Folk remedies against hair loss - folk remedies against hair loss

  • Folk remedies against hair loss - folk remedies against hair loss

    Hair loss on the head - a problem quite common. And very often it happens that people just simply do not pay attention to it, referring to specialists only when they notice that their hair is very thin, and on the comb every time there is just a huge amount of hair. And very vain! After all, in such cases the doctor's help is necessary. If this process is not so threatening( the amount of hair on the comb is not very large), you can try using folk remedies for hair loss. It is believed that the loss of 30-50 hairs a day - the norm, but if more than 50-60 drops out - this is already the beginning of a very unpleasant problem.

    Causes of hair loss

    One of the easiest ways to stop hair loss: eliminate the causes that cause it. But most often, why the hair fall out is unknown to us.

    There are a lot of reasons for the dropout. The most common are:

    1. The consequence of infectious diseases. Usually, loss for this reason begins 10 weeks after the infectious disease. And after about three months comes its culmination: very much thinning hair, sometimes even temporary hair loss can happen. Typically, the causes of hair loss are diseases such as: flu, typhoid, scarlet fever and pneumonia. What's good, after you eliminate the focus of infection, the hair will stop falling out.
    2. Consequence of childbirth. Approximately 11 weeks after childbirth, often increased hair loss begins. And this process lasts about six weeks, during which it is best until the hair has not come to a normal state without staining, curling or discoloring them.
    3. Consequence of diseases of internal organs. Therefore, hair loss due to this reason is quite a common phenomenon, which usually leads to the fact that the hairline begins to severely fall. After the transferred or carried illness or disease the hair any more do not come back to the past status, and become much more thin. Most often, the place where the hair falls most is whiskey. What's good, once strengthen your health and hair will stop falling out.
    4. Consequence of poisoning. It is characterized by hair loss with whole bunches, or if you slightly pull the hair, and it remains in your hands - a typical phenomenon in metal poisoning.
    5. Consequence of hormonal disorders. This reason must necessarily be treated only by a doctor, folk remedies against hair loss will not help. Here you need to replenish the missing hormones, and as you know, it's impossible to do this without a doctor.
    6. Consequences of vitamin deficiency. Here everything is quite simple: make up for the lack of certain vitamins( which doctors tell you again) and everything is normalized.

    Of course, do not assume that only these reasons can be the source of the problem. Remember, eliminate the cause - hair loss will pass!

    Universal folk remedies

    Use of folk remedies at home

    If you want to strengthen and prevent the appearance of this problem, you can refer to folk remedies for help, which are most often based on the use of medicinal plants.

    Very good results with hair loss gives a head wash with a decoction of birch leaves. The recipe is quite simple: you need to take a glass of dried birch leaves and pour them about a liter of boiling water, let stand for about an hour. Then get the decoction to rinse the hair after washing.

    If hair loss is accompanied by severe sebum and dandruff, it is recommended after washing and slightly dried hair, rub the skin with a tincture of leaves of ordinary nettle. It is prepared this way: take a tablespoon of nettle leaves, fill them with a glass of boiling water and let it brew for about half an hour. Then filter the resulting solution. Use this tool only once a week for a long period of time.

    Remarkable tool - infusion of leaves and fruits of buckthorn sea-buckthorn( you need to use not only as a means for external treatment, but also inside), they say that it helps even with beginning baldness. The recipe: pour two tablespoons of fruit and leaves of sea-buckthorn with two tablespoons of boiling water. Let stand for 3 hours in a very well sealed container, and then drain. Drink two times each day before breakfast and dinner for 150 grams of tincture. Also rub it daily at night into the scalp.

    If you are overtaken by the problem of hair loss, wash your head with a special decoction: pour boiling water 10 grams of calendula, 20 grams of hop cones and 20 grams of burdock roots. Just remember, if you started treatment of hair with such a means, you do not need to wash your head more than twice a week.

    Than to treat dry hair

    When dry hair begins to fall out, this becomes a much more complicated problem. After all, the skin with such hair is usually sensitive enough and not every possible recipe will suit it. Therefore, there are special ways to treat hair loss, aimed at their dry type.

    The first recipe is suitable for very dry hair. After the head was washed with shampoo, washed with water and slightly dried hair with a towel, the head should be nourished with a nourishing mask. It is prepared in this way: two yolks, ten drops of glycerin, ten drops of lemon juice are taken and all this is dissolved in three tablespoons of boiling water or( even better) the broth of any medicinal herbs. The resulting composition should be rubbed into the skin and hair, and then wrap the head with a towel. After about twenty minutes, the hair is rinsed, first with warm water, then with a special solution( boil a large spoonful of chopped wood root in one liter of water.) Then add honey( a tablespoon) and juice of a half lemon to the broth. This treatment should be done within two months. It is necessary to wash your hair twice a week.

    If your hair is not only dry, but also seen at the ends, it is very good for them to rinse with water, which is added with a lime blossom( 2 tablespoons of it pour a liter of only boiled water and let it infuse for 20 minutes.)

    Treatment with folk remedieshair loss has always been an incredible success. For example, for several centuries, castor oil is simply an incredibly effective tool against hair loss. With its properties it has a very beneficial effect on the roots and strengthens themThe way to use it is quite simple: it is necessary to heat a little oil in a water bath, and then, taking an unnecessary toothbrush, lubricate the skin of your head with it, then wrap it with a warm towel and leave it for at least five hours. Rinse your hair with shampoo, preferably with those containing natural plant extracts. Repeat this procedure once a week for two months. According to folk medicine men: hair after oil will not only stop falling out, but will become even thicker. And their growth should accelerate.

    When treating hair loss in women, do not rely solely on external effects on the problem. Be sure to follow a certain diet, because the health of the hair very much depends on how you eat. While treating hair it is best to give up too sharp and fatty foods. You need to eat as much fruit and raw vegetables as possible, if you can not even peel off the peel. It contains a huge amount of silicon, which is very necessary for hair growth.

    Remember that treatment with folk remedies will not be an alternative to treatment for professionals. This is more a certain prevention than a full-fledged treatment.