How to clean the stomach after cesarean section - we remove the stomach after caesarean

  • How to clean the stomach after cesarean section - we remove the stomach after caesarean

    Any woman wants to look beautiful and attractive. First of all, do not forget to look after yourself during pregnancy and after childbirth. After all, the presence of extra pounds on the stomach after Caesarean section worries all.

    Without physical exertion

    We remove the stomach without exercises

    Of course, after such an operation you can not load yourself with physical exercises, but you also do not want to walk more than nine months, if not more. Therefore, everyone is interested in how to clean the stomach with safe methods.

    After the delivery without surgery, you can almost immediately start various types of exercises designed for nursing mothers. In a situation where a woman gave birth by Caesarean section, this is simply unacceptable. Absolutely all doctors strictly prohibit any physical stress on the press for about a year. It is necessary that the time passes, because it is during this period is the process of healing all the sutures.

    Under no circumstances should you follow advertisements and take all sorts of teas, supplements for food, especially pills. It would seem, and so it is clear that you should not use such measures, but there are girls, well, very much worried about the excess weight after childbirth. It is on these and calculated advertising harmful drugs for weight loss. We must always remember that it will not lead to anything good, but will only aggravate the condition of the female body and add a couple more problems.

    Visit to the doctor

    Ultrasound of the seam area

    If the rehabilitation time has already passed and you are ready to start physical exercises, it would be useful to visit your personal gynecologist. He before the beginning of any complex of trainings will send you to ultrasound( ultrasound).After all, it may turn out that you are worried early about the stomach problem after a cesarean section. The fact is that after any birth, he will be drawn in without your help.

    Having an irresistible desire to get rid of the stomach, do not spend half a day in the gym or sit on different diets. Because you, first of all, should fully eat and rest. After all, more recently you have become a mother, the baby requires attention and feeds on the milk that you give him.

    It is important not to overdo it with too high-calorie and especially useless food. So all your attempts to clean the stomach after cesarean section will turn for you, rather, by adding several kilograms. If you listen to the opinion of nutritionists, you can diversify your diet, it will be useful for you and your baby.

    Getting Started with a Light

    Getting Started with a Walk

    First of all, we should not forget that the body after such a difficult operation needs peace. Therefore, to start loading it is gradual. For example, walking with a wheelchair in the open air, household chores, cleaning, etc. also helps in the fight against excess weight.

    You can do dynamic gymnastics with a baby. In other words, you will be engaged in ordinary household chores, at the same time gradually recovering. If you feel tired, you can at any time make a breather.

    Visiting the gym

    If you are allowed time and opportunity to register in the gym, be sure to tell the trainer that you were given a cesarean section during childbirth. He will make up for you an individual program of studies, which you will have to adhere to.

    Plus to all this, the instructor can advise you what kind of correct food should be consumed and how not to overdo it with exercises, then not suddenly appear in the doctor's office with a problem of malaise. It is important to remember that if you started a regular visit to the gym, you should not skip classes in the absence of urgent circumstances.

    Even with a strong desire to remove the belly, an exposure is needed. Over time, you will get used to this pace of life, and it will be possible to slowly complicate your studies, especially if a considerable period of time passed during which all the seams were tightened and the body went back to normal - then you can start more active studies.

    Of course, do not expect the result immediately, the main thing is to make efforts to achieve it. If the young mother does not have time to visit the gym, you can wear a special bandage. You can buy it at the pharmacy. It does not cause discomfort and is very simple to operate. Putting it on, you help the muscles of your tummy to return to normal, reduce the burden on the spine. This is one of the most convenient ways, but you do not need to get used to it. Still, most of the time the muscles should work themselves.

    Surgical intervention

    Surgical method of suspending the abdomen

    There is an operation called abdominoplasty - a radical measure for those who are very tormented by the problem of excess weight after cesarean section. Thanks to such an operation, you can get rid of the abdomen very quickly, without exerting absolutely no effort. And, of course, only those who have the financial ability to pay a rather expensive procedure will be able to take this step.

    Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery, during which the removal of fat deposits and excess skin tissue occurs. In addition, the concealment of the divergence of the rectus abdominal muscles is performed, and this is common in the giving birth to women quite often. Of course, like any other operation, this one can not be called simple. Moreover, it is quite long - most often abdominoplasty is performed for at least two hours. Do it only under general anesthesia, which can not be called absolutely safe for the newly-become mother of a woman. For this reason, before deciding on such a serious step, it is worth trying to get rid of the problem in less radical ways.

    The most important thing: do not forget that the problem of how to remove the stomach after cesarean section should go to second place. After all, you have a wonderful baby, maybe even a few and a loving husband who should support you, so that the so-called postpartum depression does not develop.