Buckwheat diet for weight loss - diet food

  • Buckwheat diet for weight loss - diet food

    You can lose weight in many ways. Someone prefers vegetable diets, someone reduces portions and excludes all fatty and sweet, meticulously counting the number of calories in each piece sent to the mouth. Some people choose a simple option that does not involve the use of mathematical abilities, but which requires considerable concentration of willpower: do not eat after five( four, six. .. - variations) hours of the evening.

    About the benefits of ordinary buckwheat

    Useful buckwheat

    There is another way. This is a special buckwheat diet for weight loss. Without causing permanent riots of the hungry stomach( because the stomach will not be very hungry) and supplying the body with enough vitamins, the diet allows you to lose depending on the duration of its compliance and the stubbornness of losing weight from 2 to 12 kg( of course, at different times - 2 kg per pairunloading days, 12 kg - for 2 weeks).

    This diet has several options, and everyone can choose the one that will be easier for him to sustain. But why buckwheat, and not rice, for example, or millet? The fact is that of all the cereals this is the most saturated with vitamins and beneficial substances.

    Vitamins and buckwheat

    There is a lot of protein in it. There is folic acid, vitamins of group B( B1, B6, B2), and also there is iron and calcium. It is no accident that this rump is recommended for people with diabetes.

    Please note! It is able to quickly saturate the body with all the necessary easily digestible nutrients and at the same time it does not contain sugar at all.

    Buckwheat perfectly cleanses the vessels and strengthens the heart muscle.

    Menu buckwheat diet

    Buckwheat on water

    The only "but": to make buckwheat really helped to clean and strengthen, and not only to saturate the body, it must be cooked not how we are used to. So, try one of the options of the buckwheat diet menu.

    Pure buckwheat. This method is the easiest, but you need to have a certain shutter speed. Taking one glass of buckwheat, it should be poured with warm water in the usual proportions - as for cooking - and left overnight. In the morning, the water that was not absorbed, it is necessary to drain, and the resulting porridge( without salt, sugar, butter, milk!) Divided into 3 portions. This is your breakfast, lunch and dinner in all its glory. At first it may seem not too tasty and boring, but gradually you will be drawn. And that the body does not suffer from a lack of sugar, eat in the morning on an empty stomach a teaspoon of honey( you can dissolve it in a glass of warm water).

    Please note! During the day there is nothing more, but you can brew for yourself any teas in unlimited quantities.

    Drink a lot, so that toxins go faster and metabolism goes faster. By the end of the diet, you can add fruits and vegetables to the diet - so it will be easier to hold out.

    Buckwheat on kefir

    Buckwheat on kefir. The recipe for buckwheat diet on kefir is also very simple. Taking the same glass of buckwheat, it should be filled with a glass of kefir in the evening. In the morning, the mass will swell slightly and become like a porridge. The taste is rather peculiar, but the yogurt contributes to a quick quenching of the hunger and contains trace elements that support the "malnourished" organism. So this version of the diet may like many more than the previous one. There is buckwheat with yogurt during the day, divided into portions - as you like. You can drink in unlimited quantities, but, of course, the drink should be unsweetened.

    Please note! At night, it is better to refrain from taking "kefir kasha" - so the effect will manifest faster.

    Buckwheat with dried fruit

    Buckwheat with dried fruits. This method allows you to get carbohydrates and sugars to keep a clear head while still losing hateful pounds. You can add to any buckwheat on the water any dried fruits found at home - dried apricots or raisins, dates or figs. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise instead of losing weight, its set will go.

    Please note! It is believed that 100 g of dried fruits - the limit of normal, no longer allowed.

    Tomato juice

    Buckwheat and freshly squeezed juices. The most, perhaps, tasty and most difficult in the performance of a diet of all options. Here, too, you need to eat a glass of soaked buckwheat in the water a day, but it can be pleasantly varied by various juices. Carrot, orange, cucumber or apple, pear, tomato - any juice in any combination, if only the body does not react with allergy to excess vitamins. But those who are already happy and decided to apply this option, you should be very cautious: in the consumption of juices you have to limit yourself.

    Please note! Many of them are quite caloric. Therefore, if the juice is saturated and with the pulp, you should not drink more than two glasses a day.

    But you can drink water as much as you like, as in previous cases.

    Loss of extra pounds

    What time period is ideal for achieving the effect of a buckwheat diet? You can easily arrange a diet for a week - this is enough to part with 7-8 kg.

    Please note! Maximum duration of absorption of buckwheat porridge without additives - 2 weeks, otherwise the body will lose not only fats, but also muscle mass.

    If to you while it is difficult to be solved on 7 days, filled exclusively with buckwheat, try to arrange one unloading day - it is simple by way of experiment. First, you even a little build a day, feel light, and secondly, you can assess their strength: are you ready for a full-fledged diet.

    Life after a diet

    Doing sports

    Do not repeat the diet too often - it's still not a way of life, it's only a temporary period designed for weight loss. After blowing the seventh( or the fourteenth - your choice) day, you can return to a full meal. This is where the most difficult thing begins - to keep the result.

    Please note! To facilitate your return to your usual life, try to start regular sports while you are dieting.

    Find yourself interesting lessons, plan life so that there is always some goal in front of you. And remember your feelings of lightness and the sense of victory that arose when you said goodbye with extra pounds. All this will help in the future not to overeat, keep the weight within the limits of the norm and live a full-fledged, saturated life.

    As soon as you feel that the weight at least slightly begins to grow, arrange yourself unloading buckwheat day. Now, when the surplus - just some half a kilogram, "sitting" a day on buckwheat - is a pleasure compared to the fact that once it was a full two weeks, is not it?