Manipulation conducted by a dental nurse in the office of therapeutic dentistry

  • Manipulation conducted by a dental nurse in the office of therapeutic dentistry

    The treatment of tooth decay, its complications, non-carious lesions of the teeth, treatment of periodontal diseases( in the absence of the post of parodontologist in the staff of a polyclinic), mucous membrane is carried out in the therapeutic stomatology room.

    Caries treatment is possible with conservative methods( when hard tissue is not prepared, and the structure is reconstructed with the help of special remineralizing agents) and surgically( when anesthetics are used to prepare hard tissues with subsequent sealing of the defect).

    Treatment of complications of the carious process involves the removal of all altered solid tissues, a neurovascular bundle or pulpal dissolution from the root canals, medicamentous instrumental treatment of the root canals with subsequent filling and defect of the crown part of the tooth.

    Treatment of non-carious lesions involves in some cases the use of conservative methods using remineralizing agents, in other cases, sealing defects, in other cases, not therapeutic measures, but prosthetics. In some cases, teeth whitening is performed to achieve the optimal aesthetic result.

    Treatment of periodontal diseases in the office of therapeutic dentistry involves the removal from the tooth surface of tooth deposits, splinting teeth, carrying out anti-inflammatory treatment in the form of dressings on the gum area with various medicines, the appointment of general treatment.

    Treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa in most cases is symptomatic and involves its anesthesia, treatment with antiseptic agents, in some cases, proteolytic enzymes, further treatment with keratoplastic agents that promote the healing of the elements of the lesion.

    In the office of therapeutic dentistry, the nurse performs manipulations similar to those performed in all other rooms:

    • disinfection and sterilization of the dental instruments necessary for the dentist-therapist;

    • preparation of the doctor's workplace before the beginning of his working shift;

    • the maintenance of a workplace in a proper condition;

    • processing of the instrument table, dental unit, tips, etc.;

    • replenishment of the stock of materials and tools used during the reception of dental patients;

    • in the case of emergency conditions, under the guidance of a doctor, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injections.

    In the absence of an assistant clinic in the staff, the nurse can perform the following manipulations.

    1. Assistance in the isolation of the working field( saliva ejector, vacuum cleaner, cofferdam, removal of the lips, cheeks, tongue with a dental mirror).

    2. Prepare the carp syringe before anesthesia, set the anesthetic into the syringe while performing anesthesia with a conventional syringe.

    3. Preparation for the work of antiseptic solutions, kneading filling materials for sealing carious cavities and root canals, preparations for medical dressings for periodontal diseases.