Treatment of caries with folk remedies: the most reliable prevention of relapse

  • Treatment of caries with folk remedies: the most reliable prevention of relapse

    Pathology, provoked by cariogenic microorganisms introduced into the body, is called caries. Nutrient microorganisms feed on the remains of food eaten, which causes the production of organic acids. The mission to destroy the tooth is intended for these acids. Treatment of caries in the home can only take place if the dentist is aware. Otherwise, there is a risk of aggravating the condition of the affected tooth.

    Features of folk treatment

    In the depository of "grandmother's" wisdom there is more than one folk remedy for caries. The most well-known are the treatment of the disease with the help of:

    1. Solutions.
    2. Oils.
    3. Vegetable infusions.
    4. Herbal infusions.
    5. Fresh vegetables.
    6. Fresh herbs.
    7. Root of the ayr.

    There are also quite a few creative recipes that, in the opinion of the overwhelming majority, who know first hand what caries are, quickly help to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

    Using solutions

    Speaking of folk remedies for caries, it is impossible to ignore medicinal solutions. There are three reliable prescriptions for getting rid of dangerous pathology:

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    • dissolve in a single glass of water thirty grams of salt( preferably using sea salt), insist a little and rinse your mouth for one to two minutes;
    • mix two hundred grams of a ten percent pharmacy novocaine, egg white and 20 milligrams of salt, dissolve in a glass of boiled water and rinse for five to ten minutes;
    • thoroughly soak the camphor alcohol with a cotton swab and place it on the affected area( camphor alcohol can be used to lubricate the diseased gum).

    A regular and thorough cleaning of teeth using a soap solution is an excellent and reliable means of developing a carious process. Soap, hitting the mucosa, promotes the formation of a proliferating bacterium of gamma globulin.

    The use of fresh vegetables

    Folk remedies for caries suggest the use of fresh vegetables. Folk wisdom offers the following recipes, allowing quickly to get rid of unpleasant symptoms:

    • clean and cut the beet slices, apply for twenty minutes to the diseased area;
    • attach a piece of propolis to the sick tooth and keep it for fifteen to twenty minutes;
    • in the ear from the sore side put the plantain root and keep until the pain subsides;
    • rub the painful gum area with garlic;
    • grate the banana peel on a small grater, dry, then mix with 3 tablespoons of salt, dilute to a creamy consistency with olive oil and rub into the gums( repeat the procedure in the first and second half of the day).

    The saliva that will be released during the procedure should be held in the mouth for ten minutes. In rinsing the mouth is not necessary.

    The delicate approach of

    Persons at risk are quite interested in how to cure caries with folk remedies, and how justified such a strategy is. If treatment of caries by folk remedies will involve the use of oils, the disease will recede quite quickly.

    "Babushkina" wisdom recommends paying attention to the following recipes:

    • hold for a while one teaspoon of vegetable oil in the mouth( about ten minutes);
    • drop a few drops of fir oil on a piece of sterile bandage, hold it for half an hour on a sick tooth, then move it to the gum( repeat the procedure if the pain does not recede).

    Exotic product

    If herbal infusions and vegetables seem to the native inhabitant to be the standard means of fighting pathology, then the root of ara causes a lot of questions. The most relevant for people at risk is the question of how to cure caries with folk remedies with it. According to experts, the following recipes will help you get rid of anxiety symptoms:

    • mix two hundred grams of any liquid honey with salt( one hundred gr.) And rub the mixture into diseased areas in the first and second half of the day( at the end of the procedure, rinse the mouth with salted water);
    • dry the root of the calamus, cut into several pieces and suck as a candy until the pain disappears.

    No less "exotic" means to combat carious pathology is the usual lard. To do this, you need to clean it from salt, cut off a small slice and keep on the sick tooth for twenty minutes. The success of treatment depends on whether the patient will be able to stay and not eat the medicine.

    Horseradish + vodka

    This recipe is known widely enough. For the preparation of a medicinal product, the following manipulations must be performed:

    • mix fifty grams of horseradish root, fennel( fruits, 20 g.) And mint leaves( 20 g.);
    • pour the mixture with one liter of quality vodka( the "nationality" of the drink does not matter);
    • insist for three months and rinse at least five times a day.

    This type of treatment has several pitfalls. It is important to remember that alcoholic infusions contribute to the development of sclerosis. In addition, the mucosa thinens, becomes drier, and there is a risk of ulcerative rash. Considering that alcohol is quickly absorbed into the blood, intoxication can occur.

    The use of the method is that alcohol has a disinfecting property, and its operation in conjunction with the root of horse radish is associated with the cessation of the spread of infection.

    Control of radical caries

    The most complex and dangerous form of this dental pathology is the basal caries. Rotting is localized in the basal areas and causes a lot of suffering for a person.

    Given that many people suffer from dentophobia, the issue of treating folk remedies with radical caries does not lose its relevance. Many traditional medicine products have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is important to remember that if the disease was detected no later than the first stage, "grandmother's wisdom" may well be useful.

    Otherwise, the treatment of folk remedies of radical caries will be to alleviate the condition of the patient. The destruction of the enamel will continue, which will contribute to the complete loss of the affected tooth.

    Preventing the development of the disease

    There is no ideal, absolutely effective national means of getting rid of caries, and the treatment of this pathology should be entrusted to a qualified dentist.

    Preventive measures include careful compliance with hygiene requirements and proper nutrition. It is equally important to monitor the immune system. It is necessary to get rid of destructive habits and to find time for moderate physical activity.

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