• Hair mask with mustard - masks with mustard

    About almost all women dream of magnificent and surprisingly beautiful hair. Healthy curls, regardless of their color, length or "curly hair", always look great, decorating any lady no worse than an expensive accessory. However, nowadays, keratin fibers are the first to suffer from harsh overseas tubes and jars, high-temperature "gadgets" for hair care and unfavorable environmental factors, drying up the effect of heating in apartments and our eternal passion for hard mono-diets. Sighing, many modern beauties glance at the pictures with images of Old Russian and Oriental charmers with thick and silky locks. How did they achieve this? It is known that the hair mask with mustard is not the first century that saves many hair, stimulating hair growth, strengthening hair follicles, preventing hair loss and the cross-section of their tips.

    What is still attractive for dry mustard?

    Mustard powder

    In "grandmother" cosmetology, mustard powder served to warm up the scalp, which stimulated blood flow to the hair follicles, strengthened their nutrition, so that with the regular application of this miracle agent, hair growth was seen. Depending on the natural strength of keratin fibers, it was possible to extend the hair by 3 or even 6 cm per month! In addition, mustard has a wonderful bactericidal and cleansing effect. It helps to strengthen fragile and weakened hairs, helps to get rid of dandruff, dries the skin, significantly reducing the secretion of sebaceous glands, increases the volume of luxurious female hair, due to the multiplication of healthy hair. Many modern ladies - supporters of natural means of caring for themselves and their curls, have adopted this simple spice available.

    Please note! Mustard is a rather aggressive substance, so it can only be used with great care.

    Rules for beginners: what you need to know?

    Preparation of mustard mask
    1. The main condition for the safe use of mustard powder in hair masks is the absence of allergies! Before this tool is applied to the roots of hair, it is necessary to dilute a little dry mustard on the tip of the knife in warm water to a creamy condition and drip onto the inner bend of the elbow. If there is only a slight burning sensation, not accompanied by itching and redness, then you can not be afraid of an allergic reaction to mustard. You also need to do with a complex composition of mustard masks. When preparing the mixture, it is necessary to check it for hypoallergenicity in the same way. Only safe mixtures for skin and hair will give the expected effect!
    2. For cosmetic purposes it is allowed to use exclusively mustard powder, since in a familiar spicy appetite spice there are substances that adversely affect the health of keratin fibers: acetic acid, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.
    3. A ready-made mustard mask for hair professionals recommend applying only to contaminated( but not too greasy) strands that are already covered with a thin film of sebum. It will protect the hair from drying and destruction. In this case, the hair should be moist.
    4. When applying the mask with mustard powder, it must be carefully monitored to prevent it from getting on the mucous membranes of the eyes!
    5. The mustard is diluted with exceptionally warm, comfortable water, since toxic essential oil compounds are formed from the connection with boiling water, damaging the scalp and strands.
    6. Do not insist on using a mustard mask for a long time, as with prolonged cooking it reproduces more and more aggressive chemicals that can cause skin burns. The same effect is achieved when adding sugar to the mask, it must be filled strictly according to the prescription, as it intensifies the burning sensation.
    7. The mustard mixture is applied exclusively to the roots of the hair, it is not necessary to process the tips, they are already dry. According to the tips experienced, the ends of the hair must be lubricated with any base oil( olive, peach, burdock or other) to prevent them from drying out when in contact with the mustard mixture.
    8. It is also necessary to strictly observe the duration of the mask with mustard for hair. It can be increased due to the abundance of softening components in its composition or reduced because of the high concentration of aggressive substance. In order not to overdo the epidermis of the scalp and not to provoke the appearance of scaling and dandruff, cosmetologists recommend enriching the mustard mask with olive, burdock, castor, linseed, jojoba, almond or any base oil that moisturizes, softens the scalp and your strands. It must be remembered that burning should be easy, sensation tolerable, and in case of intensification of the negative reaction, immediately rinse the head with warm pleasant water.
    9. When flushing hair and mustard mixtures, use warm, comfortable water. Even not very strong burning of the mustard mask significantly increases the sensitivity of the skin, so hot or cold water will negatively affect the sensations and can harm the hair follicles.
    10. Upon completion of the procedure, washing off the remains of hair mask with mustard, you can use your favorite shampoo, and then apply a balm to the strands of hair to prevent the withered.

