How to celebrate the New Year 2014 in the team

  • How to celebrate the New Year 2014 in the team

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    If it is not easy to organize a holiday for a narrow circle of people, for the family, then what to say about the New Year's Eve with colleagues - it is necessary to provide for many small things to make the holiday a success. The question of how to celebrate the New Year in the team should be approached seriously.

    Do I need to celebrate holidays with the team?

    Is it necessary to celebrate with the

    team? As the organization of any holiday in the team is a troublesome business, we hasten to convince our readers that all the time and effort will be justified: such events contribute to team building. The authorities have the opportunity in an informal atmosphere to communicate with their subordinates, thus demonstrating a democratic and loyalty to the latter. Subordinates can once again prove their respect towards their superiors and attract the attention of their superiors. And, of course, all team members get to know each other better. Working alongside is much easier with people you trust, with whom you are friends.

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    Where to celebrate the holiday

    Once it was established to organize holidays right at work. It was caused, as you know, by no means by the best well-being of people. In some collectives this tradition has survived. To some extent it is convenient: all employees are in place, no one will avoid the collective event. However, there are significant disadvantages: first, the interior of the room reminds everyone of the work - in this situation, you will not relax much;secondly, people remain after work, that is, they are not so cheerful;third, someone will have to carry food, cover the tables, and in the end, and clean up the dishes. It turns out that it is better to order a cafe or restaurant: employees will come to the appointed time in full parade, ladies can be in evening dresses;good music, cozy atmosphere - all this will be favorable for everyone to be satisfied with the evening spent. Finally, the cooks and waiters will get rid of all the worries associated with cooking and serving the table.

    Masquerade costume

    New Year's masquerade

    When composing a holiday scenario, be sure to include the New Year's masquerade in the program. Demand from all the members of the collective special preparation for the evening: let them not come to the ready, but also think how to celebrate the New Year in the team is interesting and what to prepare for this day costumes. Make them is not difficult. Here is the simplest example: old shoes paint with gold-colored paint, put a few decorative patches on the dress - Cinderella's suit is ready. For men, to come up with a suit is also easy: just put on a wide-brimmed hat, take a toy or even a real sword - and you can pretend to be D'Artagnan.

    Special musical program

    New Year musical program

    It is desirable to provide it, especially if the collective is of different age. The holiday is sad when there are no dances. And for people to dance, you need good music - for each age your own! You can start off on a little trick: invite a couple of professional dancers. The inflammatory dance is contagious.

    Should I invite actors, animators?

    Invite animators

    Practice shows that the more saturated the program, the more successful is the corporate event. What is the secret? Do adults need games, or do they believe in Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden? Of course, people will always find something to talk about at the table - they will not feel boredom. The point here is different: skits, games unite spectators and participants with one common idea, make them feel like a whole. Together to laugh, joke, take part in competitions, games can all members of the team, regardless of age and status - all this brings them closer. And, in addition, on such holidays, there are fewer guests who have overstepped their norm of alcohol: they just do not have time to sit at the table!

    A small souvenir

    New Year's holiday is a good occasion to announce gratitude to the best employees, to congratulate all team members on the administration's behalf on the new year. It is desirable that the words were backed up with memorable souvenirs.

    And one more thing, which also needs to be thought out in advance: for the competitive game program, prizes should be prepared for the winners. Since the team will celebrate the New Year, you can buy souvenirs of the New Year theme.

    Should there be a detailed holiday scenario or do you need to sketch out the plan of the event?

    Scenario of the holiday

    It all depends on how seriously you take this collective business, how successfully you want to spend the evening. It's better to write a script. If there are no good authors-organizers among the members of the collective, then it is worthwhile to contact the firm offering the corresponding services. Perhaps its experts will not only write a script, but also help to hold the holiday.

    "New Year's flame" will succeed, if no one of those present at the evening, will not be bored alone. In addition to the program, the atmosphere of goodwill is very important. How to achieve it? The secret is simple: everyone should try to be attentive to others;do not under any circumstances emphasize one's superiority in anything.

    Please note: meet the New Year with colleagues in a friendly way - it will be for your team necessarily successful!