How to make-up in the New Year 2015 - New Year's make-up( + photo)

  • How to make-up in the New Year 2015 - New Year's make-up( + photo)

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    To look "one hundred percent" during a magical New Year's holiday for every woman is not only a dream, but a practical guide to action. One of the most important elements of the man-made image of the "queen of the ball" is a successful make-up. How to make-up in the New Year 2015, so that her Mistress - the Emerald Goat, appreciated your efforts and presented happiness, luck and prosperity in the coming year?

    Features of New Year's make-up

    Evening celebratory make-up for a New Year's party allows such depth of color and a combination of colors that a woman can hardly afford at another time. But if you ignore the rules of applying make-up, as well as the sense of proportion and style, then there is a great chance instead of a princess to get a caricature image, spoil the holiday and instead of pleasant memories for a long time to experience negative emotions.

    Where to start?

    Face care

    You can be surprised, but makeup artists know that the festive makeup begins long before December 31. .. You can make your skin beautiful and flawless only by constantly caring for it. Various diseases, stresses and other factors can spoil it at any time. Therefore, not less than a couple of weeks before the New 2015, we begin to actively care for the dermis, nourishing, moisturizing and protecting it from negative factors. Then, on the last day of the old year, it will remain to put on the "future canvas" an energetic or nutritious mask to cheer up the tired face and give it freshness and healthy appearance.

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    Apply the concealer

    Just before you make up the New Year 2015, the skin needs to be moistened with your favorite cream( gel) and wait until it absorbs. Corrector( pencil-concealer lighter than your skin for a ton-two) treat the zone under the eyes, eliminating dark circles. In addition, it will help to keep your look fresh throughout the festive night and improve the overall impression of makeup. He also needs to visually eliminate all the shortcomings of the skin: acne, redness, vascular asterisks.

    Please note! If the complexion is uneven, make it ideal with foundation. If everything is in order, then this step is skipped.
    Apply the blush

    To make the make-up last longer, treat the skin of the face with powder, then fix the base. Cheeks emphasize peach or pinkish blush, carefully shading, not to create the effect of "Harlequin" - a theatrical mask. A festive radiance on the face can be achieved with the help of pearlescent blush.

    Please note! Blush is a "dangerous" accessory: it is appropriate only as a separate decoration. Together with a bright dress, an abundance of jewelry, it can look pretty vulgar. If the outfit is more modest, then its presence will help to significantly improve the appearance of the owner.

    Color palette of Blue-Green Goat

    Bright green smokey eyes

    Everything you have done up to this point refers to the usual preparatory manipulations. Next, you need to decide what you will focus on: on the eyes or lips? If in front of you, you can afford bright shadows, eyeliner, rhinestones, pearlescent shades or "high-tech" style. If you want to separate your lips visually, your eyes will have to be made less expressive, as this will overload the image with paints.

    The purchase of blue, green shades or their shades: turquoise, malachite, emerald, purple or blue, sea-green or bright green will help you to begin the mystery of applying the New Year's makeup. Gold and bronze, mother-of-pearl, neon and silver shades will be appropriate. Pleasure Goat and shades of brown. She is cautious about orange tones, but in a competent combination with brown such make-up will suit even the capricious Mistress of the Year.

    Directly under the eyebrows and at the inner corners of the eyes, we apply white or light shadows( you can use a white cosmetic pencil).This "open your eyes," will give the look of openness and attraction.

    When choosing shadows, do not count on the image of a firebird, a tigress or a female vamp. However, Goat is fond of applying daring strokes in make-up, as this reflects her wayward character. Black hands on movable and lower eyelids, silvery stickers or small strasics will be appropriate for the makeup of the New Year's Eve 2015. There will also be ice-cream in any shades that like the capricious Goat.

    Choose the color of the carcass

    Mascara can be used as a black velvet, applying it in two layers, and with glitter, or any fashionable color 2015: blue, purple, blue.

    Lip accent

    Lips can be neutral if the focus is on the eyes: pink or pale plum, caramel, gently chocolate, lilac with light haze, sandy, slightly golden or light wine. The goat will not allow the use of blood-red, scarlet tones. In order to brightly make up your lips in the New Year's Eve 2015, you should choose from cherry or raspberry, dark chocolate or brown hues.

    Please note! New Year's makeup should be tried in advance to know exactly how to make-up in the New Year 2015 and which option is preferable.

    It should be noted that all the shades of the makeup should be in harmony with your outfit and then a stunning holiday look for the New Year party will be provided to you! And what else do you need to be sure of your own irresistibility and good mood for the Year of the Blue Wood Goat!


    Emerald smokey eyes
    Emerald smokey eyes
    Purple shadows
    Soft feathering
    You can use bronze shadows
    Makeup in light colors
    Makeup in sparkles
    Makeup in green colors
    Mint color shades
    Dark cherry lipstick
    Light wine shade
    Smokey eyeswith light arrows
    Festive look
    Winter make-up
    Green smokey eyes
    Bright festive
    Bright arrows for the holiday

    How to pick up the make-up