Crafts for the New Year 2014 - crafts for the year Horses

  • Crafts for the New Year 2014 - crafts for the year Horses

    The joy of New Year's holidays, cheerful bustle, buying gifts and waiting for fairy-tale miracles do not leave indifferent any inhabitant of our planet. A special pleasure is the decoration of his home for the arrival of the New Year 2014, together with the fragrant beauty tree.

    Annually at the pre-holiday fairs you can buy a variety of very beautiful Christmas toys, garlands, tinsel, stars, as well as other decorations. However, the warmest and most joyful feelings, childhood sensations and fairy tales come when, in a creative impulse, we create by our own hands crafts for the New Year of 2014, the Year of Green or Blue Horse. Each look at them evokes feelings of joyful tenderness and nostalgia.

    Adults with children during the process of making hand-made articles seem to return to a happy, carefree time, taking off the burden of current problems or troubles. And as little dreamers are admiringly fascinated with making paper, plasticine, cloth and other fairy tales heroes or cartoon animals, sea creatures or collective images from familiar films! In the course are paper and foil, bright candy wraps and beautiful pieces of fabric, yarn, pine cones, egg shells and containers from under the kinder-surprises. All New Year's compositions and Christmas decorations, made with their own hands, make the New Year's holiday for the baby a living fairy tale. Outgoing with pride the results of his work, the child with pleasure will plunge into the world of fairy-tale creatures, lovely toy-cartoons and good monsters.

    What crafts can you invent

    New Year's articles from puff pastry

    In recent years, very popular were New Year's toys made independently in a variety of techniques:

    Festive figures, molded from salted dough. The modeling of such toys is incredibly pleasing to the kids and adults. Compliant dough is able to develop your imagination with might and main to keep this miracle for a long time. In this case, it is necessary to observe the proportions in the recipe, otherwise, if there is a lack, for example, the salt will begin to crumble and break, and if excessive seasoning, cracks can occur along it.

    • For a glass of flour( 200g) we take the same amount of salt, ¾ cup( 150ml) of water, a couple of tablespoons of wallpaper paste in dry form, diluted with very little warm water.
    • Mix all the ingredients and knead the dough so that it becomes elastic and does not tear during molding.
    • Flour we prepare wheat, without any additives.
    • Salt is used as a preservative and for protection against pests: insects and mice. We take only salt of fine and uniform grinding. Large grind in a coffee grinder.
    • Water should be cold.
    • The adhesive glue will give to the crafts elasticity during molding and strength - in the finished form.
    • Paints - good for such gouache products.
    • Lacquer is transparent and thick. It will reliably fix the paint and not completely absorbed.
    • Dry the products away from batteries.
    • We fasten the dough pieces with the help of toothpicks.
    • Choose any toy for the New Year 2014 and forward!
    Snowflake in quilling technique

    You can cut out paper as usual fishnet snowflakes, and unusual, in the "quilling" technique.

    • We will need: strips of white or soft-pastel paper 3 or 5 mm wide from the creative shop, and also we can cut them manually from office sheets;PVA glue;toothpick or awl;the rod remaining from the gel pen.
    • We tighten a tight strip on the rod with a dense roll, stick the tip of the strip of paper and remove it from the rod. The core of the snowflake has turned out. For the first rays, we wind the strip on the awl in the form of a free spiral. We remove and disband the paper. Again, glue the tip( spiral).
    • We give the spirals the shape of the eye and glue them with rays, observing the symmetry, to the core of the snowflake.
    • Next series of delicate air snowflakes we spread from the figures "heart".Strip bend in half and twist each of the parts inside."Hearts" we connect with glue with "rays".
    • Special tenderness is attached to this product by "curls".In the next row, at the tips of the rays we glue the strips, curled from the middle to the edges in opposite directions. They are like pieces of air serpentine.
    • Such a snowflake can be glued on a gift wrap, on a Christmas card or hung on a Christmas tree, but at the same time we spin another tight, but empty core, roll through it to pass a ribbon, wire or thread and hang it on a beautiful Christmas tree.

    Herringbone in the quilling technique

    In the same quilling technique, you can make a New Year artwork 2014 - herringbone, but from green strips of the same width. Three-millimeter stripes fit for a sticker on a postcard, and 5-millimeter stripes for a toy on a wall or a Christmas tree.

    • We twist the spirals from the strips of paper and, just like in the first case, we give them a droplet shape.
    • Ten elements will be distributed on a piece of white cardboard in the form of a Christmas tree and paste, placing them a little with the approach to the previous row. So it will be a magnificent New Year tree.
    • Below, in the middle of the crown, glue the barrel of a brown strip, twisted "droplet".
    • You can decorate a Christmas tree with colored ball toys. From bright stripes of different shades we roll rolls and glue on our Christmas tree.
    • Draw the card with snowflakes, add it in half - the Christmas card is ready!
    Toys with the

    cutting method. Lovely funny New Year's artworks for the New Year 2014 are made from paper by the "face-to-face" method.

    • On the basis - a white plastic ball is glued with squares of corrugated paper of white color. It turns out a fluffy lump of snowman.
    • When the whole ball, except for the top, is covered with lovely "flowers", we put on it a layer of plasticine to connect that structure to the next ball with a toothpick.
    • Repeat the process of cutting from the bottom to the top. The "head" of a snowman is also left untouched, in order to attach a cap to it later.
    • It is molded from plasticine and wrapped in red corrugated paper. The pompon will be made white in the technique of facing and put on the tip of the toothpick sticking out of the crown and the cap.
    • Decorate the snowman with glass "eyes", and the edges, hair and mouth make of flagella black corrugated paper.
    • The basis for the cutting can be plastic containers from under the film, covered with PVA glue, but this is very laborious work, although such toys last longer.
    • For the joy of the Green or Blue Horse, you can make her sculpture with the help of colored corrugated paper and the technique of "facing".

    Doing crafts for the New Year 2014 can not only have fun, but also get the most important gift in life - communicating with your beloved baby.