• How to grow strawberries? When to plant a strawberry correctly?

    First you need to figure out what time of the year is best suited for planting strawberries, and then pick up the fertile soil and care for the berry.

    When to plant a strawberry
    You can start planting strawberries in spring and summer, but it's best to do it in mid-May. It is also worth noting that the landing is best done during the growing moon. If there is no way to do this in May, then August will be the best month, but in no case later. The berry will get better, if you plant it in cloudy weather.

    How to grow strawberries from seeds

    Strawberries differ from adult plants in that they plant it in a simple soil without adding any make-up. For this, our site Vse-Sekrety.ru recommends the use of sandy loam or a mixture of river sand and garden land. It is desirable to pre-treat the soil and make it extremely friable and light, this will improve the drainage and air flow. The soil must have a neutral acidity. Previously, the ground is disinfected with the help of an oven or boiling water, because young seeds have a lowered immunity and can not withstand pests, which leads to serious diseases.

    Prepare the open ground in advance to make a landing. In autumn, dig the soil to a depth of about 30 centimeters, then make a reservation for 15 centimeters in the fall. In addition, it is desirable to replenish the soil by one of the methods of natural farming.   

    Then you can start landing, but first soak the seeds. Leave them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 50 minutes, then keep in clear water for 48 hours. Of course, it is impossible to completely cover the seeds with water, it is better to moisten the tampon and put them into it. To make a landing take the boxes with a height of about 10 centimeters, also from the bottom make a 2 centimeter layer for drainage. Then add the soil to half the volume of the box, water and wait until the soil is impregnated with water.

    Because the size of the seeds is small, you need to plant them superficially. Take a wooden skewer to distribute the seed evenly. To accelerate the germination can be a film, which is pulled on the top of the box, it will help to keep the heat. Every day it needs to be removed for a short while during watering, so that oxygen enters. You can also improve the ventilation by creating holes on the film. As soon as you see the first shoots, you can remove the seedlings in the sun for about an hour and a half. When you remove the film, you will need to place the seedlings more often under the direct rays of the sun in the morning. Then you can take it out on the street to make the strawberry harden. Carry out a transplant into the open ground only if 5 sheets grew and hardening lasted more than 7 days.
    To plant strawberries in the ground, you need to make a hole in it for the rows. Between the bushes leave a distance of 15 centimeters, and between rows about 20-25 centimeters. It is very important how deep the pit will be, because if the roots go too deep - they will not be able to fully develop and die. Also, with too superficial planting, they can not get moisture and grow, so the strawberry will die. The best option is to place the leaves of the leaves above the ground, and the root system inside the soil. Do not forget to look after the strawberry and water it, and also use the means to get rid of pests.

    Do you grow strawberries in your country?