How to celebrate New Year in the club - we meet New Year in the club

  • How to celebrate New Year in the club - we meet New Year in the club

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    If annual home gatherings with olivier and herring under the fur coat are rather boring, try to make a little variety in your life - meet the New Year. .. at the club. Of course, for the holiday to bring you only positive emotions, do not go to the club for a momentary desire, which arose about ten minutes before the battle of the chimes. To go to the club should be thoroughly and pre-prepared.

    So, how to meet the New Year in the club with minimum expenses and maximum pleasure for yourself?

    Who's coming?

    Who goes to the club

    It is better to go to a club as a big company, especially if you are not a regular visitor of this institution and are not familiar with its contingent. On New Year's Eve, next to a crowd of absolutely outsiders, not every one of us will like( in this case, even 2-3 close friends or a friend who went to the club with you may not save the situation).

    Where are we going?

    Which club to go to

    The best way to find yourself a club for the New Year's Eve is to take advice from friends who have already visited there( unless, of course, you yourself have such a nice place in mind).Having planned for yourself three or four attractive institutions, be sure to visit them in advance and specify the planned New Year's program - suddenly there is planned a costume party in the style of the Middle Ages? A suitable suit can be rented, in advance agreeing with friends who and what will be dressed.

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    If you do not like to take part in various competitions( which are now clearly in fashion), do not go to celebrate New Year's Day at the club, the New Year's program is simply "dazzling" with such pastime( even despite the persuasions of your friends).Remember that you go to have fun, and do not spoil your mood!

    New Year's competitions in the club

    Do not forget to pay attention to the cost of the festive event. If you do not plan to make new acquaintances among a certain category of people visiting certain club establishments, you can try to choose from "medium" clubs( this will cost you less, but does not mean that the evening will be boring or boring).

    Feel free to clarify at the club New Year's menu, because bad or unsuitable food can spoil your mood faster than an unsuccessful company. In addition, the New Year is not a non-alcoholic holiday, and "drinks with a degree" is recommended to be eaten abundantly to avoid drunken consequences.

    In addition, do not forget to book your tickets in advance( 2-3 weeks before the event), because to meet the New Year in the club came to your mind not only to you, Otherwise there is a high probability not to get on holiday in the club you choose only fromfor his own disorganization.

    Always ready!

    Preparing for the club New Year

    For the New Year's Eve to happen, it's worth taking care of several things:

    • , just the night before or on the morning of December 31, book a taxi to the club and back - so you do not have to worry aboutthat you will be late for the appointed time or will stand for a long time in the street waiting for the opportunity to return home;
    • going to the club, choose comfortable shoes - so you do not have to dance half the evening barefoot or frown in a corner because of too stiff shoes, it's better to first distribute new shoes in home-office conditions, and only then go to them at a party;
    • check your cosmetic bag, which you are going to take with you, and make up your makeup on New Year's Eve;
    • in advance, warn your family that you will meet the New Year in the club with your friends( this will help to avoid resentment and reproaches about selfishness in your address), and also tell them when you plan to return so that they do not worry about your long absence.