Rice diet for body cleansing - cleansing and losing weight

  • Rice diet for body cleansing - cleansing and losing weight

    Rice can be considered almost universal tool, used since ancient times to reduce weight and remove accumulated in the body of slag. But if earlier rice was used in this way only in Asian countries, nowadays it is enjoying increasing popularity in Russia as well.

    However, it should be noted that the rice diet for body cleansing is not just a periodic eating of this product, but also in compliance with certain conditions( otherwise, instead of a positive result, you can get aggravation of existing diseases).

    The principle of the rice diet

    I would like to remind you that all modern diets, the purpose of which is weight loss, operate according to one principle: you start consuming only a low-calorie food that has a rather large volume for some long( or not) time. Because of the lack of the necessary amount of calories in the food you eat( according to your diet), the body is forced to take energy from its stores - the same fats that he diligently put on your waist and hips - which leads to the expected effect, ie to weight loss. At the same time, the feeling of hunger is drowned out due to the "voluminousness" of the consumed substances, which create a feeling of satiety.

    But rice, having the same properties( volume and low calorie) has one more important advantage: after soaking it acquires a porous structure that literally sucks out of your body for years accumulated harmful substances( various salts deposited in the joints and reducing their mobility, andslags).But with the long-term use of the rice diet, useful substances( for example, potassium) begin to be excreted along with bad and harmful substances to cleanse the body. That is why all forms of rice diets have a different duration.

    Types of rice and its benefits to the body

    Types of rice and its benefits

    The rice that we see in the store can have a different color:

    • a light brown shade corresponds to a rice grain with a preserved outer shell - in this rice there is a maximum amount of usefulour body of substances;
    • the usual white rice for us is obtained in the process of grinding, in which the outer shell of grain is removed;
    • light-yellow and semi-transparent rice grains become after the steaming procedure - and since the rice is processed before the outer shell is removed from it, most of its useful substances( slightly less than 80%) pass into its core, remaining in itand after grinding.
    Long grain rice

    In addition, rice can also have different shapes:

    • long grain rice is a "foreigner" - it is grown in countries of Asia, the Americas( in the North and South) and in Australia. Such a rice does not stick together during cooking, which makes it possible to use it when preparing most European and Asian dishes;
    • medium-grained rice is grown in the US, Burma, Spain, Italy and Australia - in ready-made dishes this kind of rice can be slightly stuck together, and it absorbs the flavors of neighboring products quite well;
    • round grain rice is in most cases domestic rice, but can also be imported from Italy, Ukraine, China and Japan - when cooking, it becomes soft, often sticking together, as it absorbs a lot of liquid.

    The rice diet for cleansing the body can be based on any of the aforementioned varieties of rice. Therefore, choosing a rice, focus more on its value than on the color or shape.

    Rice diets

    The simplest rice diet for body cleansing is a ten-day course of eating raw rice grains in the morning on an empty stomach( you can not even drink water).The number of seeds in a daily dose depends on your age( 1 grain per 1 year).After such a "breakfast" you can not drink or eat three hours. Three hours before bedtime, you also stop eating, but you can drink juices, water or tea. All 10 days, while "sitting on rice", you can not eat flour dishes, pasta and potatoes. Repeat the "rice procedure" can not be more than once in six months.

    The second variant of the rice diet for body cleansing is to boil a glass of rice( without salt) once a week and eat it during the day( in small portions), washing it with clean water, mineral water without gas or juices. One can adhere to such an unloading diet for one or two months, necessarily including fish( any, except smoked and salted) in your diet( on other days of the week), vegetables and fruits.

    Types of rice diets

    The third variant of the rice diet for cleansing the body is considered the most effective. Put in the evening in a jar two tablespoons( with a slide) of rice, fill it with water and put it in a dark place. In the morning, drink a glass of clean water, then rinse the soaked rice and cook( almost to the full preparedness) without salt. Eat cooked rice, and then do not eat or drink for four hours. After that, you can eat as usual, except for pickles. To repeat a rice breakfast it is necessary daily within two weeks( no more, differently rice will start to take from an organism useful substances).During the observance of the rice diet, for the purification of the body, there may be small ailments( for example, headaches) that must pass within 24 hours( if they last longer, take a break in the diet for 2-3 days, while consuming more seasonal fruits and vegetables).Next time to repeat such a two-week diet will be possible only after a year and a half or two.