New Year decor by own hands: ideas and their embodiment( with photo)

  • New Year decor by own hands: ideas and their embodiment( with photo)

    One of the main holidays in our life is the New Year, and every time we try to make it go bright and unforgettable. As a child, we cut snowflakes from paper and decorated them with a house, but with age comes the desire to create something more modern than those touching ornaments. We offer you the ideas of the New Year decor with your own hands.

    Miniature Christmas trees in each room

    The main element and decoration of the New Year - of course, a Christmas tree. Usually we get one beauty and put it in the main room of the apartment, in the living room. But I want so much that the feeling of the holiday was present in all the other rooms. To correct this injustice, we suggest making mini-Christmas trees for the rest of the premises. A lot of time for manufacturing will not go away, and the paper forest beauty will look like real.

    As you can see in the photo, the Christmas tree is made of corrugated paper. You just need to cut the strip and twist it. Carefully make incisions from one edge, and glue the other side onto the cone. The cone can be made from any cardboard.

    Decorate a Christmas tree

    To decorate a Christmas tree, it is not necessary to use the same balls, ornaments for a forest beauty can be made by yourself. And it's not necessary to run to the store for extra accessories. It is possible to use improvised materials that are at home.

    1) You can use soft toys of small size( and do not say that you do not have them!).All you need to do is sew an eyelet on a toy.

    2) Sand chicken will be an excellent Christmas decoration. Fasten it to a ribbon and hang it on the Christmas tree. Children will be delighted with such an edible decoration.

    3) Original paper lanterns also do not require much time for production. We cut strips of colored paper with figured scissors. Strips should be of different lengths. Using adhesive tape glue the ends and attach the loop.

    4) To decorate a Christmas tree you do not need to buy super-expensive balls in the store, you can create an exclusive decoration yourself. And hardly anyone will guess that it is done by your hands. The first thing you need to buy the cheapest plastic balls, the main requirement for them - that they were without a picture. Now we are looking for in the apartment all unnecessary textiles with an interesting pattern or texture. If there is a desire to make a set of balls, then we choose similar drawings, carefully cut out and just as accurately glued.

    One hundred percent that there will be no such Christmas balls on anyone else.

    Decoration of the apartment

    No less original can decorate an apartment. Now we want to offer some ideas for the New Year's decor of the apartment.

    1) Did not have time or not to get a Christmas tree? It does not matter, you can replace it with a New Year tree.

    Or sprinkle the sprigs with silver paint from the spray and put in a jar, previously zadekorirovav bottom.

    2) Candles give an excellent New Year mood.

    You can create original candlesticks from ordinary jam jars.

    For this, wash the jar to a mirror shine, put a candle in it. Put inside decorative berries or balls that will hold the candle in an upright position. After that, tie the neck of the cans with a nice ribbon, and the original candlestick is ready.

    3) No New Year can not do without a garland. In case you have small children in your house, you can make an absolutely safe garland of pompoms.

    4) And you can make original pendants made of cones on a chandelier.

    To do this, paint the cones with a silvery or golden spray paint and attach the eyelets. If desired, the suspension can also be decorated with sequins or rhinestones.

    There are an incredible number of options, how you can decorate the house for the New Year. A few more ideas will tell you this video selection.