• How to choose a lawn mower? Electric or gasoline select?

    Today we will talk about the lawn, grass and lawn mowers( probably, it is not necessary to explain that the device on wheels is a lawn mower, and everything portable is a motorcycle or trimmers).But what of it to choose?

    Different workloads require different devices. A large area requires a professional lawn mower with all amenities and additional devices. Everyone wants everything to be convenient and easy, and most importantly simple. However, in order to make a competent choice, one has to become familiar with the theory.

    First let's see what affects the performance of the device, how important its characteristics. The choice of lawnmower, oddly enough, is determined not only by technical characteristics. It is important not only the engine power and its speed, but also its correct choice regarding the conditions of use.

    What are the types of lawn mowers?

    Lawn mower has become an excellent replacement for the sickle and spit. We can say that this is a modern miracle of technology. With this very convenient and small device it is possible, without much effort, to provide a well-groomed and beautiful view to your personal plot. Choosing a lawnmower, many buyers are facing a choice of different models. Each model has its own purpose and characteristics. Let's look at each species in detail.

    Mechanical mowers
    These devices operate without electricity and liquid fuels. Do not make noise when working. Mechanical lawn mowers are designed for mowing dry, low grass in small areas. It is not at all the lack of power of this mower for working on large areas. The man pushing the lawn mower here is doing the main job.

    Electric Lawn Mowers These devices are virtually noiseless. In addition, they are absolutely ecological and very easy to manage. Lawn mowers are connected to the power supply network using a conventional flexible cable. The cable, as a rule, depending on the length you need, is purchased separately.

    Gasoline mowers
    Such lawn mowers have high productivity and do not require physical expenses from the person administering it. The absence of a cable increases the maneuverability of this device. But such lawn mowers are not eco-friendly and noisy enough. A gasoline lawn mower is ideal for mowing old, wet and tall grass in large areas. The owner of this model should purchase a special container for oil products, to ensure fire safety and clean fuel for the device.

    Battery Lawn Mowers Such lawn mowers are environmentally friendly and manoeuvrable, but their performance is significantly inferior to gasoline analogues. As well as mechanical, they are used mainly in small areas.

    Each lawn mower, regardless of the type, needs proper care and storage. Store the device in a dry place, before lubricating the working elements with special oil and cleaning the blades from debris. For lubrication and cleaning, aviation kerosene is best used.

    How to choose the lawn mower correctly?

    Knife .Pay close attention to it. Big blades are always a plus. This will provide your device with a powerful airflow. To make the grass not come off, but cut off, the knife must be very sharp. In order not to spoil the balance, it's better to sharpen knives not personally, but to give them to the service.

    Wheels .The larger the wheel, the easier it is to move around the lawn. This is especially true if you need to work on uneven terrain. Lawn mowers with large and wide rear wheels simply maneuver, while not damaging the lawn. Therefore, choose a device with large wheels. Bearings on them will provide reliability, durability and easy movement. Engine power .The higher the engine speed, the better the mowing results. If mow high, thick grass, the speed decreases. You need a large reserve of power to mow any grass in any weather.

    Travosbornik .The most convenient is a hard grass catcher, the grass is easier to pour out of it and it is easier to wash. Soft grass catchers are used only on very powerful lawn mowers where engine power compensates for all losses from the air flow.

    Cutting height .In total, there are 3 types of altitude setting. Manual adjustment is the most common type. You can change the height by screwing in the desired hole axis. Lever adjustment - on each wheel there is a lever for changing the cutting height. And the last, central adjustment is the most convenient system. Thanks to it you can change the height of the mowing without bending over to the mower. The height can be changed by lever or by rotating the central button. If you often have to change the mowing height, it's better to buy a mower with a third or second way of adjustment.

    System "3 in 1" .There are 3 ways of mowing. This is the ejection of mowed grass backwards or to the side, mowing with harvesting in the grass collector and mowing. Some models are sold with attachments that allow you to use all types of mowing. The logo 3-in-1 is installed on such mowers. Other mowers can also use all methods, but you will have to buy additional accessories for this.

    Cutting width .The bigger it is, the faster you cut the site. This is important for large areas. Small areas use a smaller width. The bigger the deck, the greater the width.

    Well, the most important thing: even for the most demanding customer, the most severe cases, for any site you can always find a suitable version of the lawnmower. For the most demanding buyer there are acceptable options, which means that the lawn and the site will be guaranteed to have a neat and beautiful appearance, pleasing the eye.