs.

    There is another type of massage, which also aims to increase blood flow in the area affected by the disease. To do this, you need to cover your eyelids with your fingertips, and then massage your eyelids very gently for about a minute.

    This not only enhances blood flow, but also helps to relax the muscles. Also, such a massage promotes a more free circulation of the intraocular fluid, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of a person suffering from glaucoma. The main thing is that during this exercise you can not put much pressure on your eyelids, otherwise you can damage your eyes.

    Massage, helping to remove from the eye voltage

    It is necessary to translate the view alternately to the right, then to the left twelve times in one direction and in the other direction. At the same time, all movements should be extremely slow, they should be performed as fully as possible and concentrated. After that, you need to make eyes with circular motions first counter-clockwise, and then in the opposite direction.

    Moving with your eyes is also slow and careful. As the final stage, you need to cover your eyes and gently massage the pads of your fingers with your eyelids. Then you just need to relax the muscles of the eyes and relax for a few seconds.

    Simple and effective exercises for removing eye fatigue

    To relieve fatigue, eye gymnastics in glaucoma is very effective. Performing such exercises is very simple, so they can do as not yet an old, and very old man. For the first exercise, you have to squint for five seconds, and then blink very quickly for about a couple of minutes. Such training is especially useful in the evenings, as it relaxes the eye muscles and normalizes blood circulation.

    You can perform a complex exercise. To do this, you need to look a couple of seconds away, and then look at the index finger, which should be right in front of your eyes. The finger should be watched for about four seconds. Then you need to look down for a couple of seconds, while trying to maximally relax the muscles of the eyes.

    It is worth noting that you do not need to do exercises alone without consulting an ophthalmologist. The fact is that the massage has contraindications for glaucoma, so this self-medication can only bring harm. In addition, one must remember that, unfortunately, it will not be possible to cure this pathology with the help of exercises alone, therefore, other medical recommendations can not be neglected.

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