    How often can I make a hair mask with mustard?

    How often to make a mask with mustard

    Each type of hair needs a different frequency of using mustard masks:

    • Oily hair needs care with this procedure - no more than once in 5-6 days;
    • Normal - once a week;
    • Dry - even when using emollient components - no more than once every 10-12 days.
    Please note! The course of mustard masks for hair is at least 1 month, then it is necessary to make an equivalent pause to repeat it again.

    How to correctly apply a mustard mask?

    In the first stage, we dilute the indicated amount of mustard powder with warm water to a creamy consistency. Stirring thoroughly, add the remaining components of the mixture. Holders of dry hair handle the ends of the strands with any cosmetic oil( olive, almond or liquid vitamin A from the pharmacy).Girls with a fat type of strands can immediately apply the mixture to the roots of the hair. We cover the head with a light compress( a polyethylene cap and a soft terry towel).

    Please note! The first procedures usually take no more than 10-15 minutes, because when burning is intensified, it is necessary to wash off immediately the remnants of the mixture from the head. Further in connection with individual sensations it is necessary either to reduce the amount of mustard, if there is a burning sensation, or to increase the duration of the procedure to 20 minutes or more under comfortable conditions.

    Classic and unique recipes for "magic" mustard masks

    Mustard mask with honey

    The classic hair mask with mustard consists of spicy powder and warm water. For its preparation, it is necessary to dilute the mustard to a creamy condition and rub it into the scalp and the roots of the hair. Further it is desirable to wrap the head with a compress and after 10-15( maximum 20) minutes, wash off the remains of mustard paste from the hair.

    Firming mustard hair masks:

    1. 5-6 drops of olive or coconut oil are dripped into the diluted mustard powder. Apply a homogeneous mixture to the roots of hair and after 20-30 minutes rinse with warm, comfortable water.
    2. Strong hair loss can be prevented by applying the following mask composition: 20-25 g of mustard powder diluted with water( warm), add 25 ml of onion juice, garlic, aloe, liquid honey and one egg yolk. Beat the ingredients until smooth and rub the healing composition into the skin and hair roots. Keep this mask under the compression can be up to 60 or even 90 minutes, unless the burning starts.
    3. Strengthen the rods and roots of hair, markedly accelerating their growth, can be mixed with 50 g of mustard powder, 50 ml of warm water, 20 g of sugar, egg yolk, burdock and sea buckthorn oil - 20 ml( if you are not satisfied with the rusty hue that giveshair sea buckthorn extract, then it can be excluded) and 15 ml liquid vitamin A( or E).Keep a uniform mixture of these ingredients on the hair can be from 20 to 30 minutes, if there is no discomfort.
    4. Thoroughly mix 50 g of mustard powder, 40 ml of peach, olive, coconut, burdock, almond or even sunflower oil, 1 egg yolk and 20 grams of sugar( 1 tablespoon "without a slide").The time of the procedure varies from 15 minutes to an hour, if there are no unpleasant sensations. If strong burning occurs, rinse the remains of the mixture, and next time cut the sugar twice, putting 10 g.
    5. Strengthen the dry strands will help the following mixture: 10-15 g of mustard powder( 3/4 - 1 tsp) mixed with olive oiland fatty cream, taken for 20-25 ml. You can enrich the mask with 10 g of butter. Beat the ingredients until smooth and then the prepared mixture is thoroughly rubbed into the skin and hair roots. Wrap the head with a compress and after half an hour wash off with warm pleasant water with the addition of the usual shampoo.
    6. Oily hair perfectly strengthens the mask from 50 g of blue( or white) clay, 20 g of diluted mustard in warm water, 25 ml of fruit vinegar( apple) and a few drops of arnica tincture from the pharmacy. Next, you need to wrap your head after rubbing the mixture into the roots of your hair and after a third of an hour, wash your head thoroughly with your favorite shampoo.
    Mustard mask with onion

    An additional effect of healing hair can be obtained if the spicy powder is diluted with warm black or green tea, as well as decoction of a string or burdock, nettle or chamomile and other miraculous plants. Hair mask with mustard - a real healing balm, strengthening and giving your hair splendor and silky, amazing natural brilliance and health! After the course of mustard masks your strands will acquire a chic and shining look, charming the surrounding!


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