• Methods of treating stomatitis in the home

    One of the most common ailments affecting every second inhabitant of our planet is stomatitis. The disease requires immediate medical intervention, because in particularly severe cases it develops into a chronic form. Treatment of stomatitis in the home, allowing you to stop the pain syndrome, should be under the strict supervision of an experienced doctor.

    It is important to understand that the treatment of adult patients will be fundamentally different from helping children.

    General recommendations

    To treat stomatitis at home, it is possible with:

    1. Rinsing of the oral cavity of hydrogen peroxide dissolved in water( the procedure is carried out at least 3 times a day).
    2. Rinse with propolisic alcohol tincture diluted in 0.5 cups of clean water.
    3. Chewing the leaves of aloe( or rinsing the mouth with freshly squeezed plant juice).
    4. Fresh mixture of garlic and sour cream( slightly appetizing, but the useful mixture should be kept in the mouth for thirty minutes).
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    6. Applying to slices of raw potato slices.
    7. Rinse the mouth with freshly squeezed carrot juice, diluted with water in 1: 1 proportions.

    Pain relief of pain

    Treatment with home remedies presupposes first of all the disposal of a person from painful sensations. To stop the pain syndrome allow rinsing with herbal solutions and applications. According to specialists, the following means can be used at home:

    1. Benzocaine.
    2. Lidocaine.
    3. Trimecaine.
    4. Periodontal disease.
    5. Kamistad.
    6. Lidochlor-gel( actual for children).

    It is not necessary to get involved with anesthetics, especially if the disease recurs.

    Cleansing of sores

    Often, sores and wounds in the oral cavity heal extremely slowly. In most cases, this is due to the presence of bacterial plaque, which also contributes to the progression of stomatitis in a chronic form. For this reason, the treatment of stomatitis in the home should be directed to the purification of plaque ulcers.

    For this purpose, cleaning pastes are used, which contain ingredients such as:

    • carbamide peroxide;
    • hydrogen peroxide;
    • chlorhexinide bigluconate.

    Operation of "killing" microbes of drugs often leads to the formation of burns and specific spots on the teeth. Therefore, use them is recommended only after reinfection of wounds.

    Help for herpetic stomatitis

    To treat stomatitis at home, if it was provoked by a virus, you can use special antiviral ointments. Use this or that ointment is possible only on the recommendation of the attending physician. In most cases, the following ointments are recommended:

    • oxolinic;
    • interferon;
    • is tebrofen.

    If the disease is accompanied by a characteristic burning or swelling, the patient is prescribed an antihistamine therapy.

    Help with bacterial stomatitis

    To cure stomatitis at home in this case it is possible with the help of antiseptic and antibacterial sprays. It is recommended to use:

    • orapept;
    • hexoral;
    • Ingalipt,
    • Propolis Spray.

    These preparations can be used as either sprays, or lozenges or absorbable tablets.

    How to help children?

    Treatment by the home remedies of a child who has suffered from stomatitis should be immediate. To help the baby, it is necessary to do the manipulations with the soda solution:

    • drinking soda( 1 dessert spoon) stir in 200 milliliters of water;
    • wipe the solution with baby toys, nipples, pacifiers and mother's breast( just before feeding).

    You can help your child with a chamomile broth. For this you need:

    • dried and chopped chamomile( 1 dessert spoon) soak in a glass of steep boiling water;
    • after the medicine is infused( after two hours), moisten the cotton swab and rub the mouth of the baby.

    In the treatment of younger and older preschoolers suffering from stomatitis, it is recommended to use:

    • linseed oil;
    • peach oil;
    • rosehip oil.

    The oil is intended for wiping wounds. A child who can rinse the oral cavity can be treated with a protein solution. Prepare it easily: for this you need to separate the protein, stir it in ½ water and whip it.

    It is recommended for schoolboys to use juice of carrots or cabbage, and also a peel of a fresh bulb.

    Traditional recipes

    To cure stomatitis at home, it is possible with the help of the following medicines:

    • thick-leaved balan;
    • oak bark;
    • anise ordinary;
    • cabbage( white-headed);
    • horseradish;
    • chamomile( chemist's).

    Folk wisdom suggests the following recipe with anise:

    • pour a glass of boiling water 1 tbsp anise fruit;
    • infuse the medication for thirty minutes;
    • strain, rinse at least 3 times a day( topical for ulcerative and catarrhal stomatitis).

    Healing herbs help to cure the inflammatory process and painful sensations. For the preparation of the infusion it is necessary: ​​

    • pour a glass of boiling water into the crushed oak bark, chamomile, bédan and calendula( 1 teaspoon);
    • boil in a water bath for fifteen minutes;
    • insist for 1-2 hours.

    You can avoid relapse by following the rules of hygiene and avoiding harmful habits.

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