• Hobbies of celebrities, hobby of stars

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    Many celebrities are fond of various sports: Vladimir Vinokur shoots a bow, Michael Porechenkov is not averse to a ride on a motorcycle, Dmitry Pevtsov and Nikolai Fomenko are avid car racers( the latter even has the title of master of sports of international class), the Klichko brothers are actively engaged in bungee jumping, and LeonidYakubovich - a famous lover of aviation.

    Do not lag behind domestic and foreign stars. Cameron Diaz is a surf-fancier, singer Justin Timberlake likes to play basketball and golf, and Leonardo DiCaprio is an avid poker player( the latter, as is known, was recently officially considered one of the sports).

    Famous collectors of

    Collecting is a fairly common hobby among celebrities.

    Sofia Rotaru, Oleg Menshikov and Nikolay Baskov are engaged in the collection of watches. The watch collection of the "golden voice of Russia" is estimated at more than $ 1.5 million.

    The singers Valery Meladze, Oleg Gazmanov and Alexander Rosenbaum are fond of weapons. The first prefers daggers, the second - drafts and sabers, the third - daggers.

    Collecting military helmets - such an unusual hobby is the singer and hostess Valdis Pelsh. Outstanding exhibits of his collection are the military helmet of the officer of the army of Napoleon and the German helmet of the 19th century.

    Fantasy Sergei Lukyanenko collects figurines of mice from various materials. There are the writer and stone, and porcelain, and wooden, and chocolate, and crystal mice. Collect friends and fans.

    Dustin Hoffman is the lucky owner of a collection of several thousand teddy bears. And Denny de Vito, apparently, too, can not part with his childhood - he collects toy trains.

    Collecting figurines of various animals is a fairly popular hobby of female celebrities. So, the figure skating star Irina Slutskaya collects elephant figures, singer Tatyana Bulanova - hippo figures, singer Irina Otieva - pig figurines, singer Nadezhda Granovskaya - figures of jesters. Not far from these "collectors" left the ballet diva Anastasia Volochkova, singer Anita Tsoy and actress Demi Moore - they collect dolls.

    Guitars are a collectible for Dmitry Dibrov and Eugene Havtan. The first often compares the guitar with the girl, and the second is ready to give the last money for the favorite specimen.

    A versatile collector is the TV presenter Juliana Shakhova. She collects wigs, hats and sunglasses.

    Stars-beer lovers are not very original: the singer Alexei Kortnev collects bottles from the beer he drank, and the soloists of the group "UmaTourman" brothers Kristovski collect beer mugs.

    The original collection of the "socialite" Ksenia Sobchak - she collects. .. hangers. The predilection of the TV presenter did not escape the attention of the workers of one of the hotels in Milan, where she was asked to return the hangers to the place.

    Michael Shirvindt from around the world brings. .. irons. Its unusual collection consists of more than 200 representatives of this indispensable household appliance.

    Actor Tom Hanks collects typewriters, but not ordinary ones, but old ones, with fonts in different languages.

    Writer Alexander Marinina collects Christmas bells. In her collection there are clay and porcelain, metal and crystal bells.

    Brad Pitt is fascinated with the collection of antiques: paintings, dishes, jewelry. Pictures of famous masters of painting are also collected by Steven Spielberg, Alain Delon, Jack Nicholson, By McCartney, Sylvester Stallone, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Elton John. The latter, by the way, is an avid collector - in his "arsenal" collection of records, rare photographs, glasses, unique cars, jewelry.

    Keanu Reeves is fond of collecting motorcycles, and Arnold Schwarzenegger - various ATVs: in addition to SUVs, in his collection there is even an armored car worth $ 1.5 million.
    Elizabeth Taylor collects jewelry, Robert de Niro - costumes in which he played roles in movies, Madonna and Celine Dion - shoes. A real patriot was Sean Connery - he collects Scottish skirts for men - kilt.

    Embroidered tablecloths of old times are collected by Reese Witherspoon.

    Other creativity

    Not alien to celebrities and creative hobbies - apparently, in their professional work they do not fully realize their creative talent.

    So, director Stanislav Govorukhin seriously takes a great interest in painting. He is the author of landscapes, which he writes in the open air in the Moscow region. The talents of the artist are also different Jennifer Aniston and Pierce Brosnan. The latter, by the way, also earns money on his hobby.

    Claudia Schiffer writes poetry - and not simple, but with erotic content. And Sandra Bullock prefers to work in the epistolary genre and writes touching letters to colleagues in the actor's shop.

    It turns out that a very good architect is actor Brad Pitt. He is one of the authors of the hotel design in Dubai. Also the actor is fond of photo art.

    Star handmade

    Needlework is also a fairly popular hobby amongst the stars, especially their female half.

    Sharon Stone makes handmade cosmetic bags - the actress is the author of a whole collection of these necessary accessories for every woman.

    Actress Katie Holmes is fond of scrapbooking - quite popular in the West, and in recent years has spread in the territory of our country, the art of decorating photo albums with our own hands.

    One of the most popular types of needlework among Hollywood stars is knitting - they are passionate about the actresses Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, Cameron Diaz, Juliana Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss.

    As you can see, nothing human stars are alien - including various hobbies. The only difference is that celebrities, unlike mere mortals, can afford to pay out pretty impressive sums to fully satisfy their requests in a particular hobby.

    Various hobbies make our life more rich and bring a special flavor to it. Someone is engaged in collecting, someone likes handcraft, and someone does not represent his life without extreme hobbies. Celebrities - people are also quite keen, and do not mind at leisure to grow cactus or knitting. What is fond of famous people?

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