How to celebrate New Year in the hostel - New Year at the recreation center

  • How to celebrate New Year in the hostel - New Year at the recreation center

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    It is generally accepted that it is necessary to welcome the New Year at home, because this is a family holiday. However, lately a great number of other variants have appeared that make it possible to celebrate this fabulous winter event near forests, mountains and other natural objects.

    It is worth noting that every year the New Year celebration at the tourist base becomes more and more popular. And this is not surprising, since combining a feast with active rest is useful not only for the nervous system, but also for the human body.

    But before you and your family and relatives get settled in winter houses, it is recommended to learn in more detail how to celebrate the New Year at the hostel, and what you need to do for this.

    Eight correct steps

    Choosing a place for the holiday
    • Step one - choose the suitable place .As you know, the winter is exactly the time of the year when Russian boarding houses, holiday homes, sanatoriums and tourist bases can quite competently compete with foreign resort areas. Before you celebrate the New Year at the hostel, you should consider all having options for such places. After all, tourist houses can be near the forest, in the forest, in the mountains, at the foot, etc.
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    • Step two - preparing the festive table .In order not to remain hungry on New Year's Eve, you must take care of all necessary products in advance, and also make a list of those dishes that you plan to cook for the holiday. As a rule, people who celebrate New Year at a tourist base start cutting salads and making snacks in cottages. After all, this process allows not only to preserve the fresh appearance of all dishes, but also unites relatives by common labor, and also creates a festive and cheerful atmosphere. It is worth noting that such a feast usually does not provide for the presence of hot garnishes. However, without kebabs, there is not a single similar event at the hostel. To do this, you need to pre-purchase and soak the meat so that it can quickly and well prepare.
    • Step three - the necessary inventory, utensils. As a rule, in tourist houses there are all conditions for the celebration of any event, but if you forget the necessary equipment and utensils, the merry meeting of the New Year may be in jeopardy. That's why you should not leave plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons, kettle, cutting boards, pots, bowls, etc. at home.
    Decoration of a house and a Christmas tree
    • Step four is the decoration of a house and a live Christmas tree .New Year without a garland, Christmas toys and tinsel can not be full. In connection with this fact, together with utensils and necessary equipment, it is necessary to stock up with various ornaments. They can be hung, both in the house and on a live tree, if the tourist base is in the forest. Step 5 - distribution of responsibilities .As is known, the organization and holding of the New Year celebration is quite a troublesome affair. And in order to do everything, it is necessary to distribute all responsibilities for the improvement of the house. Someone should be entrusted with the beautiful decoration of the walls with tinsel and garlands, someone should monitor the cooking of the shish kebab, etc. Only by joint efforts you will put on time on the table and cheerfully celebrate the coming of the New Year.
    • Entertaining New Year's program The sixth step is the entertaining program .No holiday can do without a humorous scenario, which provides not only the unexpected appearance of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, but also holding cheerful and active contests, which should result in the awarding of small prizes.
    • The seventh step is the presentation of the New Year presents .The fact that you celebrate the New Year holiday on a tourist base does not give you the right to forget about traditional gifts. That's why, together with dishes and ornaments for a Christmas tree, in no case should you leave presents at home. By the way, in order to give original New Year gifts to your friends or relatives, you can come up with some interesting games in the course of which all prepared souvenirs will find new owners. It is worth noting that this way of presenting presents will amuse not only your children, but also older people.
    Completion of the holiday
    • Step eight - the completion of the celebration of .Everything ever ends and the New Year holidays are not an exception. Before you get ready to go home, you should clean it in the house( throw away unwanted rubbish, wash the existing dishes, if it was not yours, and if possible sweep the floor or do an easy wet cleaning).Of course, it is not necessary to do this, however, if you are a clean person and plan to visit this place more than once, you will not need to remind you of respect for the hosts of the tourist base who kindly gave you the opportunity to celebrate the New Year in the forest or at the foot of beautiful mountains.