New Year 2016 abroad - in which country to celebrate

  • New Year 2016 abroad - in which country to celebrate

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    We decided that you will celebrate the New Year 2016 abroad, but do not want to spend your entire budget on your trip? Today, everyone has the opportunity to choose a New Year's tour by pocket. Most tour operators offer attractive discounts and bonuses, and so you can make yourself an extra gift for the New Year, saving on a voucher.


    New Year surrounded by pyramids

    New Year's Eve is given the opportunity to buy an inexpensive tour to Egypt. This country is known for its high quality of service, so you will not only relax from the winter, relaxing on the beaches, but also with increased comfort will meet the New Year.

    This country has its own customs. On New Year's Day local residents decorate their homes with different garlands, giving each other as a sign of love and respect "Bethlehem Stars".This gift is a symbol of a happy next year. Prices for recreation in this country will be affordable for many citizens of our country.

    It will be interesting to see Santa Clauses with dark skin on the beaches of the country, but instead of the usual firs, here they sell thuja. On a festive night in the country there are chic shows with musicians and dancers, such a holiday will give you a lot of positive emotions.

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    Dominican Republic, Turkey or. ..

    Dominican Republic

    Choosing , where to meet the New Year 2016, buy a tour to the Dominican Republic. In this country you can surely enjoy all the delights of exotics. Pay attention to Turkey, where you can visit the ski resorts, walk through the ancient ruins.

    In Turkey

    Austria will meet you with interesting fairs and other entertaining programs.

    In each of these countries, their traditions of celebrating the New Year, and therefore look at it will be interesting to everyone. Especially, you can see the world, meet new people and learn new cultures - all at a reasonable price!

    Or Paris

    In Paris

    Europe is also happy to see all tourists at any time of the year, and even more so on the eve of the winter holidays! Paris. .. Who does not dream to celebrate the New Year in this place, visit the fair on La Défense, take a walk in the shops, buy a couple of stylish outfits, and sit in a nice restaurant! This city is always open for guests!

    Across the oceans to distant lands

    If you are already tired of the constant cold and frost, Rio de Janeiro will be an excellent option! This paradise was created in order to give you the opportunity to escape from the dullness of everyday life, dancing in a bathing suit at the celebration of the beginning of the new year.

    New Year's tour to New York

    But in New York there is a tradition - in Times Square there are more than 1 000 000 people, every guest of this state wants to plunge into this atmosphere of happiness and ease.

    If you want to not just trite to celebrate the New Year outside the country, it is recommended to go to an exotic place - in Japan, in Tokyo. Here on the festive night 108 bells are sounded, which symbolize success and prosperity. While in this place, be sure to try the local noodles, which is a symbol of health and longevity.

    And what if Ukraine?


    And it may be quite original for you to meet the New Year in the capital of the country closest to us. Send to Ukraine. In the capital you will find a huge ice rink, water park, and on the occasion of your celebration of the new year, the restaurant will host an entertainment show in which you can participate the whole family.


    If you are planning to celebrate the New Year with your friends, then you can go to Poland to the famous resort of Zakopane, you there not only plenty to go skiing or snowboarding, but also have fun.


    Holiday in Finland

    An ideal place, according to many tourists, is Helsinki. All the best hotels are located in the center of the resort, as well as attractions, thanks to which for a short time you can find out the main sights, visit the festival. In addition, you can go skiing in the ski resort, there are more than 100 ski centers. Even a newcomer will be able to find the optimal route for himself.

    Czech Republic

    Pay attention to the Czech Republic! New Year in Prague is an ideal option. This city is like a fairy tale! Coming here, you realize how magical he is. Due to the fact that on all sides you will be surrounded by ancient castles, small cozy houses, winding streets, as well as a leisurely rhythm of life. Being here, you certainly will be satisfied with your choice.



    And, finally, Germany - the Germans observe all the rites and customs, and therefore you can celebrate the New Year in this country in a particularly solemn atmosphere. On the eve of the New Year and Christmas, all the houses are decorated with wreaths of pine branches and spruce, and in the evening a full illumination starts, candles and garlands are lit.

    An excellent option to buy a cheap tour for the New Year is to buy a burning ticket. This option will be especially convenient if you have never been abroad.