New Year's wreath with your hands: a step-by-step master class with a photo

  • New Year's wreath with your hands: a step-by-step master class with a photo

    Recently, the tradition of decorating houses with Catholic Christmas traditional wreaths has become popular. Variations of their huge set: they can be made both from living material - branches, berries and cones, and from the most unexpected. Yes, and places where you can place a festive wreath very much - on the front door, above the entrance to the living room or dining room, or maybe just on the wall in the room, you can put on a table or a window sill, and inside put candles.

    Such a compact part practically does not take up space, but creates a holiday atmosphere. In this article, we will look at a step-by-step master class on the New Year's wreath with your own hands with a photo that is sure to come in handy if you want to make this stylish decoration.

    Choosing adornments

    The traditional colors of the Christmas wreath are green, red, gold and white. Whichever material you choose for the basis, ornaments, you can choose the following:

    • berries: viburnum, mountain ash, juniper, dog rose, holly berry;
    • any kind of nuts, cut into slices and citrus slices, twisted orange peel;
    • cinnamon sticks, anise stars;
    • decorations made of cones of natural color or painted with silvery, golden paint;
    • beautiful sweets - sweets and cookies;
    • small fur-tree toys: balls, asterisks, snowmen, angels, birds, beads, small houses, etc.
    • tapes, bows - plain, checkered, striped;
    • if the wreath is located on a horizontal surface, candles of different color and size may also be used.

    Making the frame and the base

    Perhaps the most beautiful wreaths are made of natural materials - from fir branches, twigs of thuja, pine. But first you need to make a wire frame:

    To better retain moisture for the branches, and they have long pleased the eyes with greens, you can wrap the frame with stripes of water-soaked foam rubber, fix it with a line, twine or wire.

    Then cut the twigs into small "bouquets", fix it with wire.

    These bouquets of greenery are tied to the frame.

    And decorate a wreath of twigs to your taste.

    Made of tinsel


    • wire;
    • tinsel;
    • newspaper;
    • white toilet paper;
    • thread;
    • hot melt;
    • piece of golden ribbon;
    • pine cones;
    • ornaments: beads, Christmas balls.

    1. From the wire we make a circle with a diameter of about 24 cm.

    2. We wind the wire with a bundle of paper, the beginning and the end are fixed with hot melt.

    3. If you want to make the basis thicker - we reel up the second row of newspapers.

    4. Over the newspapers, we roll up white toilet paper or paper towels to cover up the unsightliness.

    5. Fix it with white thread.

    6. Tie a loop of a golden ribbon.

    7. We wrap the workpiece with a tape of tinsel.

    8. Decorate: glue the flower, bumps, wrapped with beads. In several places we add small compositions from balls.

    You can decorate with a wreath a door, a wall or a doorway.

    You can choose a blue-silver scale.

    Master class from the designer

    A small New Year wreath with his own hands suggests we make designer Igor Linnik.

    A ring cut from thick cardboard is used for the base.

    It needs to be wrapped in wrapping paper, crumpled into a bundle.

    Fix paper with threads.

    After this, you can begin to gently tie the twigs with the same thread to the base.

    When the whole wreath is filled with branches, it can be decorated and hung out on the door, where it will delight the eyes of all passers-by.

    Ideas for

    A wide variety of photo-ideas are collected below. Be inspired!

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