How to properly meet the year 2014 - how to meet the year of a horse

  • How to properly meet the year 2014 - how to meet the year of a horse

    New Year is a beloved and cherished holiday. It carries an update, gives hope for a better life and the expectation of something magical, some miracle. Christmas tree, tangerines, gifts, chirping in crystal champagne and illuminated by millions of colorful spray night sky. What could be more pleasant?

    Following the folk saying: "How to celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it", it is necessary to pay attention not only to the preparation itself, but also to the holding of this solemn night. Every year, depending on what kind of animal it is, it has its own characteristics. And how to properly celebrate the New Year 2014?

    First of all, remember that the approaching year is the year of the Wooden Horse blue or green. This must be taken into account when choosing jewelry and serving the table. So, where do you start?

    Set the order


    As before any holiday, you need to clean the apartment. Cleanliness and order will help drive the chaos out of the house, in the place of which the organization and clear planning of actions will come. Cranes should not leak. There is an opinion that on New Year's Eve, along with water from leaking faucets, well-being will go away. A horse is a very cheerful and optimistic animal that loves freedom. It is recommended to go to a movie or a gallery before a holiday. At the same time, the New Year should be spent at home in the family circle.

    What's with the attire?

    Jewelry in the ethno style

    The sign of the Wooden Blue or Green Horse must be reflected in the festive attire. Most of all, clothes in the style of "Ethno".Wide wooden ornaments are peculiar to this fashionable direction. In the absence of clothes of blue or green colors, you can put on a purple, gray or blue dress. From the orders of orange, lilac or yellow flowers it is worth to refrain.

    Wooden ornaments should not be rough and massive. No wooden bracelets or pendants? No problem. You can get by with gold.

    We decorate the house of

    The main material of 2014 is a tree. For a successful and effective celebration, you should stock up on wooden statuettes, vases, souvenirs. The originality and originality of the New Year's table will be given by wooden utensils, and pictures and photographs with images of horses perfectly complement the interior of the room. Horseshoe - a symbol of happiness and luck - this year will become even more meaningful. Hanging over the front door, she will not let trouble into the house and trouble. Bell-bells are also an integral part of the image of the horse, so it is worth decorating the house or tree with decorative bells, which will bring peace and prosperity.

    Table setting and New Year's treat

    Table setting and treat

    Probably, very few people know that the most favorite meal of a horse is a fish. Therefore, a variety of fish dishes and snacks should be a major part of the New Year's menu. In addition, you can decorate the table with decorative or pre-hidden branches of rye or wheat. They will complement the original wooden dishes on the New Year's table.

    From alcoholic beverages, preference should be given to liqueurs and cocktails on a dairy basis. Dairy products should also be presented in abundance. Beautiful cakes with sour cream are an ornament and excellent treat. Of fruit should be given preference to apples. Citrus( although tangerines are considered one of the symbols of the New Year), one should beware.

    For a successful meeting of the New Year, you need to stock up on some woolen thing. If the New Year's Eve is spent outside the walls of the house, woolen socks or mittens will not only be a symbol, but also help to maintain and retain heat.


    New Year's gifts

    Soft toys will be a perfect accent. Plush horses will sit comfortably under a tree and will please children and adults. You can consider the option of a flavored toy for your baby or a warmer toy. In addition to its main function - to be a friend to the baby - such a gift will help to fall asleep and warm on cold winter evenings. Various art works from wood will become a wonderful gift for adults. Girls can donate jewelry, a variety of jewelry boxes or figurines. Pictures and photos with horses elegantly complement the interior of any house and become a welcome gift of true connoisseurs of real art.

    Christmas tree

    Christmas tree outfit

    Do not forget about the main decoration and the symbol of the New Year holiday - Christmas tree. Triangular dress of the green beauty perfectly complement the wooden toys and bright blue and green balls. All the elements of the decor must be selected in one key, so that they form a single complete composition, although many prefer to decorate the New Year's tree with everything that came to hand.

    Here we have considered the main points of how to correctly meet the year 2014 - the year of the Blue or Green Wooden Horse.