Dentine caries: how to recognize the attack in time and quickly get rid of it

  • Dentine caries: how to recognize the attack in time and quickly get rid of it

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    The average caries in dentistry is also referred to as dentine caries. Progressing to this degree of pathology is characterized by the spread of rotting not only on tooth enamel, but also on dentin.

    In the development of pathology, a deep cavity is formed, which is an excellent "storehouse" for food residues. Thus, an environment favorable for reproduction of harmful microorganisms is created.

    Dangerous stage

    Caries dentin delivers some concern to a person at risk. Appeared carious "storehouse" differs sensitivity to irritants. Reaction to sour, hot and cold food is an unclear pain of a short-term nature.

    With the disappearance of the irritant, the painful syndrome subsides. But to calm down on it and to refuse the help of the qualified stomatologist it is not necessary.

    It's time to beat the alarm

    The signs of dentin caries depend on how deeply rotting has penetrated. The main signs that the disease has progressed to this stage, modern dentists believe:

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    1. Painful syndrome as a reaction to an aggressive stimulus.
    2. Presence of an aesthetic defect( actual for the presence of rot on the front teeth).Bad odor from the mouth.

    Identify the enemy!

    A qualified dentist does not have difficulties with the diagnosis. This is explained by the complete formation of a carious cavity filled with soft dentin, and also by the fact that it is visible to the naked eye.

    Symptomatic of this stage is similar to the signs of chronic periodontitis. To establish the correct diagnosis will help the painful syndrome that occurs when you touch.

    Dentist assistance

    Treatment of dentine caries involves the use of local anesthesia. The doctor then cleans the affected cavity of the softened tissues and carefully processes them.

    Treatment passes in stages. In total, there are five main stages of dental care in the progressive caries of dentin.

    The first step

    Treatment of caries of dentin at this step involves hygienic cleaning of the affected surface. With the help of a specific attachment, the dentist cleans not only the diseased tooth, but also its "neighbors".This stage is necessary for the correct selection of a seal of a similar shade.

    Step two

    Using a special scale, the doctor determines the color of the tooth and selects the material for sealing.

    Step Three

    Many clients of dental clinics are experiencing a natural fear not only before the vibration of the "Bormann machine", but also before the painful syndrome. For anesthesia, the doctor makes an anesthetic injection. The duration of the anesthetic is several hours.

    Step Four

    Treatment of dentin caries at this stage involves the preparation of a rotted tooth. Today in dental clinics it became possible to use ozone and laser. In the long term there is an introduction of enzyme preparations, due to what rotting will be removed painlessly for dentin and undamaged enamel.

    Step Five

    Before applying the seal, the doctor isolates the diseased tooth from saliva. This is necessary to ensure the integrity of the seal for as long as possible.

    After the seal is established, the dentist thoroughly polishes and polishes it. It is necessary to distinguish it from tooth enamel was impossible.

    Prophylactic manipulations

    Successfully healed cavities can return and hit even more teeth. In order to avoid relapse, it is necessary to pay attention to preventive measures in a timely manner. So, a person undertakes to fulfill hygienic requirements correctly. It is important to visit the dental office regularly and ensure the intake of vitamins and microelements in the body.

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