What kind of animal is 2012 - 2012, what kind of animal

  • What kind of animal is 2012 - 2012, what kind of animal

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    And the Buddha called the animals to bid farewell, as he left the Earth. But only twelve responded to the call. In gratitude for this, the Buddha bequeathed to each of them to rule on the Earth for one year, changing each other and returning forever. ..

    This legend is familiar to most Russians today, and all thanks to our not fading ability to "absorb" from other cultures the most interesting and magical. And although the arrival of the New Year in Russia does not coincide with the date of the Chinese year, we gladly welcome another beast-keeper. It is not surprising that many have already become interested in what kind of animal is the year 2012?

    Eastern animal calendar


    Dragon 2012

    Soft, white and fluffy Rabbit( or purring cat - Vietnamese version), replaces the majestic Dragon - the only sign that does not have in nature its analogue( except for some lizards and amphibians wearing suchthe same "name").Mythical animal, besides absolutely black, is also the ruler of water in 2012.

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    In general, the Chinese calendar cycle may seem quite complicated, because it is "tweaked" twelve animals, changing their color and nature. The coloring of the symbols of the year depends on the elements( or "elements") that "fell" on him this year. There are five correspondences in total:

    • The tree is green;
    • Water - black;
    • Metal - white;
    • Earth - yellow;
    • Fire is red.

    Unlike the animal image, the elements do not change every year, but every two years. So 2012 and 2013 will be equally "aquatic", with the main black color symbolizing the depth of the primitive element of the water flow.

    So, 12 animals change the color of their "skin"( and each of the five elements) once in 60 years - which is one complete cycle. At the same time, in each "board" they change their character.

    Water. ..

    Water Dragon

    Water Black Dragon is able to endow a man born this year with charm, wit and friendliness. He will never miss the luck that goes into his hands and will be able to use it to the maximum advantage for himself and those people whom he loves very lovingly and faithfully. True, he is less patient than Dragons of other elements, but he has many friends, with whom one can always share even the most intimate thoughts and ideas. That's just the desire to do many things at once, you can not always write down the merits of the black Dragon.

    In addition, the Dragon, symbolizing 2012, anyone will conquer its beauty and splendor, giving the same qualities and people, at the behest of stars born at this time. At the same time, they will never forget about the concepts of honor, pride and dignity. Do not strike in the back, preferring to look directly into the eyes of the enemy.

    Do not forget that in China since ancient times the Dragon was considered an imperial symbol and a sign of the masculine beginning. But for himself and for others, he always sets quite high requirements, and quite often does not really understand why others can not with the same ease cope with the problem solved in seconds by the Dragon. The most difficult thing for such a person is to find a balance between desires and opportunities, without infringing on those who are close to him. And if the Dragon does not "burn" in its own fire megalomania, he can do truly great and noble deeds.

    New Year's Day

    Meeting the New Year of the Dragon

    The Year of the Dragon is a year of constant growth and improvement. So it's worth starting, not lying on the couch( lazily "walking" through television channels), but in the circle of friends or family, with fun dances, jokes and games, building plans for the future and thanks to the year that goes for everything that he tells usgave( and even for those lessons that he gave us).Do not remember the bad days and events, otherwise the Dragon will not want to help you. By the way, in China, the Dragon still symbolizes wealth, and not only spiritual( and who would be hampered today by material wealth?).

    And most importantly, if on January 2 you decide that you have not met the New Year quite well, you can try again in three weeks( on the 23rd), greeting the Dragon with the whole Chinese people.