• Gymnastics for lumbar osteochondrosis

    In everyday life and at work, do not stay in one position for a long time. The most harmful position is the inclination of the trunk forward. This increases the load on the intervertebral discs. During the exacerbation of the disease you need maximum peace.

    To prevent osteochondrosis, it is necessary to strengthen the abdominal muscles and back muscles.

    We offer a small orienting complex of therapeutic gymnastics with lumbar osteochondrosis. Repeat each exercise 6 to 12 times.

    Lying on the back

    1. I. p.- lie on your back, hands along the trunk. At the expense of 1 raise your hands through the sides up, on the account 2-3 strongly stretch, at the expense of 4 lower your hands.

    2. Place the brushes under your head. At the expense of 1-2 press your head on the brush, at the expense of 3-4 keep in this position, at the expense of 5 relax the muscles.

    3. AI-legs and arms are bent, feet and elbows on the floor. At the expense of I lift the basin;on account 2-3 keep, at the expense of 4 lower.

    4. The AI ​​is the same, throw your hands aside. At the expense of 1, tilt your legs to the left, touch the floor with your left knee;on account 2 go back to the original position, into account 3 - the same in the other direction, into account 4 borrow and.etc.

    5. AI-hands along the trunk. At the expense of 1-2 sit down and grasp your hands with your knees, at the expense of 3-4 lie down and straighten your legs.

    6. I.P.- strongly bend your legs, pull them to your chest and wrap your arms around them, bend your head to your knees, arching your back. Perform rolls, straightening and bending your legs.

    Lying on the abdomen

    7. Inflate the arm in the elbows, lower the chin on the hand. At the expense of 1 slightly lift straight( or bent) legs, at the expense of 2-3 keep your feet on the weight, at the expense of 4 lower.

    8. AI-hands along the trunk. At the expense of 1 slightly lift the head, shoulders and straight legs;on, account 2-3 leave in this position, on account 4 go back in and out.etc.

    9. Carry out a circular motion with your foot in one direction and in the other direction, lying on your side.


    10. Standing on all fours, without taking your hands off the floor, sit on your heels. Keep your straight leg back. Do exercises alternately with one and the other leg.

    11. I.P.- feet together. At the expense of 1 sit down, put the brush on the floor;at the expense of 2 straighten the legs;on account 3 again bend your legs, on account 4 stand up.

    12. Perform self-massage of the lower back for 3-5 minutes, relax the muscles of the legs.

    Those who have a good physical preparation, the load can be increased by a large number of repetitions of exercises and the use of gymnastic objects: sticks, balls, dumbbells weighing 1 to 3 kg and expanders.